Saturday, November 12, 2005

Top 12 bad cosplay costumes... and what they said after seeing the page. hahaha

Hi-res xbox 360 prototypes. It'd be cool to see someone mod the real xbox360 into one of these.

Saw this old xbox review from when it first came out. funnyyyyyyyy

Here's a list of working emulated xbox titles on the xbox 360. Over 200 already with more to come... and people were worried about this feature...

trippy video effects

hey look... its an old hard drive

hey look... it's an old hard drive table.

Keep an eye on this site. It soon will allow you to schedule upcoming tv shows via bittorrent. This looks awesome!

Becareful of what you search for on google.




zombies are people too!



you know it's true



Schalk said...

w00t dude keep the posts coming! Love tis blog

Bushi said...

love your mom!!

Anonymous said...

this is unbelieveable! i think my friend is that dragonball-z kid. i can't wait to show that to him. boy does he have some embarrassment coming his way.

Karl said...

hahaha let us know if its really him.. thats funny.

Anonymous said...

haha, handicroft