Monday, March 05, 2007

The Future Is Stupid

...that's my new motto in life.  While visiting South Street yesterday I saw a shirt at Jinxed which said that very phrase.  It only took seconds for me to agree and decide to make 
the purchase.  Everyone has high hopes for what lies in the future... I've already realized 
the future will always suck, is always over-rated  and will only disappoint.

Also, whats up with everything in the future "being released in 2010"?!  Why is 2010 the official year for anything different than what we already have?  "In 2010 the Japanese will have a robot army", "In 2010 we'll have flying cars powered by ethynol", "In 2010 we'll be living on the moon"...  well I've had it.  Nothing new will happen and the world's ending in 2012 anyway.

Enjoy today... forget about tomorrow.  You'll thank me later.

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Anonymous said...

We agree. Who wants an army of alien robot slaves anyway? Not that we even got them. All we got was text messaging and body piercing. Call that fulfilling our potential?

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