Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fun With

Just looking through the forums over at slickdeals and found some pretty nice deals... slick even. Thought I'd share a few with you.. and perhaps get a few of you to start using the site yourself. Feel free to post great deals you find in the comments section of ANY post.. not just this one. Anything any of you have to share that'd help someone is more than welcome to post.

5.99 Large 1 Topping Pizza @ PapaJohns

50pk of Verbatim 16X DVD+/- DVDs Not the cheapest for dvds.. but for that brand/quality.. hard to beat.

Dell Inspiron B130 Notebook Pentium M 1.73ghz $441 + tax + s/h Decent Laptop for a swell price.

Dell Inspiron B120 1.4 Celeron Wireless BG/CDRW/40GB/512MB $380 AC + Tax + ShipPretty good deal too. Processor isn't as nice as the deal above... but you get 512MB RAM instead of 256... I suppose the best deal would be to get the above deal then buy more ram. 256MB of ram just doesnt cut it. If you're trying to spend less than $500 for a laptop... either of these deals are for you... NO REBATES Feel free to post some great RAM deals for either of these laptops.

EBay w/Paypal coupons - $5 off $50 // $15 off $100. I know some of you have to use ebay... so this is sure to help. Offer expires Nov. 30, 2005

Magazine Subscriptions for 3.29 per year

Gamecube Bundle for $85 scroll down for the $85 deal from circuit city.

Toys R US 11/27-12/03

30% OFF

more deals daily.. until Christmas Eve.. so make sure you check back... AND POST SOME DEALS IN THE COMMENTS

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