Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wanted Items

Ok... this is going to be my "things to get/things I need" list. More of a post for me personally but at the same time.. maybe someone could help me obtain some of the things. I'll put a *help* next to the things I can't find. The link to this post will be added to the sidebar and updated whenever.

AFF Repair Station Crack/Serial *help*
Nike Dunks Connection - anyone who can get dunks at a good price as soon as they're released.
Modded Sega Saturn - chipped to play all region backups


Anonymous said...

jesus. lemme know if u find a crack/serial for AFF repair station -- asdlkf (AT) gmail (dot) com

ReGaLia said...

Pleeaaase give me wise 'n' sonpub @_@

DaRiddla said...

did you ever get crack/serial for AFF repair station plz send to Da_Riddla1134 (at) yahoo dot com