Saturday, December 31, 2005


I thought I'd post a few links... Is supposed to be a decent torrent site... but I can't get in. Can you?

Cool Skateboarding Video Friend of mine posted this on myspace.. figured I'd share.

Excite Bike on SNES?! Never knew this existed until a day ago. Looks awesome...

Torrent Passwords seems to be password protecting their files. If you come across one... the password may be here.

WindizUpdate Update Windows with FireFox or Opera... IE is no longer needed.

YMCK has a new cd out. Check out my MySpace to hear a song from it.

Aim Ad Hack 5.0 Beta 17 Thinking about trying the new AIM Triton but have heard about the horrible ads everywhere... download this. It installs the latest version of Triton and removes everything you dont want. This is still in beta but I'm using this myself. For added Triton plugins... download Jams 2.2 which is a bunch of plugins in one installer. Adds some cool features.

See you next year...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Official Zarl William Bittorrent Post

Well I finally decided to write this up. This will cover which torrent client to use, a brief setup and how-to, and where to find these torrents. The part I really just want to post is where to get these torrents... but not everyone knows how to use torrents apparently. For those who think torrents suck and you have better methods of obtaining files... then this post isn't for you.

1. Getting Started

First you have to pick a torrent client. There's so many.. who knows which one to pick?! Well if I wrote this article 3 weeks ago I would have told you to use BitComet. But recently BitComet has been banned by a lot(not most) private torrent sites... so BC is no longer 'the best' but only for that reason. If you don't plan on using private torrent sites then I would suggest using Bitcomet .60 . Yes it says .59 is the latest version of the client but .60 is out there and eaily available(.60 was removed since this whole banning thing... you can Google why it was banned if you're interested) on other sites. Let me just throw in that I suggest trying to only use private sites. Private torrent sites get things soon after they're released and the download is almost always faster( a lot of private sites max out my connection which is 6mbit or around 780kB/s). So what client should be used if you would also like to use private sites?... µTorrent. µTorrent is a great SMALL client that uses barely any memory.. so this works well even on older computers. µTorrent has DHT support which is a trackerless network for when trackers go down. What does this mean? You'll connect to more people than usual and if a torrent looks dead... there's a good chance someone on the DHT network is still seeding. If you're a mac user... I believe Azureus is the best option... Azureus is also available for Windows and Linux.

2. Setting It Up

I'm going to go through the (short)µTorrent setup. The other clients are somewhat similar and you should be able to get a grasp of how to use them from this. So you've downloaded the µTorrent exe... now what? Double click it... now it's installed(yes that fast). There's no setup... the exe is the entire program. There's a small settings file that gets added to your computer but it adds it on its own. So now the program's open... go to Options > Preferences. The general settings are pretty much fine as is... adjust them if needed. Folder Options is up to you... I just leave mine blank and always save to the desktop. Now for Network Options... 'Port used for incoming connections' - this port has to be opened on your router/firewall or downloads WILL be slow. For help on this subject, please go to Still in Network Options we move down to bandwidth limiting. This is pretty self-explanitory... you set the max upload and download. I usually limit by upload to about 85% of my max upload to keep things smooth. I, for example, have a 45kB/s upload so I set utorrent to have a 35kB/s upload. You'll have to figure out your own number but you get the point. The rest of the options don't really need to be touched but feel free to play around with them... just remember what they were originally. So now that the settings are configured it's time to download some torrents. This brings us to section 3...

3. Where to Download

As you may or may not know... there are TONS of torrent sites all over the internet. Which ones are the best? I really don't know everything but I can tell you what I personally think is good and what I use myself.

Public Sites I find this site good for movies and games but it's lacking in the music section. Speeds are a bit slow but sometimes no one but them has what you need. and I find to both be about the same. Good general public sites although I tend to favor mininova myself. Great site that caches torrents from all sorts of sites. If you'relooking for something brand new this isn't the place for it. If you want a great list of things anywhere from 1 to 300 days old.. isohunt is the place to go.

This isn't all the public sites but I see no reason to use anything else(as public sites go anyway). For a good all-in-one search, try here.

Private Sites
*keep in mind most private sites require a 1:1 ratio which means uploading as much as you download* By far my favorite torrent site. This site requires an invite. New users have a 48hr wait limit on new torrents until they upload 7 gigs. This site is just scene releases... so it doesn't have EVERYTHING... but if you need a new program, game, movie etc you can be sure torrentleech will have it first and at very fast speeds. Is by far the best place for all your TV needs. This site also maxes out my download. Most newly aired TV shows can be found here as well as some older ones. This site has open registration sometimes... other times you need an invite. Is pretty much the ONLY place I go for music. If Oink doesnt have it goodluck finding it. That statement is a little extreme but you get my point. There is no better one place for music. You need an invite to get in... but these can be had easily by asking for an invite in their IRC channel which can be found at - #OiNK .

Other private sites worth mentioning... Great general site for all your gaming needs. and are great Xbox only sites. Nice site for TV episodes. Not as mainstream as bitmetv but has a great collection of all sorts of shows. and are good all around sites. and for all your porn needs...

and that's about all I have. There's many more sites... but what I've listed is more than a good start and I'm sure even experienced torrent users will find something here of interest.

I do have invites. I'll give them out under one condition... the people I give them to have to invite other users of this site oncethey become power users. A power user gets invites and is established at 25gigs uploaded. If you think you can easily upload 25gigs and are willing to share invites when you get them then feel free to ask for an invite in the comments. All I need is an email address. Anonymous posters will be ignored and for those that do leave a name.. please leave some sort of personal site url... myspace, blogger, live journal, random site etc so I know who you are.

Xbox 360 Cracked!... not!!!

Well anybody who's anybody should know by now that a Xbox 360 'swap disc' was released this morning and confirmed working... atleast by a few in #xbox on efnet. Even has a lil story on it.

But everyone forgot one tiny detail... In Spain and Iberoamerica, December 28 is a day for pranks, equivalent to April Fool's Day in many countries. Prank victims are called inocentes. In some cultures it is said to be an unlucky day and no new project should be started. The header of the 'swap disc' says "inocentes inocentes inocentes." How funny is that?! Yeah I know.. it's not at all. Well this post is just to confirm this is a fake... nothing more. I posted a d/l link on the digg post.. but I'll add it here. If for some reason you'd like to download this fake file.. I uploaded it here. Oh well, let's hope some sort of hack/crack comes out soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Sorry I haven't been posting the past few days. I've been pretty busy thanks to the 'Holiday Rush' and dumpster diving. :) I've found a ton of cups so far and I'm selling $300 worth of tickets today... well I better... I need that $$ for last minute Christmas shopping. BLah. How about everyone that reads this posts a random link in the comments. Just anything fun/neat/terrifying whatever... If you think someone may like it.. post it. I'd like to see what interests you weird people. ;)

Ok, I'm off for now... everyone have a rad Christmas or whatever silly holiday you celebrate and I'll see you before the New Years. Peaceeeeeeeeeee

Link to my growing list of silly pics

Monday, December 19, 2005


Bubble Gum Alley Neat.. but don't touch the walls.

Topless Sandals If these really work they're awesome.

Random Webcam Girl NSFW Why don't girls ever send these to me?

Wowwwww People are CREEPS. Just click this...

Interesting Egg Story Now who's hungry? Cute Overload is exactly what you think it is...

University of Western Ontario Striptease Photos I guess this is one of many things I missed by not going away to college.

Amazing Sex Video Damn that gets me hot.

Love From Who?? People are weird!

What Really Happened to Interesting...

Kismet Now Runs on Windows Yay!

GAIM 2.0 is out Not final yet but it's nice. This is a free alternative to Trillian.

Fat Man Runs into Vending Machine Why do people sound shocked?

Man Dates Gal On Internet For Six Months -- and it Turns Out She's His Mother! 'nuff said...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Free Magazines for AMEX Cardholders

If you have an American Express card (even the prepaid cards, which i used) you are entitled to 3 free magazine subscriptions for one year. The number to get this offer is 1-800-399-5733 and the list of magazines to choose from is listed below.

Better Homes and Gardens
Budget Living
Cigar Aficionado
Garden Design
PC World
Popular Woodworking
Reader's Digest
Smart Money
The New York Observer

Nearing the end of these subscriptions you will recieve a letter in the mail. You have the option of canceling at that time or having your AMEX card automatically billed... another advantage of using a prepaid card. I had a link for a free $10 prepaid card awhile back which some of you may still have. That card is what I used. This offer is legit as I have used it before. Not sure when this offer is up.. so get on it!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Be on the lookout for a new pics and videos section coming very soon. The pics section will be funny/interesting pics... this will be in addition to my textamerica link.

Apple iBook (1.33GHz G4, 512MB, 40GB) 12.1" Laptop + Mighty Mouse $799 after $150MIR

I Have the Power Penny Arcade's take on the Wikipedia scandle.

Windows Vista 5259 Pics Latest screenshots on the Flexbeta Forums... looking nice.

The Pi Trainer See how many digits you know.

NES Legend of Zelda Rom Hack Features 18 new dungeons. Try it out on your favorite NES emulator(mines FCEultra).

Erika Michelle Bayer NSFW

Hack your Roomba (officially!) Looks fun...

Copy Protected CD-Rs We'll see how long these last before they're cracked.

Amp'd Mobile Finally Launches These phones look nice... we'll see how the service stacks up.

GMail Mobile Check your mail from your cell phone.

Me and My Katamari Screenshots The PSP version of the unique PS2 games... I've still yet to play them. :*(

Saw 2 DVD Screener This is the xvid version.

The Story of Adolf Hitler DVDRip XviD

Last Howard Stern Show on Normal Radio For collection purposes.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I'll get right into the links today.

Google Offers $1 Billion for 5% of AOL I think Google needs to stay away from AOL... unless they plan on changing it.

Dell Recalls 35,000 Laptop Batteries Why am i not surprised?

Black Market Forums Another decent site for deals and freebies.

Cocaine is Back in Soda! You just can't get it here. I'd like to try it though...

Fat Kid Singer Um.. is this real?!

more links to come...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Im Hungry

I'm on IRC (I usually hang out in #xbox on efnet) and we're talking about food and it made me mega hungry. Anyone else think deep fried turkey sounds amazing? YUM! I think I want a deep frier in my room.. and just throw everything possible in there... is that fat? And wtf... it's snowing. That means its effing cold out. Booooooooooooooooo. I'm listening to Sublime - 40oz to Freedom and trying to think warm. This is probably one of my top 10 favorite CDs of all time. Amazing CD to just sit back and get high to. Anyway... here's some links for today. I need to make little icons for each section instead of putting deals, random, tech etc in bold. That's so ghetto. If anyone thinks they could design some.. let me know. Something small maybe 60W x 30H or so.. nice and simple. Word.. everything will be out of order today.

Snoop has his own skateboard company Why?

Samsung C207 $30 @ No Rebates & No Contracts This phone can be unlocked to work with T-Mobiles servies also. Great deal.

Inspiron Pentium M 1.8GHz 15.4" WXGA Laptop $699 or 2GHZ, X300, WSXGA + more $799 More amazing laptop deals. Pentium M's are GREAT processors and the best option hands down for laptops.

free $75 at party poker If you're into this stuff... and beware of spyware/adware!

FREE perfume sample of LOVELY by Sarah Jessica Parker Even though she's an ugly bitch... you girls seem to like her.

120GB Seagate hard drive for 39.99 This is sold out online but should still be available in-store. You can try to get away with using that 10% off coupon even though it says flash and external drives only... but worth a shot.

Hot Naked Girl

All the free file hosts you'll ever need

The flimsiest clock in the world Weee!

Cool Wildlife Pics First one is amazing.

Worst/Whitest Rap Battle Ever Haha

Um... Weird pic. I don't get it.

13 Gram Blunt Wow.. and I thought I've smoked some big blunts.

Pic of Heidi Klum Probably the hottest girl out there in my opinion.

Gauntlet Seven Sorrows Latest XBOX game available for download.

Nero 7 0 1 4 Multi Lang Update NO Yahoo Toolbar Latest version of Nero.

Virtual Boy Roms [66] [FULL SET]

King Kong Not sure on the quality of this... but there a sample torrent at the bottom of the page if you wana check it out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Chappelle's Show Season 3 Preview What more can I say?

Magic Self-Stirring Mug Great unique Christmas gift.

Mealbox Japanese-style dining-table with chairs that can all be packed in a box.

Cokes New Coffee Creation Shame it's one of those low calorie sodas... Possible picture of the soda can be seen here. So is it pronounced blake? Thats kinda funny is it is.

DNA Portrait I want one!

Own the Rights to the Acclaim Game of Your Choice Pretty sure this is real.

Xbox 360 Allocation Numbers for Best Buy Still looking for that Xbox 360? Be sure to check out this link.

Yet Another Guy Caught Dancing This ones pretty funny.

Hand-Knife Game Out Of Hand WTF is wrong with people?!

Weenie Babies You know you want one.

Deals $10 off $10 If you like NASCAR and all...

Game Boy Micro Bundles Silver & Black for $49.97 + Shipping @ Don't wait on this great deal.

$2/yr each for Wired, ESPN, Shape, or Vibe Only deal cheaper would be free.

Free Ferrari shirt or cap from AMD

Free Carmel Nut Brownie Bar yum?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Download Tuesday

I have NO upload bandwidth to spare today so DT will have to wait until next week... or maybe I'll up a few files later in the week. If any of you have files to share.. post the download link in the comments. I'm sure many would appreciate that. Atleast you have the post below this to entertain you for today.

Here's a nice list of ebooks and magazines on RapidShare.

I think I'm going to be adding daily torrent links again. That seemed to be a big hit and torrents are so easy that almost everyone can use them(some people are just dumb and others run into firewall issues etc). Each day I'll pick a few big releases. If nothing good is out that day(happens on occasion) then nothing will be posted. So here's a few for today...

The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe This is the maVen xvid release. AMAZING quality... almost DVD. Grab this if you aren't seeing it in theaters!!

Aeon Flux Great xvid release from PRODiGY. Again... grab this if you aren't seeing this in theaters or just wanna see it again.

Wedding Crashers Unrated DVDRIP 1.39GB xvid version.

Victorias Secret Fashion Show HDTV Incase you missed it... or need to see it again ;)

Eminem - Curtain Call The Hits [Deluxe Edition][2CDS] If you're into this sorta thing.

(Insert Title Here)

I hate coming up with titles when I just have random stuff to post... so make one up. I had nothing to post over the weekend and didn't wanna just post to post... nah mean? So I guess I have a few sties to share today etc. I'm still trying to work on the design(it's still far from finished) and trying to work in daily schedule of specific things to post each day... like every Tuesday is 'Download Tuesday' etc etc... but I don't have any other ideas. I'd like to have TV shows shared the day after they're on TV but I would need help uploading them unless its only one or two shows a week. So if anyone has any suggestions post em in the comments. Anyone gone dumpster diving for those wendy's coupons yet and if so, how'd it go? Interested to see how people are making out with one of the best 'free' deals ever.

Free $50 GC w/ Select MP3 Player @ Best Buy Great deal if you were planning on buying an MP3 player anyway.

100pk Memorex 16X DVD+/-R $20 or 200pk Verbatim 16x DVD+/-R $42 I'd go with the Verbatims personally.

Western Digital 300GB Hard Drive $70 after $90MIR Amazing deal if you're OK with mail-in-rebates.

Victoria Secret panties/thongs $3.99-$6.99 This is for all the girls that wanna impress me.

Best Buy 10% off coupon *In-store only*

5% off (up to $100) coupon on Electronics @ Not bad if you were already planning on shopping here.

Sprint PCS Friends and Family plans+free vision+ mobile to mobile + roaming ($30/500,$50/1250,$100/2500) Great deal if you're looking for a new cell phone plan. Sprint/Nextel are getting better and better since the merger.

256MB Secure Digital(SD) card FREE after MIR Once again, this is a great deal if you don't mind mail-in-rebates.

Motorola RAZR (Verizon) $99.00 after rebate + $75 Gift Card

Colorize Black and White Photos This is awesome. The program makes it pretty simple too.

Essential Wireless Hacking Tools As the link says...

Firefox Tweak Guide Yet another guide, although this one claims to be better.

Play Sim City Classic Free! This doesn't work in Opera... and you must register first.

Make a Macro Lens from a Pringles Can For all you photographers out there.

OpenOffice templates OpenOffice is a great FREE alternative to Microsoft Office.

Touring the Microsoft Xbox facilities Be sure to check these pics out.

iDOG is dead, long live the iMartian! Japan sure loves these robots.

HTC-3800 and 3850 Mini PC These are niiiiice!

More Deals and Tech posts along with freebies, random links etc tomorrow. See you then!

Friday, December 09, 2005

And it's Friday

Yay it's Friday! Here's some deals which I will post throughout the day, so be sure to check back if you're here early. As you can see the sites changed a bit. The top banner will change since it's a little plain... I just had to test some things out with it. I need some suggestions for content people. What specific things would you want to see on here? Besides the silly videos and random sites... is there even anything else left? As I've said before, I plan on fixing the TV section... adding more shows etc. If anyone would like to help contribute to that please let me know. All I'm looking for is decent shows uploaded to MegaUpload or something. Who wants to buy adspace?? 40x40 ad spots for $3/Month which will be placed under the first banner on the left and work down.

Oh those crazy Asians...

Negative Air

Ummm... ?

What a silly.

Haha... this sucks

Ooooh... This is why girls look better in magazines. Now I get it.

Harry Potter's a creep

Need a spare?

This makes me start to think that movies might not be real.

Uh oh.. a naked girl.

Random Site of the Day
Yummy! Liquid Cereal

50% off all toys @ Tower

D-Link 2-Port KVM $10 shipped from

IBM LENOVO ThinkPad R50e Notebook PC for $699. This is a great deal on a laptop like this.

Farberware 14-Piece Classic Forged Block Set $27 shipped
more deals later...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's Going On?

Ok... so if you visited the site a few times yesterday you probably noticed it looking different each time. I'm still trying to decide where to go with the design/layout/etc but it's moving along. I've decided to go with a fluid design which adjusts it's size depending on the resolution or even the size of the browser window itself. Someone said to me yesterday "why are you designing around one resolution and hoping they're viewing it maximized? I thought 1998 was over..." which was the 'harsh' truth and it hit me. Most sites are designed to be viewed with a maximized browser or a higher resolution(which in some cases has to be)... but why? Main reason... because it's easy/easier. Whatever though... if it works it works. I just want my site to be done correctly... even though I have never done any sort of web design before, I'm willing to take the time to learn and do things right. My end goal is to have an eye appealing website which works in Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Opera, and Safari(who cares about Netscape?) and can be viewable at any size/resolution. Will this happen... who knows. Yesterday was day one for me and CSS design. Today I'll be working on a minimum width issue with IE, try to fix up the side bars, and maybe even get some kind of banner up top... so wish me luck. If anyone is any good with CSS or javascript(or even AJAX) and wants to help let me know. I'd like to be able to not have to use a minwidth command for when the browser window gets small enough but rather have javascript take the left sidebar(sponsor bar) and place it under the right sidebar alowing the main body more room itself. Is this even possible??

Also I'm going to be selling adspace for the left sidebar. That bar can go allllllllllllll the way to the bottom so theres plenty of room. I'm thinking of taking the Million Dollar Homepage idea and sell 40x40 blocks of space for $3 a month(yes $3!) unless of course traffic goes up(which it soon will) so then it might go to $5. You really can't beat that. So if anyone's interested in that please let me know. First come first serve for the top spots on the sidebar.

Ok.. so I'll throw in a few deals for todays holiday shopping before I get back to work.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S40 4.1MP Digital Camera $120 shipped

PS2 Network Adaptor $12.99 + shipping

Dell Home Inspiron coupons up to $750 off

25% Off all hand tools at Home Depot

NEC 3550A DVD Writer $38.99 Shipped

Crucial 512mb GIZMO! USB 2.0 Flash Drive $29.99

Craftsman 18V Drill Driver $29.95 + Free Shipping!

Columbia Sportswear - 55% OFF at Amazon

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Sites gonna look like shit for a bit until I bother fixing it... pain in my ass.

i hate everyone one of you mother fuckers that uses internet explorer. grow up and download opera or firefox NOW.

Download Tuesday

Once again Tuesday is here so here's some downloads. I think I'm just going to throw the deals of the day in here too and maybe some fun random links as well. As you can see I have a BankLocater banner on my page now... be sure to check his site out, I'm sure you'll like it. Since we're on the topic of ads, as you may or may not have noticed I have Google ads up now too. They seem to find stuff related to this site so be sure to check them out as well. Anyone wanna help me design a cool banner... or logo maybe? This site needs to be spiced up... needs more visitors etc etc. So here's your links... Oh wait, one more thing. The FREE MAGS section has been cleaned up and updated so be sure to check that out. One of these days I'm gonna fix up the lame tv section as well and start adding to it.

AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter and Burner

1Click DVD Copy v4.2.9.2

AimOne Screen Recorder v1.31

The Notorious B.I.G. - Duets - The Final Chapter

Deals of the Day
Staples DVD+-R 50 Pack $7.94 Starts 12-4

Die Hard: The Ultimate Collection DVD Box Set $8 after $30MIR

DELL Dimension 1100 for $399 with 17in LCD

15% off banana republic

Random Links
Fix that Xbox 360 disc scratching problem

Random Naked Chick You guys seem to like them...

Find the strongest energy drinks here and then see how many it takes to kill you here.

The McDownload Whos hungry?

Tyco designer track for bored execs but what about me? :(

iPod Bicycle Charger

RAZR V3c debuts on Verizon

Asus makes carbon the W1 Yum

is a gameboy? is it a DS?


Funny owned pic

um... creepy?

introducing the body bouncer...

aww, this is SO cute.

hahaha, just watch

lucky mofo



Saturday, December 03, 2005

Xtra Large Post

This post should entertain you for a few minutes if anything...

Free 411 They also connect you for free... so does this equal free calls from payphones? Someone go find out :)

Free Mini Maglite Flashlight

Free $1 Arch Card w/ purchase of Chicken Selects or Chicken Sandwich

Free $5 Starbucks Card

Free Make Your Own Magic Eye Poster

Sony's Fony Graffiti

What about Opera?

Xbox 360 Scratches Disks - The details of how and why

Atari’s Founder Slams Sony, Praises Nintendo

Swiping goes high-tech in bar-code scam

LinkSys courts Linux hackers with WRT54G"L"

The MySpace Generation

SNES Super FX overclocking

Turn left in 500 feet... fool!

Skype ver2.0 with VIDEO beta released

Golden Gameboy

Give it up Japan...

Microsoft Employees Blog about Xbox 360 Supply Situation Good news :)

Philips Candeo 120 inch LED TV on Sale in US

Maxell Holographic Disc with 300GB Coming 2006 Good thing it's cheap...

How much caffeine is in energy drinks?

The Forbes Fictional 15

Final Fantasy Potion Unveiled

Microsoft launches anti-virus public beta

List of Xbox games as they get released on the internet

Best overall site for downloading ROMs

My MySpace... add me as a friend if you wish

Q-Unit... 50 Cent meets Queen... WOW

Remote Control Mario And Goomba In Action

Girl from Harry Potter naked... slut

Video of Vida

What is your mom doing on Google?

Banned Xbox 360 Commercial

Kate from Katesplayground strip tease

Jessica Simpson: Collagen or Friction Burn?

WTF is this kangaroo doing?!

and Americans are dumb?? ...

More Mario Bros. Music


200 sheets 4x6 photo paper $9 shipped @ Staples!

GAP Coupon 30% Off ALL Items

Collegiate Hoodies $12.49 + 10% off code + free shipping! (HURRY)

Amazon Coat Sale, up to 70% off

Free Sirius Satellite Receiver w/100 free song download $50 mail-in rebate

"All you can upgrade" promotion from dell

BestBuy $20 off $200 coupon. In-store. Expires Today

American Girl Deal

$20 off $200 purchase @ Circuit City 12/01/ to 12/16

Seagate 200GB PATA 49.99 AR +S/H

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Daily Deals

Day 3 of the daily deals. Be sure to look at the post below for a few new downloads.

Quiznos BOGO Free Salad or Sub, $2.99 small sub, Kids eat free - expires 12/12

American Express My Wish List Promotion Today they have 50" plasma TVs for $750...

Leftover from BF - $3.44 and $3.88 DVDs at Walmart

refurb slim ps2 109.99

3 Year subscripton to Rolling Stone magazine $5.91

PC case with 450W power supply $10.49 no rebate

Release Tuesday

steven seagal - songs from the crystal cave This is his CD... wow.

194 Keyra Agustin Pics No more bookmarking needed... here's all of her pics.

Kaspersky Pro AV 5.0.390 + 1 year crack Best anti-virus software in my opinion.

Newsleecher 3.0 cracked This is for downloading files from newsgroups. If you don't know what newsgroups are... look into them. Some ISPs offer them for free(Comcast only gives me 2GB/month download).

Life of Larry Family Guy creator Seth McFalane's student film, pitching a show
that would one day evolve into Family Guy. If you are a Family Guy fan DOWNLOAD THIS

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fun With

Just looking through the forums over at slickdeals and found some pretty nice deals... slick even. Thought I'd share a few with you.. and perhaps get a few of you to start using the site yourself. Feel free to post great deals you find in the comments section of ANY post.. not just this one. Anything any of you have to share that'd help someone is more than welcome to post.

5.99 Large 1 Topping Pizza @ PapaJohns

50pk of Verbatim 16X DVD+/- DVDs Not the cheapest for dvds.. but for that brand/quality.. hard to beat.

Dell Inspiron B130 Notebook Pentium M 1.73ghz $441 + tax + s/h Decent Laptop for a swell price.

Dell Inspiron B120 1.4 Celeron Wireless BG/CDRW/40GB/512MB $380 AC + Tax + ShipPretty good deal too. Processor isn't as nice as the deal above... but you get 512MB RAM instead of 256... I suppose the best deal would be to get the above deal then buy more ram. 256MB of ram just doesnt cut it. If you're trying to spend less than $500 for a laptop... either of these deals are for you... NO REBATES Feel free to post some great RAM deals for either of these laptops.

EBay w/Paypal coupons - $5 off $50 // $15 off $100. I know some of you have to use ebay... so this is sure to help. Offer expires Nov. 30, 2005

Magazine Subscriptions for 3.29 per year

Gamecube Bundle for $85 scroll down for the $85 deal from circuit city.

Toys R US 11/27-12/03

30% OFF

more deals daily.. until Christmas Eve.. so make sure you check back... AND POST SOME DEALS IN THE COMMENTS

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Few Links

Daemon Tools x64 version finally released. Now all you XP64 users can play those pirated PC games.

Don't buy these gadgets for anyone this Christmas!

Once again Camden, NJ is the most dangerous city in the US. Since Camden is 2 minutes from me I had to represent. What What!

Neat site for shirts and stuff.

I use Aimutaion but this AIM hack looks just as good if not better. (doesnt work with newest versions of AIM.. but if you use them you already lose anyway)

Neat way to find CDs others have. Kazaa doesnt always work people!

IT Gigolo... nuff said. is an amazing site/forum to find out anything and everything you need to know about your isp. USE IT!

Forget paying for xbox live. Xlink Kai is FREE and it's for xbox, gamecube, ps2 and PSP.

Whoever has an invite to torrentbytes needs to give me one!

Hey... remember this post? Little help ppl...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Teriyaki Boyz

As you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of Japanese stuff and have lately been listening to a ton of music from over there. It's been mostly indie electronic-ish(VERY loose term)stuff like YMCK, Macdonald Duck Eclair, Plus-Tech Squeezebox etc etc but yesterday I read in some random blog about a new Japanese 'hip-hop super group' named Teriyaki Boyz. I'm not a big fan of the almost always silly rap from Japan but I gave it a shot anyway.

So I downloaded the CD from SoulSeek(theres no way I'm importing some CD before I hear it first... and slsk is by far the best P2P program for Japanese music) and listen to track one. The beat was pretty good and then I hear a familiar voice... it was Adrock from the Beastie Boys. I then look at the credits for the cd and see more familiar names... Pharrell, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Just Blaze, Daft Punk and get this... a DJ Michael '5000' Watts chopped and screwed remix. WTF?! Despite all these great people, the CD is still pretty silly but I have to admit... I love this freakin' CD. It's just fun. No, I don't know what they're saying but who cares I like it anyway. So I took it one step further and downloaded a video for their first single, "Heartbreaker". At first I wasn't buying it but after watching it a few times(yeah I'm a creep) I can't get the damn song out of my head... it's so freaking catchy. Below are some screenshots of the video. I'll also provide a Putfile link if you want to watch it as well. **PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THE VIDEO OR PUTFILE WILL REMOVE THE VIDEO AND EVERYONE LOSES... THERE IS NO WAY TO NOT GET CAUGHT... if there was I'd tell you**

Link to Video

So if you watched the video you probably noticed their clothing. I for one think it's some of the coolest stuff ever but apparently it's nothing new, atleast in Japan. The clothing company is named 'A Bathing Ape' and the designer is the actually in the group. As soon as I saw those shark zip up hoodies at the very end of the video I had to find out where to get one. Well, the damn things are expensive as f*** so that's not happening... or is it? I took a look on ebay and there seems to be Hong Kong fakes. Yes I am cheap, but no one will know except you guys ;). Well if anyone knows where to get more fake stuff or the real stuff for cheap, do share. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the band as well. I'm already prepared for some serious hating... but try to spare me and the rest of the readers and try to say something atleast worth reading.

Until next time... peaceeeeeeee

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Look?

Well I suck at design(I have decent taste but I'm just not artistic) and I'm sick of this ugly ass look, so I'm reaching out to all the zarlwilliam viewers for help. I'm interested in picking up on the blog again but I can't get excited about that if it's this ugly. I'm looking for anyone decent with photoshop and website design. I don't need anything crazy.. and theres only this main page that you'd have to design for. It pisses me off that I suck with this shit cuz I'd do it myself. I want something to reflect my interests in some way... which are computers(of course!), japan, skateboarding, video games, rap, drugs... etc etc. So something urban yet tech.. with a trippy animation feel perhaps. Haha.. I don't even know if this is possible, I'm just putting it out there. If anyones willing to help please lemme know. I don't really have $$ to pay out... but perhaps we can work something out if that's what it takes for something decent looking. I guess the banner is what i want to reflect my interests... the actual page itself can be very simplistic. Here's a few sites which I think have cool design... blographic, ymck, w3sh and I like how w3sh and blographic have logos. If a new design gets accomplished I plan on getting a server to host files from. I'm tired of this hotlinking BS or linking to sites full of ads. I have a ton of stuff to share and thats really the only way i'll be able to do it. So for those with skills... please consider helping out. For the rest of the viewers, stay tuned... big things may or may not be happening.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Are You Gay?

click for larger image

So I found this picture on the 'net and look at my right hand... my ring and pointer fingers were of equal length. This put a frown on my face and I considered killing myself. Luckily, I looked at my left had and found that my ring finger was bigger than the pointer. The person in the drawing uses their right hand so I'm not sure if that's the hand it has to be. I figured I'd post this and conduct some research. Guys(and girls!), what are your results... and are you gay? Perhaps you didn't know until this test... lets hear about it in the comments.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The First 'Release Tuesday'

Most things get released on Tuesdays... well maybe not most but DVDs, games, etc... so every tuesday I'm going to have a few things to download via megaupload or rapidshare(although i feel most people still have no idea how to use rapidshare). We'll see how it goes.

Family Guy Drinking Game... forget buying that silly glass for $5+. Just download these jpgs print em out and get drunk.

Why buy the new myspace CD when you can download it for FREE.

playboys hotshots 2006

leet speak converter... now you can talk like a rad hacker.

Control your bandwidth etc etc with netlimiter 2.0 [crack included].

Spice up XP with an official windows xp theme that only comes with media center edition. The theme is called Royale and is easy to install. Pictures of the theme can be found here.
not funny... FUNNY!!

aww... how nice

Build an outdoor wireless access point box for under $50.

Wow. Check out for 'awesome rubber ducks'.. some of these are pretty good. Be sure to check out the mr. t duck in the celebs section.

neat t-shrits... i like the duck hunt one. :)

fun flash game. may or may not solve boredom.

gee how weird... japan gets this xbox360 lounge. Wheres ours?

funny halloween video

problem solved has the 1GB memory stick duo for $50. Cant beat that...

Free subscription to Psychology Today

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Top 12 bad cosplay costumes... and what they said after seeing the page. hahaha

Hi-res xbox 360 prototypes. It'd be cool to see someone mod the real xbox360 into one of these.

Saw this old xbox review from when it first came out. funnyyyyyyyy

Here's a list of working emulated xbox titles on the xbox 360. Over 200 already with more to come... and people were worried about this feature...

trippy video effects

hey look... its an old hard drive

hey look... it's an old hard drive table.

Keep an eye on this site. It soon will allow you to schedule upcoming tv shows via bittorrent. This looks awesome!

Becareful of what you search for on google.




zombies are people too!



you know it's true


Thursday, November 10, 2005

utorrent 1.2 has been released! This version includes DHT support. I stongly suggest all you torrent users to try this out. The program is super small, no install, and it barely uses any resources!

Here's a giant collection of rubiks cube pics. Wow there's a lot.

FREE rainbow tables :)

1GB flash drive for $46.50 @ newegg + free shipping!

Play Doom on your ipod nano.

Here's a cool xbox media center site.

funny commercial

Yay... here's another link for

NetMagazines has the 3 year subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine for $36 - $30 coupon DCMPS30D = $6. Remember to select the 3 year option.

Rolling Stone Magazine

When passing out goes wrong.

Paris Hilton's b/f crashes her bentley. Be sure to download the video clip. hahhhhhhhh!

haha. kevin federline has a rap song. this might be worse than fieldy's dreams.

Fun Links to Share

More awesome stuff from Japan which I'll never have! Nintendo POW block speakers!!!

Linksys is coming out with a wireless g cell phone. I'll be buying this thing.

Why... <--- eff'd up picture. You know you wanna see it.

wedding bloopers They all faint... how silly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rambo 4 is coming! (O_O)

Nice cop car

creepy is coming back soon... get ready for it.

Speaking of torrents... here's a nice multi-torrent search site.

Last night's South Park. South Park S09 E11 *fixed*

Last night's Lost. Lost S02 E06

Dell Axim x50/x50v Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade. Get it here

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Andy Milonakis Comeback

Who knows if we'll ever see a second season of The Andy Milonakis Show but Andy hasn't left us for good just yet. Recent news on tell us that Andy has a rap CD in the works. I'm sure it won't be anything serious.. but I know I'll be buying it. On top of this, Andy has just made a song with the rapper J Kwon titled "Like Dis"... scroll down to download the song. If that isn't enough Andy Milonakis for you, you could always watch the movie "Waiting" which came out in theaters not too long ago(or you could just download the movie here). Hope this was enough to get your Andy Milonakis fix.

Download J Kwon ft. Andy Milonakis - Like Dis

01 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Clean) 04:01
02 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Dirty) 04:01
03 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Instrumental) 03:58
04 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Accapella) 03:36

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Don't forget to turn your clocks back. :)

Standard Time

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Got List

Now here's the files I get day by day. Most of the stuff I already own... I'm just downloading for back-up purposes. :) This will be updated as often as possible.. just as the 'get list' will be.

Nov. 28, 2005
Newsleecher 3.0 Final
WinMX 3.53 + pie patch
Everybody Hates Chris S01 E09
American Dad S02 E07
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro 5.0.39
Quicktime Pro
Everybody Hates Chris S01 E10
Life of Larry 1 + 2
Family Guy S05 E07
American Dad S02 E08
Simpsons S17 E07
pandatone - lemons and limes - 2004
spaghetti vabune! - summer vacation, sunset vehicle - 2003
quruli - the world is mine
nagisa cosmetic - nagisa cosmetic - 2004
capsule compilation vol 2
Satanicpornocultshop - Anorexia Gas Balloon - 2003
citrus - jazz the poops
cruyff in the bedroom - perfect silence
marxy - kyoushuu nostalgia [mini album] (2005)
rhymescientist - essentially (2002.11.29)
ram rider - sweet dance
yukari rotten - not dead (2004)
various - goodnight tokyo - japanese clubpop - 1967 - 1972
(PV)(2005.11.16) TERIYAKI BOYZ - HeartBreaker
[PV] TMC Allstars (Dragon Ash, Rip Slyme, Rappagariya, SBK, Missile Girl Scoot, Penpals) - TMC Graffiti
[ 1997 ] ape vs mo'wax (nigo disc)
wise 'n' sonpub - dakid (05-08-10)
steven seagal - songs from the crystal cave
ram rider - yume de aeru yo
macdonald duck eclair - genesis songbook - 2005
teriyaki boyz - beef or chicken - 2005

Nov. 15, 2005
12 oz Mouse S01 E03 Rooster
Narnia - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe - XBOX
Get Rich or Die Tryin CAM
Mobb Deep - The Best of Mobb Deep Instumentals
Myspace Records Vol. 1
Viewtiful Joe S01 E01
American Dad S02 E06
Ultimate Spiderman - XBOX
DJ Qbert - Wave Twisters

Nov. 10, 2005
Pee Wee's Big Adventure OST
Super Mario World Arranged Jazz[1991]
Katamary Damacy OST
Dell Axim x50/x50v WM 5.0 upgrade
Extol - Blueprint(promo)
XBMC 2005.11.10
South Park S09E11

Nov. 9, 2005
Juelz Santana - What the Games Been Missing [2005]
Office Space Special Edition Full DVD
The Official Family Guy Drinking Game.pdf
Family Guy S05 E04
Simpsons S17 E4
King of the Hill S10 E03

Nov. 6, 2005
YTMND Soundtracks 1-5
James Bond 007 - From Russia with Love - XBOX
Castlevania - Curse of Darkness - XBOX
Dream Theater - A sort of Homecoming Ltd. Edition 2005
South Park - S09 E10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - Mutant Nightmare - XBOX
Aria Giovanni site rip :)
J Kwon ft. Andy Milonakis - Like Dis
Jenna Jameson's American Sex Star S01 E01

Oct. 30, 2005
Fort Minor - We Major (DJ Green Lantern Mixtape)
Shrek Superslam - XBOX
Scaler - XBOX
Juelz Santana - Back Like Cooked Crack Vol. 3

Oct. 29, 2005
Clipse - We Got it for Cheap Vol. 1
Clipse - We Got it for Cheap Vol. 2
Mike Shinoda Feat. Lupe Fiasco and Ghostface-Spray Paint(single)
Trick Trick Ft Eminem-Welcome 2 Detroit(dvd rip)rip)

Wanted Items

Ok... this is going to be my "things to get/things I need" list. More of a post for me personally but at the same time.. maybe someone could help me obtain some of the things. I'll put a *help* next to the things I can't find. The link to this post will be added to the sidebar and updated whenever.

AFF Repair Station Crack/Serial *help*
Nike Dunks Connection - anyone who can get dunks at a good price as soon as they're released.
Modded Sega Saturn - chipped to play all region backups

Thursday, October 27, 2005

South Park Season 9 Episode 9

I get mixed opinions about South Park but overall I think its a great show. Last nights episode was no exception. Any show that references Pet Cemetery can't be all bad... so here's the download link.
sp909 sp909
(Click images for download)

If you don't know how to download from RapidShare by now you're just a big fat idiot. Enjoy!!

Quick Links

Need a good FTP program? Here's what I use.

A fix to get Tony Hawk's American Wasteland working on the Xbox hard drive can be downloaded here.

From the makers of Torrentleech comes a new site just for porn. PussyTorrents.Org is a private site but sign ups are still available.... hurry.

Can't unlock your Xbox hard drive? A new utility might just fix that.

Cool Xbox360 controller mod.


and more hot.

Friend on irc showed me this. Great site for Xbox skins.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I found this link on and decided to try it myself. It's a sex ID test...
From the article...
Some researchers say that men can have 'women's brains' and that women can think more like men. Find out more about 'brain sex' differences by taking the Sex ID test, a series of visual challenges and questions used by psychologists in the BBC One television series Secrets of the Sexes.

(Click Image for Test)

The test is made up of six different parts. I'll briefly discuss each of the six sections. In step one they show lines at different angles and you match them up. They also you random objects which you have to take note of their placement. After 60 seconds they change the order and you have to click on the ones you think moved. Simple stuff. Step two determines which side of the brain is more dominant. I don't wanna give anything away, so thats all I'll mention. Step three part one asks random questions to determine whether you prefer to empathise or systemise. Part two shows pictures of eyes and asks you to pick the mood of the person. In step four you need a ruler to measure the legnth of your index finders and ring fingers. Step five shows different faces and asks which of the two you prefer. The final step, step six, shows you an object and another four objects at different angles, two of which are the same. This is probably the hardest of all the parts.

It seems a lot of the readers on Digg(mostly male readers) scored rather low as men, this worries me. I myself scored a 50 which is the average score for a male. This finally proves that I'm a male... or atleast think like one.

This quiz takes about 10-15 minutes but I found it rather interesting and worth the time. Be sure to try it yourself and get all your friends to do it too. Post results in the comments section if you want.

Keyra Agustina

So I came across this slideshow and figured I'd share. She's no one new.. but maybe most haven't seen her.. I don't know. Her name is Keyra Agustina and I think she has a nicer ass than Vida Guerra and is just flat out hotter. Maybe I'm just weird...

3d 3d
(click images)

So does anyone agree... or does anyone have any hotter suggestions? I mean, I know there are hotter girls, but this is an ass contest. Be sure to link hotter suggestions in the comments.

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Xbox Games

So a ton of new Xbox(ps2 also i guess.. but this is about xbox ;) ) have been released the past 2 weeks or so.. and it's not gonna stop till we hit Christmas!! Two games I would like to make mention of are Stubbs the Zombie and SSX On Tour.

3d 3d

I can enjoy Stubbs for 2 reasons... its 2 players(!!) and you EAT BRAINS. Finally a new-gen game has 2 player co-op support. Havent seen much of that since the Super Nintendo days. It does get a bit repetitive but its still fun at the same time... it's such an original game and as i mentioned.. it's 2 players which helps A LOT. Try this game out.. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

SSX On Tour is pretty self-explanatory. It's the latest snowboard game from the SSX series. As far as reviews go... seems like more people like SSX3 better.. but this game has some AMAZING level designs so it's worth a try, and if you're like me you get these games free anyway, so it's worth a download.

So where do you download these games at?? Well you can always subscribe to newsgroups for $15 or so a month(or sometimes your isp has them for free) or you can use torrents like me. :) Best torrent site for xbox games is torrent-lab and for xbox and everything else, such as PS2/movies/etc, torrentleech. Both of these sites are registered users only and require a 1.0 ratio meaning you have to upload as much as you download(no downloading then closing bittorrent).

Currently Released Xbox Games
1.The Sims 2
2.Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
3.Cold War: Behind The Iron Curtain
4.Fable: The Lost Chapters
5.Without Warning
6.Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
7.Blitz: The League
8.LA Rush
9.Crash Tag Team
10.Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Upcoming Xbox Games
1.Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare
3.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4.50 Cent : Bulletproof
5.The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
6.Metal Slug 5
7.Pac-Man World 3
8.Shadow the Hedgehog
9.True Crime: New York City
10.Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

I'm Alive

I know this isn't the kind of update you guys are looking for.. but I just wanted to say I'm alive and well. I got bored of the daily funny video/site thing.. although I still enjoy that stuff time to time.. I just wanna take a break from that stuff. For now I think I'm gonna turn this more into a personal blog rather than a 'gorillamask-ish' site on a blog. That doesnt mean I'm going to post dumb stuff like how I feel or what I ate for dinner(hmm.. maybe that'll happen.. haha)but just stuff I feel like sharing with you guys that I've come across. Before I was going out, looking for content and I just don't have the time/interest anymore. I've started up a tutorial on modding an Xbox for under $20 which will be up shortly among other things. I was thinking of maybe starting a Q&A kinda thing(thats questions and answers for u idiots out there) since I get so many emails, IMs, myspace msgs etc.. why not ask it here and I(or even other readers) can answer it for you. Not that I mind the msgs on aim/myspace.. but this way others will see what the questions are and it may be able to help out some people other than yourself. So whatcha think?? I enabled comments from anyone once again.. just dont get stupid and ruin it for everyone. You wanna be a tough guy.. feel free to msg me on AIM or confront me in person.

Oh yeah.. just watched the new Diggnation and laughed my ass off. The video version(episode 17) 'leaked' early and can be found on piratebay. Don't know what that is? ... tough.

Lookin forward to some questions/comments/suggestions but be kind. Later guys(and gals...)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Free 3D Glasses


You can't go wrong with a pair of 3D glasses... how else are you supposed to see things in 3D?