Thursday, September 22, 2005


Added some new movies and a link to the new Ninja Gaiden Xbox game. Feel free to add new torrents you find or anything else.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. :)

Here's a direct link to last nights Family Guy(right click and choose 'save as'). Be sure to check out their forums if you appreciate the download.

Episode 12 of Diggnation has arrived. Be sure to check that out.

This guy dresses up like the guy in the iPod commercials and starts dancing in the Apple store... pretty funny.

10% OFF EBAY COUPON CODE!. This has to be used with Paypal and the discount can't be more than $25.

The Slurpee turns 40. Mmm... now I want one.

Tons of new Mario games.

9/16 Madden 06 roster update taken down because of this hilarious glitch.

Video of Mario 64 beaten in 20 minutes.

The new Hummer H3 commercial. So weird...

Old site but worth a mention. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the GI Joe PSAs floating around various sites... well here's the original site. Make sure you watch all of the PSAs.


Complete this survey for a free $10 gift card to Veryyyyy nice...


GZA vs. DJ Muggs - Grandmasters
American Dad S02E02
The Simpsons S17E02
Family Guy S05E02
Aphex Twin (8 Albums)
Paul Wall & The Grit Boys - On The Grind Mixtape
DJ Black - The Best of Three 6 Mafia Chopped + Screwed
DivxToDVD (VSO) v1.99.14 + Crack
Dream Theater - WDADU Demos
Lords of Dogtown 2005 DVDRip
Playboys Playmate Review - September and October 2005
Four Brothers VCD SCREENR
Lord of War CAM SVCD

Friday, September 16, 2005

Japan Wins

Watched Advent Children last night... amazing. One of the best movies ever, to me atleast. If you're a fan of the game and haven't seen it yet, do so... if you don't know what the game is, you won't like it. :)

Nintendo has done something awesome.... but how awesome?

Coolest store ever... why does it have to be in Japan? :(

Free Krispy Kreme! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Free golf balls... just for Fuzzy.

Awesome band... buy their stuff.

Here's my MySpace profile. I'm looking for 19 year old girls...

"A Query by Humming system allows the user to find a song by humming part of the tune. No musical training is needed.The idea is simple: you hum into the microphone." This is neat.

Great article on PSP emulation.

Wow.. so who's down?

We're goin' to the moon baby!

Wooo! MAME .100 is out!

Opera wallpapers for all you fans out there.


I'll be trying this very soon.

Here's some torrents...

Dimmu Borgir-Stormblast-(Promo)-2005
Family Guy s04e01-10 s05e01 Movie
Final Fantasy VII Last Order [OVA] [Sub Eng + Spanish]
Dream Theater - Images And Words Demos
The Exorcism of Emily Rose 2005 ProPeRBest version out!
My So-Called Life Episode 1x01For all u dumb girls out there
[DVDISO] Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - Limited Edition13GB :)
Jimmy Eat World - Stay On My Side EP 2005
Mind Of Mencia S01E11
Nero 7 Premium Full Release
Dream Theater - The Majesty Demos
Hacking - The Art Of Exploitation
Disney Fables Vol 1-DVDRip
Disney Fables Vol 2-DVDRip
DMX And The Kennel Family - Here We Go Again (The Mixtape)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Old School

Sorry... I have jobs and stuff today.. so I'm goin back to the old school, no thumbnail, look. Just for today tho... or whenever else I'm pressed for time.

Anyone ever hear of this NES World Champion cartridge?

If anyones interested in buying the above cartridge... just get it off ebay.

This is kinda 1337.

Have a stuck or dead pixel? Maybe you can fix it.

FREE poster of Cisco routers and switches for all the geeks out there.

Ok I'm still not over how cool the GBA Micro is.. so here's what the US packaging looks like.

Teen pleads guilty to hacking Paris Hilton's phone as well as a ton of other things.

How to find subdomains of a domain using unix/linux.

Here's a list of the longest running TV shows.

Retro Core is an AWESOME downloadable(can be purchased on DVD also) show which shows you old school Japanese video games that you probably haven't seen before. I LOVE this!

Patrick Norton wants our help breaking a server.

Whatever this is.. it's dumb.

Here's an interesting read on photo fakery.

DDR Extreme Dance Dance revolution - jap
50 Cent The Massacre Special Edition CD+DVD
Yngwie Malmsteen-Concerto Suite DVDRip
Pirates Of The Carribean DVD-Rip
The Transporter 2 TC XviD

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Boring Day

A new Systm(subsystm) video is available for download. In this episode, Kevin Rose takes apart the iPod Nano.

Funny message board thread showing a few alternate Nintendogs box covers.

Free Audi keychain

Like Transformers? Well now you can be one... yay!

Calculate how much you owe the RIAA/MPAA. This is fun. :)

Free Everest Mint Gum.

Random Pic

External hard drive case mod made from an old tape recorder.

Make your own DDR pad. I may have to try this...

Check out the new IPTV show, Digital Life TV, featuring Patrick Norton and Robert Heron.

Here's some pictures of the amazing Gameboy Micro... Famicom Edition.

Professors at Harvard want to add chilli peppers to medication to prevent drug abusers from snorting, chewing, or shooting up pills.

Learn how to throw cards like a pro.

Here's a great site showing how to open ports on your router etc...

$123 for an ant with three heads?! I think it's time to sell some things on ebay...

This is what people thought the home computer would look like?! WOW

Click the thumbnail for more torrents.

Yngwie J Malmsteen - Discography
The Transporter 2 TC XviD
Dreamcast Utopia Boot CD
Metallica - Enter Sandman Video
F - Zero X OST
Warner Bros Cartoons- The Complete Year 1946
Dr Seuss - Green Eggs And Ham

Monday, September 12, 2005

Family Guy Season 5 Episode 1

family guy

Ok, so here it is... a new Family Guy episode is finally here. Seems like they took the remaining episodes from season 4 and just called them Season 5. Whatever.. as long as they're new. Enjoy.

S05E01 Rapidshare Link (50MB)
S05E01 Torrent Link (179MB)


Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

advent children

So last night the movie was leaked but was in Japanese w/ no English subs. Well today when I woke up, fan sub-titles were released so I figured I'd put everything in one place for you. I suggest everyone check this movie out and BUY it when it comes out here. Square is one of the few companies I don't mind giving money to. The movie file is a 699MB avi file. The subtitles have to be downloaded separately. I personally used Media Player Classic to play the movie. It auto loads the subs(or atleast has the option to) and just looks a bit better than VLC in my opinion. Enjoy the movie.

Final Fantasy VII DVDRip (torrent)
Final Fantasy VII English SRT Subs (torrent)
Final Fantasy VII DVDR This is a 4GB dvd with the subtitles already added.
Final Fantasy VII English SRT Subs (direct download)
Final Fantasy VII DVDRip SAMPLE (right click; choose 'save as')

Advent Children is Out!

If you don't know what that is I feel bad for you. It's the movie every single Final Fantasy fan has been waiting for. I'm so excited.. can't wait for English sub-titles. Sorry I don't have Family Guy yet... computer issues. I'll have the new FG and Simpsons for download before the day is over. Please tell your friends about this site. Each of you try to tell 10 other people... have them tell 10 people... etc etc. Thanks guys.. enjoy the links.

It pays to be a ninja...

Diggnation Episode 11 video and podcast is out now!

Funny Kanye West spoof using 80s action figures.

Hey Crackhead!! Just read this. is a pretty entertaining site where people send in anonymous postcards sharing secrets with the world. You won't believe some of these.

The Microsoft keyboard/skateboard. I'm not sure if this is real.. but I sure hope not.

Random Pic

People have been hacking gas pumps... I wanna know how!

Guess the gadget and win $15.

Cnet rates the top 10 games of the last 10 years.

Starting today... Best Buy is having a little video game sale. Games on sale range from $0.99 - $10. Check out the list of games here.

The new itunes phone sucks. Read the part about it limiting you to 100 songs.

Another random pic.

Win the ultimate hippie vacation...

This weird bug eats the tongues of fish... then takes over. Yuck.

Good list of torrents today. Click the thumbnail to find more.

Final Fantasy VII DVDRip This is Japanese w/ Jap sub-titles but atleast it's out!
Mortal Kombat 3&4 Arcade OST
The Simpsons S17E01
Raxco PerfectDisk v7 0 31
DJ Kay Slay - Streetsweepers - Drama Hour Pt 9
Madden NFL 2006 PC [3CDs]Use Daemon Tools to mount this or burn it to CD.
Jenna Jameson - Hot Ship F**k
Family Guy S05E01
Pc magazine October 4 2005
American Dad S02E01
The Devils Rejects DVDSCR
Lloyd Banks-The big withdraw 2005
Fantomas - Suspended Animation
Commodore 64 Roms [105,000 APPROX] [FULL SET]

Saturday, September 10, 2005

If You Just Bought the Sin City DVD... You Lose

family guy

Looks like there's going to be a special edition DVD coming out very soon. The new version is recut and extended but includes the orignal version as well. Buying that Sin City DVD kinda makes you mad now, doesn't it?
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Friday, September 09, 2005

New Day, New Links

Just a reminder about the upcoming ads. Please click them when possible... how awesome would it be to have Family Guy episodes, games, cds, etc send at over 200KB/s?! Also try spread this site to the masses. Thanks again.

thisWEEKinTECH has reached over 1,000,000 downloads... that's amazing!

BitComet .60 is here! If you're not using this or Azureus(I prefer Bitcomet) then YOU LOSE!

Putfile has added personal homepages to their site. DIGG this!!

Adult will start offering shows online!

Sam Adams releases a 50-proof beer. Yum?

Yay for hot girls.

Great guide for installing a larger hard drive on your Xbox. I'm doing this VERY soon.

Free one year subscription to GIANT Magazine. I finally got around to reading my issues yesterday... pretty decent mag.

TWIT episode 21 VIDEO is available for download. Get it!

Download images/videos from your brain to your computer... or even upload to it. Shame this isn't real... it'd be a billion dollar invention.

Pic of the Day

Still aren't running a virus scanner? Go to this site for a free scan. Yes, this actually works...

This guy takes pictures of different pizzas he makes. They look SO good! To be honest I think I'd take those pizzas over the girls I posted above.

The Zelda animated series is coming to DVD!

Get your iPod Nano in all sorts of colors.

This guy put a PC into a guitar. Nice work!

This YTMND is somewhat old.. but it's so good.

Sorry for the lack of torrents.. kind of rushing today.

50 Cent Massacre Video Rips(10)
The O.C. S03E01
Mind Of Mencia S01E10
World War II The Lost Color Archives 1of3