Monday, February 20, 2006


More than just a coincidence? Hmmmmmmm...

I see so many people using sucky image hosts. My personal fav is but if you just wanna throw a quick piture up on the net for someone and not have to worry about bandwidth issues... use


Poor Pacman... *chomp*

BarbJump's a fun lil flash game to occupy your time for 10 seconds... GO!


Morgan Webb is pretty hot but this fansite is kinda creepy. Pics of her from every show... bit too much.

I know this dude.

See... Macs aren't safe at all. :)

The new web browser for the DS was made by Opera!

Hey look... I broke 1000 diggs. Maybe I'll make this weeks Diggnation :)

Windows XP 15 Minute Tune-Up... I thought this was a great site for the avg PC user who finds their computer to be a bit slower than it used to be. Nice easy steps and links to everything. Do it!

NES alarm clock... hotness.

This dog's got mad tricks yo.

Nigga please...

It's official... people are whack.

Friday, February 17, 2006


My 'story' made it to the Digg homepage yesterday! Thanks to everyone who dugg it.

People are weird

Nice idea for a brelly.

Pure Class

Surprise... Surprise...

Hef's a creep!

Best cell phone uploader in my opinion.

I'm not seeing anything cool today... so until next time.. PEACE

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Free unlimited usenet access until today 6PM EST. Scroll down and you'll see the server/login info.

Here's the usenet client i use... newsleecher.

Cool forums for free cell phone games, applications, ringers and movies.

Here's a search engine for usenet... since super search doesn't fully work in the cracked version of newsleecher.

I've posted this before and I'll post it again... Retro Core. If you like older video games this is for you.

Planettary Gaming is an up and coming site/forum which I'm now a part of. The site is geared to the Xbox/Xbox 360 but also includes all the other systems as well. There's contests and prizes are coming up which should make things interesting and a great was to start up what looks to be a great site... sign up!!

Whoever can get into this gets $20 from me... seriously.

Nes emulator for cell phones. DIGG This!

Check out my friend Dave's new band, The Concubine.

...and my friends Desoto Jones.

Gimm3 a Nintendo DS Lite!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So I'm sitting here at 10:30AM bored out of my mind and figured I'd post some stuff.. but while I have your attention... does anyone know anyone that works at PayPal and came make some 'moves' for me... or know a good way to remove your PayPal account from being limited? PayPals been pissing me off for over 3 weeks now :(

I've finally changed the 'game of the week' link. NHLPA '93 is by far the best hockey game... Ice Hockey for NES gets a close 2nd.

Cool shirts in any size. Cheap too!

Apparently this is the new MySpace

I hope you sold your Google stock...

Enable XP Pro features on xp home

Guinea pig Costumes

Creepy Japanese People

I hate snakes.

So cute...

Free subscription to Swish Magazine(NBA)

So rad...

24 Podcast

I have a few more torrentleech invites.. who wants em??