Saturday, April 30, 2005

Small Update

Since I've been plugged by GorillaMask I'm getting 5x as much traffic so I'll add a few more links that I've come across since this morning.

Make money searching Google, Yahoo, MSN...etc at Netbux.Org. You can also refer people and make money everytime they search as well. Try it!!

FREE six issues of MacWorld. Come back tomorrow for a link to six more.

Torrent - Here's a torrent for the game Playboy: The Mansion for PC.

The punchable alarm clock. Check out that link on how to build one. Check out this link to see it in action.

Learn how to get FREE MP3's just by searching Google. This is an old trick but I'm sure there's a lot of people that don't know about it... until now. ;-)

GBADEV.Org held a contest to make a GBA game. They have put the best games onto an actual cart with boxart and manual. Support the scene... buy the game!!

New to podcasts or want to find some quality ones?? Go to for 30-second clips of the best of the best podcasts out there.

Check out these movie trailers with the new Apple codec H.264.

If you preordered Tiger but it wasn't delivered on April 29th, you may be entitled to some free stuff.

Near perfect Einstein Ring has been found. Do yourself a favor and read this and maybe you'll learn something for once.

Here's a funny MP3 titled Every OS Sucks.

FREE Flossbrush. I dunno... it's free.

30% off coupon for Reebok Outlet. Expires 5/8
20% off coupon for Macy's. Expires 5/1
30% off coupon for Borders/WaldenBooks. Expires 5/1
30% off coupon for Aeropostale. Expires 5/1
40% off coupon for Timberland. Expires 5/1

I just had blueberry waffles...

I win. Actually I lose... It's 12:30AM (Fri. night/Sat. Morning) and I've yet to go out and probably won't, so I'll get a head start and start posting now.

Funny Mario flash video mocking a similar video.

Another random Mario flash video. Randomness is what I do best. ;) This videos pretty cool though.

This game has you shooting the cue ball before it lands in a pocket. It's entertaining for about 4 minutes.

Video clip about the guy who owns

FREE 1 year subscription to ESPN Magazine(while supplies last) for completing the survey. You also have to lie and say you under 18.

Here's a pretty gay link, but itis fun to customize. Thanks thetikihead

Since you all should have Photoshop CS2 by now(look at yesterday's post)... here's a link for a PS training video.

Run PalmOS Apps on your Pocket PC with Styletap.

The best looking prostitutes Orlando has to offer.

This blog just has pics of people blinking on TV. If they keep updating it, I'm adding it to my links on the left.

This is just your average PI site showing the first million decimals... nothing to see here.

Here's a fun project. They made a boat out of cardboard.

The first(to my knowlege) Ipod table. Be sure to check out the pictures.

Fun pics from the Tokyo Anime Fair.

Check out all these abandoned places in Japan. Can I have one?

This ebay auction is for a black adidas bag that fell out of a car. Bidding for this item is over $1,000.

Torrent- Nine Inch Nails "With Teeth" Japanese bonus songs(3).

Friday, April 29, 2005

Todays Media

thought I'd make a separate post for this.

Video- This guy shoots a filled aluminum tank with an M-1.

Video- Check out the new way to play video games.

Video- Two(1 and 2) Mitch Hedberg clips from when he was on Conan. Mitch was a great comedian who passed away March 30, 2005... he was 37.

Game- Try pleasing this woman... my best score was 10:58:59.

Pic- damn right...

Mac OS X Tiger released today...

about a week after it being leaked. ;) Anyway, here's today's randomness.

Yahoo mail is currently upgrading everyone's account to 1GB. Check to see if yours has updated yet or sign up for a few new ones. ;-)

Here's an amusing link... I'm sure you can piss someone off with this. Instead of TinyUrl(which makes url's small), theres now HugeURL.

Still want Photoshop CS2 but don't wanna pay or use a torrent? Here's a direct download link(Mac Version Here) and here's the crack(figure it out yourself).

Check out IBM's Linux commercials.

Netherlands to add MP3 Player tax which would be about $4 for every gigabyte.

Rosie O'Donnell has a Flickr album... let's laugh at her.

Timberland is having a 40% off sale. Apply coupon code SPGFF for 40% off and free shipping @ or print out this coupon for in-store use.

Atari is releasing a redesigned Atari 2600 this summer for $30. I'll have to add this to my collection.

AIM Sniff is a utility for monitoring and archiving AOL Instant Messenger messages across a network. You can either do a live dump (actively sniff the network) or read a PCAP file and parse the file for IM messages. You also have the option of dumping the information to a MySQL database, a flat file, STDOUT, or any combination of the three.

Here's a FREE 4GB email provider. Check out XasaMail. 4,000MB storage and 15MB file size limit... not bad.

New quiz... what does your birth date mean?

Check out the coolest car I've ever seen... the Acurabot.

Check out the new trend, Liquid Mice. I already have one thanks to Gretchen!

The Wal-Mart scavenger hunt game... try it at a wal-,art near you.

Here's what a few child stars look like today.

Buy your very own X-wing fighter, just $40,000.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where are the freebies?

It seems like it's been weeks since I've seen a decent freebie, or even a free magazine. Oh well, I'll just port some random news and videos.

Well looky here, I guess I spoke too soon. FREE additional year of Stuff and Maxim Magazine. (only for current subscribers, sorry)

Visit - Check out, an internet radio station promoting local musicians.

News - Nyko has released an Ipod button relocator to make on-the-go ipoding easier. Priced at 29.99, this isn't too bad if you could make use out of it.

News - So far, the Nintendo has shipped more DS units then its rival, the Sony PSP. The DS shipments are double that of the PSP(so far).

News - Will the Xbox 2/360 be backwards compatible? Well, we just don't know for sure. :-/

News - More updates on the next Zelda game for Gamecube.

News - Microsoft VP confirms the Xbox360 controller will be compatible with Longhorn... but why?

News - New WiFi-proof sheets to put on windows are out. This adds to the protection of WiFi blocking paint.

News - Nokia has just released the N91 musicphone which has a 4GB hard drive and a 2MP camera...not bad. Check out the new N-series here.

News? - Generic names for soft drinks broken down into each county.

News - Clay Aiken is now featured on a Mastercard Debit Card... creepy.

Pics - The ladies of Star Trek. Some are kinda hot...

Cool? - Ultimate Beer Pong

Hack - Billy the Bass 'hack'.

Ebay - Gruesome, petrified body of a dark fairy.

Ebay - Mind Reading Machine

Ebay - Virgin Mary under kitchen sink.

Ebay - Suicide Machine

Quiz - Does your English cut the mustard?

Video - Watch these mice eat cheese off a mouse trap... will they survive?

Video - This swimmer has no arms and still

Video - Play any arcade game using a penny.

Video - Try laughing yoga, the new way to relieve stress.

Video - This man could kill you before you even knew it... beware!

Video - Cats being silly.

Links - All-in-one Google search page. 22 Google searches on one page: Images, Groups, News, Froogle, Local, Answers, Maps, Directory, Government, Scholar, Weather, MP3, Clips, Movies, Video, Catalog, Prints, (stock) Quotes, Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD.

News - Bush signs new law which could imprision anyone distributing a prerelease movie. Booo

Links - Top 10 IRC tips and tricks.

Review - Max OS X 10.4 Tiger review plus screenshots.

Torrent - Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9.0(this is not CS, its new)

Torrent - Family Guy - Live in Las Vegas CD

Torrent - Xbox360 Promo Material

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Can anyone suggest any to make this site better? I'm open to any ideas that could help this site grow, 50 unique viewers a day isn't enough. Well if anyone you have any ideas, head over to the forums(register if possible) and post away. Feel free to post anything else as well cuz the forums are pretty dead. I think I'm gonna link all my posted videos in one single post and add to it as more come so it's easier to find them and I'll make a link to it on the left side of the page as well.

If you've yet to download the new family guy here's a direct link to a real media version. Download it!!!(right click and choose 'save as' for best results)

Play guess-the-google, you have to view a group of googled pics and guess the keyword that brought them up. Try to beat my score(only played once) of 345. Post your scores in the forum or in the comments section.

FREE 3 day trial to SIRIUS Satellite Radio(computer only).

FREE NBA TV... From the website, "And be sure to check out the FREE PREVIEW of NBA TV from April 23 - May 6 so you can catch everything NBA TV has to offer! Call your local cable or satellite provider for more details."

AOL releases beta of Triton, said to replace AIM. It adds tabbed windows and logging but seems rather bulky.

Here's two cool 'hacks' I came across today. The first shows you how to turn a silver dollar(or quarter) into a ring. The second shows how to make a simple FM radio jammer. I dont fully understand the radio jammer instuctions so if anyone can futher explain, please do.

Silly man swallows $650 worth of coins along with necklaces and needles... yikesssss.

Monday, April 25, 2005

New Family Guy Episode was Amazing...

I suggest everyone download it from the link I provided yesterday(or another link if you think you can do better) and watch it asap

Deals - has 256MB PC2700 RAM for $8.47+free shipping AR.

Deals - has Corsair(512x2) PC3200 CAS 2.5 RAM for $83.50. No rebates and free 2nd day shipping, this is a great deal.

Deals - has 100 DVD-r's for $19.99 with free shipping... 200 for $35.99. This is a one day deal so git 'er done!!

Deals - The Fox Store is having a promotion, 50% off anything with promo code:BLOWOUT.

FREE - Mint Tingle Experience Condom from Trojan.

Hack - Add a floppy disk drive to your gameboy.

News - 10 years ago, Congress targeted the end of 2006 to end all analog tv signals which would result in over 70million TV sets using antennas to stop working unless a special box is bought. Looks like 2006 will be here too fast.

News? - "Sadhana TV in India is offering the wisdom of a panel of 40 gurus by SMS text messaging."

News - Microsoft and Samsung team up to produce a Hybrid Hard Drive which uses a flash memory buffer. Microsoft wants this drive to be used when Longhorn comes out... looks interesting.

News - I forgot to post this last week. A professor at Berkeley tried to scare a laptop thief into giving it back. News and audio on that can be found here. It's a really funny clip and if you know anything about computers, you can tell he's lying out of his teeth. An *UPDATE* to this story can be found here. Apparently the thief wasn't fooled by his professors tricks.

News - Playstation 3's Cell Processor finally demoed.

News - Nintendo has finally confirmed that it will unveil the new Revolution at E3 this year.

Podcast - Leo has posted another update to the ROTSS(I don't think they can use 'Screen Savers' anymore) podcast with Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, and Kevin Rose. The file can be downloaded here. If possible, use the bittorrent link to save their bandwidth.

Ebay - Uncle Rico's time machine from Napoleon Dynamite.

Ebay - Mating Animal Crackers. This item went for $12... not bad.

Ebay - This is a followup to yesterday's Mystery Bank Account auction. Today's auction reveals what was in the account.

Ebay - This one's crazy. A pianist will play piano for you until he dies or passes out!!

Funny - More crappy children's artwork on Maddox's site.

Flash - Here's a funny flash animation featuring the plaid ninjas.

Flash - Awesome stick figure fight.

Flash - Play the Saved by the Bell game called 'Saved by the Balls'.

Video - Here's the 2nd commercial for Independence Cigars.

News - The first Nintendo DS flashcart.

Torrent - Still haven't seen Sin City? This file is a single .avi which is what ive been waiting for.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tiger 10.4 has leaked...

yes this is older news, but I wanted to make sure i had it and it was 100% legit before I told you fools ;)

Torrent - The new Family Guy Season 4 Episode 1 is out!! Download it from

Video - German TV ad for Independence Cigars. I'll add the second commercial tomorrow.

Video - For all those that missed the new Madden Next Gen commercial shown during the NFL Draft yesterday, here it is.

Deals - Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive for $65 + free shipping, only drawback is the 2MB cache... still good for back up purposes though.

FREE - $3 Gift Card from Starbucks. Yes, it's only $3, but it's better than nothing.

FREE - Linux T-Shirt from Astaro Linux.

FREE - Coldstone Creamery tomorrow, April 25, between 5 and 8PM. Store Locator here.

Quiz - What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Quiz- Which American City Best Fits You?

Quiz - Who's Your Inner European?

Quiz - What Personality Disorder Are You?

Audio Clip - Here's a hilarious call made by an older women. Apparently senior citizens and foreigners don't have computers.

Video - Have you ever tried rolling a joint on a moving turntable? ... me either.

News - Scientists solve riddle of unpopped popcorn. Yes, we can all sleep at night now.

Pics - Naked pics of the girl otherwise know as Candice Michelle.

Pics - New leaked pics of the Xbox 360 here and here.

News - The new 2010 Olympics logo seems to have been drawn by a small child.

Funny - Here's some pictures of random statue molesters caught in the act.

Ebay - Pope on a Rope... when will it stop?!

Ebay - Rare Dead Rat

Ebay - Jay Leno Potato Chip

Ebay - Mystery Bank Account

Ebay - Nuclear Bomb Fragment

Ebay - Official holy cooking pan which made the Virgin Mary grilled Cheese. Currently this is at $6,000... geeeeeez.

Ebay - "Name my Twins"

Ebay - Woman to Shave Head

Friday, April 22, 2005

RSS feed is cool

and if you don't know what it is, Google it!!

Video - Xbox 360 on MTV teaser commercial.

Staples has an online game which gives you a '$10 off $20' coupon. Staples is having a sale on a 50 pack of dvd-r's for 17.94... add a $2 pen to reach $20 then use the $10 off coupon. $10 for 50 dvd-r's is an amazing deal!!

Leo Laporte has started a podcast with Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and Robert Heron. I had a listen and it was great 'catching up' with these guys. Download the podcast here.

Check out this lady's name...

101 ways to Kill a pigeon

Ebay Auction - Pope Tart

Microsoft is unveiling the new Xbox on MTV May 12th at 9:30PM... WATCH THIS!!

Check out the new mp3 player from panasonic, the D-snap... looks awesome. Weird it's only in Japan... :-/ but it can be imported through Dynamism.

I don't think I'd wanna use this furry mouse. It's kinda creey if you ask me.

Nintendo's first retail store OPENS MAY 14TH!!! I plan on going for this grand opening.

17 things learned while visiting the Star Wars line in the middle of the night.

Judge holds teen's Playstation during probation... how sucky is that>?!

Wow, this is interesting. It's the original "Oops I Did It Again" which ISN'T Ms. Spears' song. It was done by Louis Armstrong... have a listen.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Netbux.Org is rad...

Netbux.Org pays you to search google or any other search engine of your choice. Just sign up and for each search, you make $.02. You can also refer people and you would make $.02 everytime they search as well. You can search a max of 40times in one day but can have unlimited referals. So 80cents a day X 20referals X 30days = $480/month!! sign up now you bum!

Video - New Internet TV show from . These guys are from tech tv and the one kid was the one who invented bluetooth snarfing. oh yeah.. YOSHI makes an appearance!!

Video - Here's a funny sex blooper.

Video - Watch this guy get sniped.

FREE USB Thumbdrive while supplies last. HURRY!! this is BRAND NEW!!!!!!!

Vida has a calendar out. download the pics here.

The official blog of Fetus Spears.

Giant NES controller that actually works!

This must have been a really bad haircut. The women robbed her hair dresser at gunpoint for $$ to get another haircut.

Daily Funn Shirt

Dell has released a new ROM for the Axim x50.

Itunes phone coming soon.

Opera has surpassed 600,000 downloads... Yay Opera! For those that have yet to try it, it can be downloaded from yesterdays post.

Comcast and Time Warner buy out Adelphia. This is bad news... I smell a monopoly.

Now you can track what you have searched on Google. This is pretty neat but I suggest sticking with Netbux.Org. :)

FREE COUPON... RENT ONE GET ONE FREE coupon at Blockbuster.

FREE 30 Min Phone Card

Don't understand what Bluetooth and other wireless technologies are.. then have a look at this article which explains them pretty well. It's bluetooth baby!!

The days of using a radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets are over.

The San Fransisco Airport apparently has vending machines that sell ipods and digital cameras... kinda neat, in a 'wannabe like japan' kind of way.

DIY Solar Powered Scooter... weeee!!

Check out this keyboard car. The entire car is covered with keyboard keys.. who comes up with this stuff??

Here's a really cool PSP case. Thought it was worth a mention.

hmm.. so this is the new pope eh??

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


few random things for today... i was pretty lazy to hunt for stuff today

Opera 8.0 Final is out!! If you don't know.. opera is a web browser. it isnt free, but i have a work around. Download opera 8.0 here. opera > firefox

haha, this site has NWA's straight outta compton except everything BUT the curse words have been edited out, great stuff.

Start your own cult. According to our old high school principal, me pete and eric are already in one. suicide.....

Breakdancing Transformers

Here's a new "Hacking with Ramzi video... watch this if you wanna get smart yo.

This little kid is an amazing driver(video game).

Some weird old video of a kid getting caught masterbating by his mother.

and heres a few ebay auctions(of course)

Tide table lamp

'smart' sperm

Another haunted doll...

What's inside the mystery quilt??

Alien face in firewood

Alien remains

Advertise on tombstone

18-legged Billboard

It's a secret

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

a couple new videos

Nice card trick...

Babesball... is this on TV? i'd like to watch it.

This kid juggles pins and plays DDR at the same time.

Wonderful musical performance by some guy with long hair.


free cone day @ ben and jerrys is really today, the site was wrong... wooopsssssssss

Booo... GameStop to acquire Electronics Boutique

aww.. the perfect gift for the baby you hate.(ebay auction)

Monday, April 18, 2005

my internet sucks...

but anyway, here's some random links... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*UPDATE* Here's a brand new survey for a Free $10 Starbucks card! Hurry!!!


Want to be able to add free ringtones, games, and anything else to your phone? Check out MOBILedit!, it works on most phones and can be downloaded from my site for free here. (you still need a data cable or bluetooth)

All men need to join this protest to stop breast reduction surgery... haha.

Make your own NES games.

Tivo"backdoors" and "easter eggs".

Funny Star Trek T-Shirt.


Moon Insurance.

Bikini maids clean your house.

Dont get insulted enough? Now you can buy verbal abuse.

Husband/Boyfriend alternative.

Empty pack of cigarettes.

Lucky slippers currently @ $890!!

Oklahoma Bomb Blacktop

Mannequin Arms

Used Coffin


Adobe buys out Macromedia for 3.4 billion.

Seagate unveils 120GB Notebook hard drive.

Toshiba releases 3 new LCD TV's with built-in hard drives.

Intel gets ready to introduce WiMax.. which is a new wireless internet standard.

The POP Station.. better than the PSP.

Verizon CEO thinks it's unreasonable for people to expect cell phones to work at home... oh really?!

This site show people creating a Gundam Replica out of sheet metal.

Gameboy 3 to be released in May? I sure hope so... the DS sux.


Sand Animation video... this is really cool, you should watch it.

Check out this freestyle from Corey Gunz... he's 17 and better then you.

Lobster vs. SeahareRound One.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

me again...

been a few days, so there should be plenty of stuff to add...

This isnt a link, but if anyone needs blank dvds... Circuit City has 15 Phillips 4x dvd+r for 3.99 and Best Buy has 50 TDK 8x dvd-r for 19.99. no rebates either.

Watch this girl get her ass beat... sux for her :-/

I think this is real... but i hope not. This couple likes to bite each others fingers off... or somethin.

Fred Faggot claims the next limp faggots cd will pick up where Rage Against the Machine left off... yeah right.

A tribute to If you dont know what goatse is... u need to get with it.

yikes to this... sacfree underwear. Who comes up with this junk...

Here's how some people play with their cat. what?

In depth listing off amusement park accidents. Check this out right before going to six flags next time.

Whate-Dolphin hybrid has baby wholphin... what fun. whats next?

Weeeeeeee!! what fun... you can buy it here.

YESSS!! This shirt rules... now someone buy it for me, i wear a medium.

Collection #5 is up at

Britney Spears shirt... funny.

here's some more redic ebay auctions

This guy is selling his wife's stuff.

This guy was selling his ex's dress.. but looks like she won in the end. Check out the link in the auction pic.

Drinking Squirrel

The Spork Lamp

This is just weird to me.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

more vidz yo!

didn't add any new videos yesterday so i'll make that up right here... and if you wanna show your friends these videos, please link em to this site and not the direct video link. thank you

New Castlevania game for the Nintendo DS, looks good.

Aw, what great family fun... nothing can ruin this day.

This looks like something that belongs in the Franklin Institute... or to replace the Breakfast Machine in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. heh heh heh.....

I'm assuming this guy is pretty drunk... correct me if im wrong.

I really loved this video. It's a group of people singing the melodies to a few different nintendo songs... very fun.

Video of that dumb whale in the Delaware River.

Nice shot by Tiger Woods.

This is a neat video by 'Unkle'. Im not too fond of the song, but the video is pretty cool. it's old but i just recently came across it again and thought id share.

This video kills the last one. It's a song made up of Silence of the Lambs clips.

If you can watch this video more than once.. yikes. This guys pulls something nasty out of this girls leg with tweezers... eww

Silly video about guys and not wasting alcohol... i got a chuckle out of it.

What old people do for fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Britney Spears is pregnant......


FREE bottle of Propel Fitness Water.

FREE year subscription to Pschology Today.

FREE 6 issues of MacWorld(i had to use this link in internet explorer for it to work).

Here's another link comparing the comic and movie shots from Sin City.

Looks like the 'Save Toby' site got some media attention.

Oh my this is amazing... it's a portable N64\. I NEED this!!

Here are today's crazy ebay auctions. First a demonic dounut and here's a Fitness for Cats book. Nothing too insane today.. oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I'd hit it... would you?

For all you lonely poor people... the virtual lapdance.

Cool person test... are you cool?

Remember this creep? Poor Earl...

The Virtual bartender #1 and #2... they seem to listen well ;-).

This story cracked me up, be sure to read it. Read the rest of his stories here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Yes... more random stuff

well.. i dont see any good freebies today.. so this will most likely just be news, maybe a video here and there.

Someone buy me some Absinthe. Please?

Like Vida Guerra... then you'll love these pics hacked from her computer.

Will the PSP destroy all other consoles? Find out here. (great flash video)

This dude sure is cool... look at his awesome bike stunts.

Random made up Charlie Brown video.

Well this video makes me want a job at Google.

USB-Powered disco dance floor constructed by MIT students.

I just saw this pic and laughed.

What does Bush's ipod playlist say about him?

Automobile Magazine's 100 Coolest Cars.

The joys of swallowing cum. Doesn't seem so hard does it girls? ;)

A computer geek's history of the internet.

Customize the cars from Midnight Club 3:DUB Edition.

For anyone thats ever played Oregon Trail, check out this shirt. And this shirt is funny.

OK..this next section is for the crazy ebay auctions currently going on...

Fairy Bones.

Holy Cheeto! Legs of Jesus

Mammogram Machine

Fertility Tamale


Yogi Bear ORANGE

Monday, April 11, 2005

Todays Findings

4am... gettin an early start with stuff i've already found..hopefully i'll have more to add later.

I'll start it off with a funny video. This one's called Stealth Disco... I found it pretty amusing.

FREE Java T-shirt.

FREE luna bar.

FREE keychain.

This guy officially loses.

Check out these hot songs from Slo Mo the Rappin' Retard.

Lets go back to 1984 where we can watch Mr. T rap.

The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

Trading body parts is a new art form...where've you been?

Random Vin Diesel facts. I guess just refresh the page to see new ones.. I dont see another way.

Why don't people lock their doors? haha

I don't know where this is or who owns it... but this is the best room ever!!

I'm just assuming this is true... and if so, yikes to all of them.

Sexual Position Therapy by serpiente
Sexual position
Times to week34
Satisfaction level: 27%
Date endedSeptember 9, 2083
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Wow.. now we're drilling gigantic holes into the Earth's crust.

Wearing your collar down is for poor people.

I'm on a rampage.

Fat is only ugly until you put a nipple on it.

Ah.. so this is my problem. ;-) haha

Sin City comin-to-screen comparison. Looks like they did a pretty decent job...

Dinner at Yao's... seems like a fun time.

Who wants to sex Mutombo?? Who doesn't is the real question.

Top 10 manly drinks for um... men.

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers:part 1.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Some Vids

I just had a link given to me by the infamous Bushi which allows me to upload videos. So here's a few i've uploaded today... I'm gonna try to put atleast one up each day.

GTA: Lego City

Guys from DCshoeCO shootin some hoops.

Video of animal cruelty.

Shame this will never be true...

I had no clue where this video was going until about halfway through.

OK... this video is semi-funny, but are all the credits needed at the end? Soundtrack?!

Haha.. nice group name.

This is a fun M&M's commercial.

Damn Mac users... this is such them. ;-)

Friday, April 08, 2005


and i'm bored, so i'll post a few things i've found(now that my internet finally works again).

FREE social security braclet. Read the link for more details.

FREE end poverty wristband... or something.. what's with all these wristbands lately?

Nintendo will soon open retail stores... starting with NYC. Yay something cool happened outside of Japan!

Beware of Spim, the new way to spam.

Have a current subscription to Maxim? Have another(this is only for current subscribers!!).

ATTENTION windows xp users still using SP1. Starting April 12th, Microsoft will be disabling the turn off automatic update feature forcing you to download SP2... prepare yourselves.

Better than gmail... it's ggg-gmail. word

You can never be too sure if there's a Velociraptor around.

YAY.. it's finger twister!! Never be bored again.

Everyone do the Schiavo. Yes, this is mean but yes... this is making you laugh, get over it.

This guy had to have lost his job after this. It's some guy attempting to be a sports newscaster... watch and cry.

This freebie rules... FREE Haagen-Daz Pint and linux pen. You get the ice cream for the first page form and the linux pen if u finish the short survey on the next page.(check the box on the first part if u want the pen)

Draw a pig and find out your personality.

See... black people really can like white people. duh....

Hmm.. this girl's hot.(naked girl..beware)

Goodbye to the Cookie Monster we all used to love... now he's healthy. thaaaaaaaaaaanks fat kids......

If you didn't know before, now you know... 50 Cent is taking over the world.

Haha... people on Ebay need to stop selling silly things.

GoToMyPC is a program that lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world. I'm gonna try this out.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Todays Web Finds...

Someone buy me this arcade cabinet. I think they had this on the newest Real World but they never played it... damn them.

Here's a fun online flash fighting game.. not a bad game.. sux you need to use the keyboard though. Check it out.

FHM's top 100 online games. It's a great list to choose from, here's an example of a great Tron game.

This guy makes some pretty crazy guitars. Check out

Whoever made this is amazing... a live action pong game!!

Free vodka sample... or something.

Here's something quite interesting. An adult online RPG called Sociolotron. You have to be 21+ to play and it's possible to play free if you scan the form and a photo ID and email it to them. I'm trying this out.

Have money to waste?... need a custom golf cart? Then check out this site.

It's funny cuz I was just talking about these things. Big Wheels were awesome and everyone had one. This site makes ADULT SIZE Big Wheels... this is a must buy!!

Hmm.. Congress wants to pass an energy bill to extend daylight savings time.

Goodbye Mandrake Linux hello Mandriva. Recent mergers are behind this name change.

Can you hear me now? Yeah.. annoying aren't they? BUT this is an actual job. Here's the article.. not a bad job IMO.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Early Start

Found some fun links at 4am so I'll start today's random finds now.

These guys are fighting Street Fighter style, only they're using a chalkboard.

Women claims Mike Vick gave her herpes... he better hope this isn't true.

Oh yay......... now Britney and her husband have their own TV show on UPN.

State quarters we'll never see...

New movies released yesterday/today onto the internet...
2.Fever Pitch(CAM)
3.Assault on Precinct 13(DVD)
4.D. E. B. S.(Screener)
5.Be Cool(DVD)
6.Sin City(Telecine)

How fast are your reflexes? Test em here.

Hmm.. I guess we won't be living onthe moon anytime soon... darn Moon dust.

FREE Schick Quattro for women.

FREE 15-min phone card for a 3 second survey... not bad.

If you can get past this survey, you get $15. Yes its real and yes I made it through... but it was tough.

FREE on day Sam's Club pass.

FREE golfballs... woooooooooo!

Another FREE years subscription to Blender.

Who comes up with this stuff... the "Incredible Popeman"??

If you saw the link for the Shakespearean Insulter but don't have a pocket pc... here's a website that does it also.

Unlimited minutes anytime + unlimited text messages for $50/month from Leap Wireless.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm Back

I kept checking back to see if this page was updated yet, then realized thats my job ;)... so here are today's random findings. Updates will come throughout the day... so check back!

According to this report, black holes do not and can not exist. hmm, how bout that...

Yahoo has a video search. It's been out for some time, but I think a lot of people just don't know about it. It works just like Google's image search would find pics, but instead videos... it's a nice tool to have.

Wow.. Google also has a video search, but google's site indexes closed captioning from the programs... so you can find what you want by what happens in the program, not just how its named. Google has just started collecting peoples personal videos.

Ask Morris is a website with some random guy answering peoples questions in life... I don't agree with a lot he has to say.. but it's all entertaining. If you're bored(and you must be if you're here) then give it a look.

Hah... I want this pocket pc program.

Well looky here... my pocket pc has the best screen(first picture under psp). I win :)

Google has improved google maps. You can now zoom in anywhere you want.

Win a FREE PSP. Just join this newsletter and you're entered. It's a good newsletter anyway... shows great deals on all types of items.

Here's a thread showing you how to play a multiplayer psp games with just one game. Another great PSP hack.

Verizon DOUBLES DSL speeds! As the article states.. you if you are a current subscriber, you must call and ask for the upgrade so make sure you do!! ** There is infact a little catch, which will require you to stay with Verizon DSL for another full year.**

Wow this is so cool. It's a SD card with built in usb connectivity. Buy me one!! is a site showing programs that do not have to be installed.. so you could run them off a USB thumb drive or a CD. Finally another great reason to own a thumb drive.

Woops... ex-Mircosoft employee gets caught selling software for personal gain, guess he wasn't slick enough.

Need an excuse? Then go here and let the site make one up for you... seems logical to me.

Find out if your child is a hacker. This is too funny...

IGN compares the DS and PSP... who will win?

Microsoft releases it's car navigation. I'll keep the comments to myself ;)

Noooooooooooo... why does Paris have a PSP. She needs to give it to me.. spoiled 51u7 >_<

It seems blue light can kill nasty bacteria in our mouths. Say goodbye to your toothbrush...

Like Hello Kitty? Like computers? Here... now go have fun.

WTF do you do with this?! This should be in a Gundam Movie. Here's video of it in action.

This car can run on compressed air. Nifty idea..

Check out this new MP3 player. Such a hip fashion statement.. ;)

Lik Sang is still selling the Dreamcast tissue holder. Perfect for Dreamcast fans still crying about the death of Sega consoles... like me :)

IRC has made it to the PSP! Check it out here...

Win tickets to an advanced screening of Kicking and Screaming featuring Will Ferrell.

WOOOOOOOO... Dream Theater has just announced it's U.S. tour and it looks to be a good one. Also on the tour will be Megadeth, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Nevermore. Tickets also seem pretty cheap for a show like this... can't wait.

Stacy's mom has got it goin' on...

Haha.. the BBC said MILF ;)

Here's a fun flash came called Parachute Retro. Post your sudden death scores.

hmm.. MailOrderHusbands. I really hope this isn't real.

How to dump your girlfriend... OUCH!!

Whoever bids on this mystery box needs to kill themselves.

This is great... there's a Rick James running for mayor but everyone's stealing his "vote for rick james" signs... haha :)

This is amazing! It's crazy pen tricks... how is such a thing possible?! Please teach me...

Funny Comin Strips... sorta :-/

I like George Bush, but i guess this site is funny.

The 100 worst porn titles... yikes to whoever thought these up.

The top 100 things this guy would do if he became an evil overlord.

Ms. Spears needs to die. People wanna look like her?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Message Bored is Back!!

My message bored(yes, i know its spelled like that) is back. Let's try to start it up again... the site can be found by clicking the Forum link on the left or clicking here...

For those users that can't access .tk sites... here's the direct link.


So it's 7:15am and im wide awake. I'm an idiot(duh) and took some crazy energy pills last night and now I'm paying for it. Now I'm trying to sort through all of yesterday's April 1st scams/jokes/lies not knowing what to believe. I guess it's random post time. This will be updated throughout the day, so be sure to check back...

oh yeah... try and show people this site, I'd like to get more hits. I'm only getting 30 or so per day which is quite sad. thanks

I guess for starters I'll post a site showing "all" the sites that pulled April
Fool's jokes.

Here's a semi-funny flash animation involving ebonics... give it a watch.

This week's South Park features the new PSP!! You may not care, but this is fun news to me. If you're interested in seeing this episode, you can download it here.(this is a torrent file and in order for it to work, you need BitTorrent. If you do not have bittorrent #1 you lose and #2 you can download it here. Torrents are a great way to download new and old music, movies, tv shows and anything else you can think of.. I highly suggest trying it out. More torrents at
i just watched this episode and its hilarious... there's also a terri schiavo reference.

For more OWNED pics, go here.

This article talks about a homeless guy in NYC who drags a trashpicked desktop PC into Starbuck's everyday to surf the web. Sometimes I forget how good I have it....

US scientists have managed to measure the mass of a cluster of xenon atoms at just a few billionths of a trillionth of a gram - or a few zeptograms.

April is Math Awareness Month... yay for math!

How addicted to porn are you?

Jessica Alba pics from the new GQ issue.

Heh, here's a great new search engine... YaGoohoogle(and yes, it actually works).

This is kinda sucky... Frank Perdue, of Perdue Chicken, died yesterday... he was 84. :-/

Friday, April 01, 2005

random stuff...

no, i dont have time for april fools jokes.. these are a few links i came across...

New Blender Magazine link... if you signed up.. sign up again. add another free year. just use the same mailing address/name.

FREE t-shirt. nuff said...

FREE year to TV Guide. You're welcome..