Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Free Slices at Pizza Hut Today!

Free slice of pizza at Pizza Hut today(May 1st) from 3PM - 5PM. One slice per person but I'm sure that can be worked around. :)

Find locations here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Cone Day!!

Today, April 17th from 12pm until 8pm participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world will be hosting Ben & Jerry’s Annual Free Cone Day. Click here to find a participating scoop shop near you!


I'm going to take this time to promote a great site. Few weeks back I was in the market for a new complete. I ordered a board from CCS before finding skatewarehouse for around $145 after shipping(not bad really)... after the order I was searching google for and came across skatewarehouse and the first thing I see is the "$99 Completes!".. WTF?! I quickly cancel my order at CCS and order the same deck/wheels and upgraded trucks/bearings/griptape/hardware... comes out to $120 w/ FREE SHIPPING!! 
$25 cheaper with tons of upgraded stuff.. can't beat that. Board gets to me in a few days... put together perfectly.. tons of stickers thrown in... even the bearing box and hardware case was included. I noticed there was no allen key and figured it should have come with one(I later realized it wasn't supposed to come with one.. woops).. so I email customer service and they quickly respond and ship out a complete new set of hardware including an allen key and even more stickers than before! I'm not sure how many readers are into skateboarding.. but if you or anyone you know if ever in the market for one.. hands down.. skatewarehouse.com is the palce to go.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beginning of the End?

Photobucket has announced that MySpace has choosen to "prevent Photobucket users from posting their videos and remixes to their MySpace pages."

Normally I'd say "Yeah, so what?" but after actually reading what Photobucket had to say about the issue, they bring up a great point. Is MySpace going to start killing off what made it such a popular site, freedom. Just something to think about.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Silliness

It's that one day a year when you trust things even less than usual. Today the internet is full of scams and jokes... be careful. :) I've found two silly news articles involving the video game world already. If you come across any good ones post em in the comments. I'll try and add more as the day passes.

- Lamb Chop's Play Along for the Nintendo Wii

- Bungie announces Halo Zero. 2009 release date ;)

- McNabb to Retire and more... scroll down.

- Google's new TiSP system... going with the flow.


Change your caller ID for FREE today!!! Thanks spoofcard.com :)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sparta "300" Shirt From Bonaroo.co.uk

Finally had the chance to wash this shirt.. wear it.. and see how well it stll looked after some normal wear. This shirt is NICE. Quality shirt all-around. Very comfy, stiched well and the print is amazing. Check out the pics below for some "real life" shots of the black/gold leaf version.

Bonaroo.co.uk has this shirt in other colors as well... white, navy, red, grey. Black with the gold leaf is my personal favorite. Check out that shine!

(Click picture for larger image)


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Update

My monitor is sorta working atm so I can put up some links to hold people over.  

LOST is on tonight.  I'm a HUGE fan of the show. My two favorite sites to check out after the show airs are losteastereggs.blogspot.com and lost-theories.com. If you're into LOST then you wanna know as much as possible about the island and everything that goes on... those two sites are quite interesting.

New Transformer toys are coming! Hasbro recently announced some new stuff. I'm really looking forward to that Optimus Prime voice changing mask. I WILL have one.

Really cheap Maxtor 500GB SATA hard drive at Frys.com this week. $119.99 and free shipping. No rebates either... doesn't get much cheaper.

This week's Diggnation on Google Video. I should have posted this earlier :-/

The latest internet craze, atleast in the IRC room I hang out in,.... Justin.tv. This guy lives his life with a webcam attached to his head. The website shows the live feed. He doesn't really do anything interesting... but I can't stop watching.

Here's a neat site a friend showed me. tv-links.co.uk
has video of a ton of shows. Catch up on all those episodes you've missed. If you're into using torrents check out EVTV.

I recently got this amazing "300" shirt from Bonaroo.co.uk. Check back tomorrow for real pics and a review.. along with some other stuff as well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Was just checking out Slickdeals.com and saw a great deal for Reeboks.  50% off Reebok concept stores, 40% off outlet stores and 30% off the online store(plus an additional 30% off + free shipping on top of that!!).  I just ordered a pair of Reebok DGK's normally 79.99 on sale for 50... after all discounts it came out to 24.98 with free shipping!!  Can't beat that eh?

Just click here for more details.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Frys.com has sent me TWO bad monitors in a row and i can barely read the screen.  I just can't post under these conditions. ;)  Before Frys sends me a working monitor(or atleast so they say...) I have to send this one back OR charge the new one to my card on top of the other one.  Boo to all of this.  If they send me a THIRD bad monitor I'm taking them down.

Thanks to 'tonyhustle' in the comments for the heads up on the RBK fitted arcade pattern hats.  Got one today :)  Will post pics once I get a working monitor.

Lots of fun stuff coming... STAY TUNED!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Real Sluggers Didn't Use Roids

Paid another visit to Jinxed Clothing tonight to pick up a pretty sweet shirt.  The shirt's designed by Bad Luxury and is just one of a few new shirts carried by Jinxed.

If you're in the Philly area.. check out these two companies.


Monday, March 12, 2007

New Clipse Gear

I'm a huge Clipse fan so of course I was excited when they told me they were collaborating with Commonwealth. No prices or release dates yet. Check out the Commonwealth site for more pics and updated info. I need one of those black tees ASAP.

Reebok Stuff I Want

Here's some upcoming Reebok accessories I'm really into. First are the new Arcade Pattern fitted hats. First saw them over at Universal Article but I've made this post in hopes of someone locating this style hat for me. I know it's new... but I want one NOW!! So if anyone knows where I could purchase em please let me know in the comments.

Next up is an upcoming shoe from Reebok's DGK line. This entire line is dedicated to skateboarding just like the SB is for Nike. Nothing super fancy here I just like the style of the shoe... the pump adds a nice touch.

So be on the look out for these new items and if you see them for sale LET ME KNOW!

Treo 700p/wx Hacked

Palm's latest CDMA PDAs have finally been hacked. Steps have been made public for a few weeks now. Currently my 700wx is cloned to my Sanyo M1. A cloned phone means I've taken a phones number and serial number(ESN) and copied them to another phone making them both work under the same phone line. Unlike GSM phones(Cingular, T-Mobile), CDMA phones have no SIM card so it's not as easy to switch phones often. Cloning allows us to use a few different phones(not simutanously, duh) without having to call up Sprint and wait for a rep to switch the phone over which is usually atleast a 10-minute process.

If you would like more detailed info on this or would like me to clone a Treo for you feel free to use the comments.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eating Out Somehow Just Got Better

I was just watching the latest Diggnation and a story came on about secret menu items at all sorts of restaurants. I always figured you had to know someone working there to get things that aren't on the menu but according to Consumerist.com that is not the case. Have a look yourself... I'm sure everyone will find something new to try.

Diggnation is a weekly online podcast/videocast covering popular news articles of the previous week found on Digg.com. Videos are released Saturday nights at 10PM EST for members and released the following Tuesday to the public free of charge. Watch it!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Early Look at Sprint's Samsung M510 and Sanyo 7050

Nothing super exclusive here. I was able to snag a few pics of these upcoming phones so why not post em? According to SprintUsers the Samsung M510 and Sanyo 7050 will drop in April. Are these phones really cool... no.

The M510 is definitely better than the M500 but that phone was weak anyway. First thing I noticed about this phone was the "menu
> settings > display > 0" trick for the Debug Menu is not there.  
Not sure if its been moved or just removed altogether yet.  
The debug menu was loved by many for allowing you to disable 
modem nai for free tethering.  DDTM could also be disabled to 
allow incoming calls while in an EVDO session. 

The Sanyo 7050 is just your average rugged Sanyo flip.
A step up from the weak 2400/3100/7000 but I'd rank it
under the 7500.  Lack of EVDO ruins this phone for me.  
Nothing new for this phone other than looks.

I'll be holding off for the Samsung M620(Flipper) being released early next month.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Reebok Voltron Shoes Are Neat

Just saw these over at HypeBeast.  I haven't been into Reeboks lately but these will bring me back.  The blue ones are all mine so don't even think about it.

+1 PC Users

+1 for Maddox as well.  Just check out Maddox's latest post for his view on Mac's.

Apple fans... don't even think about commenting... PC users feel free to do so :)

The Future Is Stupid

...that's my new motto in life.  While visiting South Street yesterday I saw a shirt at Jinxed which said that very phrase.  It only took seconds for me to agree and decide to make 
the purchase.  Everyone has high hopes for what lies in the future... I've already realized 
the future will always suck, is always over-rated  and will only disappoint.

Also, whats up with everything in the future "being released in 2010"?!  Why is 2010 the official year for anything different than what we already have?  "In 2010 the Japanese will have a robot army", "In 2010 we'll have flying cars powered by ethynol", "In 2010 we'll be living on the moon"...  well I've had it.  Nothing new will happen and the world's ending in 2012 anyway.

Enjoy today... forget about tomorrow.  You'll thank me later.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yay Free Magazines!

Once again I have a great link for a free magazine subscription.  Not sure how much longer this will last... but I JUST tried it and it actually worked for me.  Check out the pic below.

Just click this link and choose a magazine on the page.  The coupon code to enter is 1free.  Free magazines include :

* Latina
* Maxim
* Working Mother
* Shape
* Stuff
* Blender
* Seed Magazine
* Computer Shopper
* Muscle & Fitness
* Western Interiors
* Ebony
* Jane Magazine
* Travel & Leisure Golf
* Jet

Just ignore the sign up page and go right to check out... no credit card info is needed either.  Take advantage of this before it expires... which will be anytime now.


Saturday, March 03, 2007


slowly getting back into this...

if you use newsgroups you should check out this site for the latest tv, movie, game releases. - Bin-Req.info