Monday, July 10, 2006

New Chappelle's Show!!

Here's last nights episode...

Part 1

Part 2

Download both parts then extract. Rar password is in the comments.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sonic papercraft - Make an entire Sonic level out of paper! weee.

Piano Table - nuff said.

Lite Brite Online - Now you never have to leave your computer to play Lite Brite again!

Transformers - The Movie Trailer - Doesn't show much... but it's better than nothing for all you Transformers fans out there.

Giant Optimus Prime - Speaking of Transformers... here's a giant one.

Google Checkout Coupon Codes - $10 off $20+ when using Google Checkout.

FREE $50 Shell Gas Card - All you gotta do is test drive a Suzuki(and some of you may not even have to do that... just ask the dealer to sign the form!).

Keeley Hazel - Todays Page3 section features Keeley.

New Lindsay Lohan Pics - Finally looking good again...

Superman Torrent - This is the maVen release of Superman Returns. Best version out. 110% watchable.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I can almost guarantee that you haven't seen this website yet... but I'm pretty sure you'll all be glad I mentioned this. is a new site/forum dedicated to bringing you more warez than you can handle. :) Any similar sites you've used in the past are probably dead and long gone... this site will be the future.

Everyone check out and see for yourself. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments. This is a brand new site... but the quality is already there. Enjoy.


Sunday, June 25, 2006


So here's a few more links for those interested in modding their Xbox 360 and all that good stuff. I've flashed my Hiatchi 47 with the f/w but have no DL discs :( Someone find some CHEAP Verbatim dual layer discs.

Hitachi 46/47/59 firmare

Security sectors and scene compatibility list

Pioneer 111D Dual Layer burner for 36.99 and free shipping. Best drive you can get for 360s with the Hitachi drive... doesn't get much cheaper either.

Modding 360 forums.

Hitachi 46/47/59 firmare

And for those of you that still have your original Xboxs... here's a new XBMC skin which looks exactly like hte 360s UI.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Domain Expires in 3 Days

So my domain expires in 3 days. will be no more unless I come up with $16(thats with the 10% off Digg code already added). If anyone has any other godaddy codes thatd be cool. I don't like doing this.. but since I'm poor... anyone wanna help by donating? I don't really have anything to offer besides my love... and torrentleech invites ;). Well if you can help out... the PayPal address to send $$ to is . Thx peeps.

Monday, June 12, 2006


So I initially just wanted to post about the new Xbox 360 Hitachi firmware hack... but I'll post a few other links while i'm at it.

The DS Lite came out in the US yesterday. Friend of mine got one.. it's pretty neat. If you have a DS/DS Lite and don't want to pay for all those games... there's a new solution for you. With the Mini SD M3 Adapter and the Passcard(3rd gen) you are able to download and play any GBA/DS game for free. So yeah the cost of those 2 things is about $115 shipped... but that's the price of 3-4 DS games... which you'd buy anyway. This would allow you to play ALL games. Saving you hundreds of $$'s in the end. Your call... I know I'll be using them when I get my DS Lite.

You may or may not have seen this.. either way... its a continuing story on how NOT to steal a Sidekick. It's a few days old by now but everyone should check this link out.

and if anyone has an invite to let me know :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sprint Stuff

So I've been working on a small forum/WAP site for Sprint stuff. If you have a Sprint phone and a Vision/Power Vision(Data) plan I suggest you check it out HERE. "Official" launch day is June 1st. **you must be a registered/validated member to view the entire site**

If you could care less about cell phone junk, check out this awesome arcade is some guys basement.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Nintendo's E3 conference is today! We will finally get to see exactly what the Wii(formerly Revolution) is all about. Conference starts at 12:30EST and GAMESPOT will be streaming it all live for free!! Be sure to check it out... hopefully the servers won't go down. ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Download Stadium Arcadium Before It's Out In Stores

I haven't listened to this entirely but I can confirm this is real. From what I've heard... this CD is awesome. Not as good as the new Tool... but good enough ;)

So this CD is actually a double disc... I've uploaded each CD seperately onto Rapidshare. The zips are password protected... the password is the URL(address) of this website(minus http://www.). If you're dumb enough to ask for this password you don't deserve this. Sorry, but this is to stop some sites from taking credit for what I've done myself. Are people still interested in downloading the new tool? If a get a good response I'll put that up as well. OK... Enjoi.

Disc 1
Disc 2

Monday, May 01, 2006

Xbox 1 Firmware Hack... 360 Soon To Follow

This has been out for about a week now but I'd like to make sure everyone knows this who's interested. Xbox 1 has been chipped and softmodded so who needs a new hack right? Well, If you're a Xbox Live user... you know you can't play Xbox 'backups' on Live... until now. This is a new DVD firmware hack. Flash the Xbox's DVD drive with the hacked firmware... burn a correctly patched Xbox ISO onto dual layer media... play your backed up game on Live. Below are some links to help you get started.

The details...

The firmware...


Onto even better news... this has also been done on the Xbox 360 but has not been released publicly. I personally can't wait for this to be released. Live on the 360 is needed. Here's a video showing it in action.

New Super Mario Bros. Site Update

Check out the 'New Super Mario Bros.' official website. New video added sometime today! I can't wait for this game... soon!!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

No Time

Sorry for the lack of TV show updates(Andy Milonakis/Wonder Showzen). I just don't have the time/boredom to keep up with that right now. New karl has started this week.. I quit smoking, gave up fast food(im gonna miss mcdonalds), exercise daily, less time on the comp. I know you all don't care.. but I'm just updating. I wanna get back into random postings though. I don't wanna have a set for... as in 15 random websites for your entertainment each day.. or this or that. I just wanna post things I wanna share with you guys. I've made a lot of friends through this and I don't wanna just turn my back on everyone. I know you're all out there and want more updates :)

Good news is... Opera 9 Beta has been released. It works a hell of a lot better than 8.5. Much more stable imo. So why is this good news? Opera 9 has no issues with Blogger. Before when I wanted to update... I'd have to open Firefox or IE(YUCK) just for that. I know it's me being lazy.. but tough ;) So anyway... I will now remained signed into my Blogger page so I can update when I want. Prepare for many random posts.

So I guess I won't end this before posting some kinda link... I had this link in my AIM profile.. but I'll post it for those that haven't seen it. By now I'm sure most of you have heard that the Nintendo Revolution has been named Wii(pronounced We). I'm sure most hate this... I in fact like the way they're going with all of this and think everyone will have one by 2007. Regardless, there's been some rumors about what the Wii will actually be able to do... one rumor is 'Augmented Reality'. Check out the video on it here. Nintendo would own the world if they pulled this one off!

I'm off for now... see you all soon.

Got my first Google check from ads on this site. Wii!! ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Andy Milonakis Show Season 2 Episode 2

Andy Milonakis

Help me win my Xbox360... and see how you can easily win one of your own(no credit card info... no offers to complete). Click here for details!!

Another fine episode. This one features Juelz Santana.

RapidShare Download Link (98MB WMV)

Torrent Link (175MB AVI)

To use the RapidShare link... scroll all the way down and click 'FREE' then scroll down again and wait for the timer to reach zero(usually 30 seconds). Fill out the verification code and proceed to download.

*Please link to this page and not the download link. If I find people are just spreading the download link, I will remove the file from the download link and nobody wins...*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Free Xbox360 is REAL!!!

Well... I haven't got all of MY referals yet... but a few of my close friends did and here's some tracking info to prove it. In case you don't know... TextPayMe is a newer company similar to PayPal.. but you pay each other through cell phones.. not PCs... so you can receive or send money at any time. TextPayMe's service is also free, unlike PayPals. Not only do they provide an awesome free service... but they're giving out Xbox360s as well. Who doesn't want a free Xbox360?!

So here's the tracking info proof. This was an actual image sent to me and I myself edited the tracking number and delivery address for privacy reasons. So these is indeed legit. I was 2% skeptical up to this point... but now am 100% sure it's very real.

As you can see... the package is starting from Redmond, Washington(home of Microsoft) and the package is 15lbs which is the EXACT weight of the Xbox360 core system(Non-Core systems weigh 16lbs).

So what do you have to do to win an Xbox360? Fill out some offers? Give out your credit card info? NOPE... you just get 36 people to join the site using your referal code... NOTHING ELSE. No tricks.. no scams... I'm posting this to help you guys out in getting a free Xbox360 and helping myself out by getting referals at the same time. The contest is up in 6 days. Seems like a short time.. but if you get 6 people each day... 6people x 6days = 36 referals. Now it's simple.

It seems that the past 2 months, TextPayMe has had this contest two times... so perhaps it will return next month as well! Any referal points not used remain onyour account to use later(such as next month). So if you don't get all 36 referals in 6days.. you have next month to look forward to as well.... or you can win one now and win another one next month ;)

All you have to do is sign up at TextPayMe. Help me out by clicking on my TextPayMe links. You're going to join anyway... why not help me out at the same time. ;)

So one more time... HERE'S MY LINK. Six days left people.. don't wait!!!

To see my previous post on this contest for more details click here.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wonder Showzen Season 2 Episode 2

wonder showzen

Great show on MTV2. This is NOT the typical mtv junk which is normally on. This is something you'd think would be on Comedy Central or something. I suggest you all start watching this if you have not already.

Shout out to EZTV for supplying this one to everyone!

RapidShare Download Link (94MB WMV)

Torrent Link (174MB AVI)

To use the RapidShare link... scroll all the way down and click 'FREE' then scroll down again and wait for the timer to reach zero(usually 30 seconds). Fill out the verification code and proceed to download.

*Please link to this page and not the download link. If I find people are just spreading the download link, I will remove the file from the download link and nobody wins...*

Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Free Mags!

Seems these magazine freebies are coming back finally! Free subscriptions for EGM, Spin and Giant. Enjoy...

*I need 4 more people to sign up to TextPayMe till I get my Xbox360!! Please help me out people.. it takes 2 minutes to sign up and it's 100% free.. you just join a site.. nothing more. See my post HERE for all the details.**





Bored.. so I'm posting a few things I've found interesting over the past week or so. I'm uploading a CD to a friend ATM but afterwards I plan on uploading last week's Wonder Showzen. This weeks Andy Milonakis and Wonder Showzen will be posted soon!

Pretty cool Nes Punch-Out related music video by Spesh K.

If you have an Intel Mac... you should be running Boot Camp. It runs Windows XP on you Mac!!

An easy to use, all-in-one place serial app for Macs... it's called Serial Box. No more hunting around to use that free program!!

Housefly Gets Glasses Made With Lasers. There's a picture as well. This is pretty cool.

"Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future" This was my favorite site of the week.

I just found this out... If you have the Comcast 8mbit plan you get all this stuff free.

PC Toaster Mod. Lots of pics.

Medical marijuana hits stock market.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Torrent Site Invites

To get my Xbox360 referals going... I've decided to offer a private torrent site invite to anyone who signs up using my referal code. Signing up takes less than 2 minutes and is 100% FREE.

So read the post below and click my referal link.. I have invites to X264, Torrentleech and BitMeTV. Contact me by email or AIM with your cell phone number and I'll instantly send an invite to any given email address.

I also have info on how to EASILY get FREE UNLIMITED newsgroups if your have Comcast highspeed interent. No more 2GB/month limit. I'll trade this info for a completed referal(completed meaning you took 2 minutes to sign up). It's super easy and costs nothing.

**new andy milonakis has been posted below**

The Andy Milonakis Show Season 2 Episode 1

Andy Milonakis

It's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RapidShare Download Link (94MB WMV)

Torrent Link (174MB AVI)

To use the RapidShare link... scroll all the way down and click 'FREE' then scroll down again and wait for the timer to reach zero(usually 30 seconds). Fill out the verification code and proceed to download.

*Please link to this page and not the download link. If I find people are just spreading the download link, I will remove the file from the download link and nobody wins...*

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Free Xbox360 Thru TextPayMe

Just found out about this... a buddy of mine just got his free Xbox360 for doing this. Text PayMe is a newer service similar to PayPal.. but you make payments from your cell phone. But nevermind all that... if I refer 36 people to sign up with my referal link... I get a free Xbox360! You guys can also refer people to get a free xbox as well... just sign up with my referal link**when filling your cell # out.. it enters backwards..for me anyway... what I had to do was type it out elsewhere.. copy it.. then right click/paste it into the field**... then to get your own referal code.. go to Referals > Method 1: Send your friends email > scroll all the way down. Your link is at the bottom of the page. Sign up 36 people before April 18th to win your FREE Xbox360. Hope you guys(and gals) can help me out. :)

-- Here's my referal link. --

Copy and paste that in your browser.

Here's an article about the company in Wired. Everything looks legit to me. Makes sense that the guy used to work for Microsoft and is now giving away Xboxs


I just received this response from the websites support center...

Thank you for your interest in TextPayMe. The Xbox360 contest is legitimate. Our service is free of charge to all users, so you and your
referred friends will not be charged by TextPayMe. Once you have accumlated 36 referrals, you will be notified via email or U.S. mail
that you have won an Xbox 360. At which time, there is no form to fill out except that we will ask you to confirm your shipping address.
It may take 2-4 weeks for us to process and ship the Xbox360 to you. For more information about the contest, please visit the following

and here's email response #2...

You are guaranteed to win a Xbox 360 once you have accumulated 36 referrals. We have limitied to just one Xbox 360 per user due to the
popularity of this contest, so you may only win at most one Xbox 360. It does sound a little too good to be true, that's why we are
ending the promotion soon. I hope that addresses your concern.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Free 1YR Subscription to Computer Shopper Magazine

More free mags! Let's hope we see more and more in the next few weeks. This link is good for one free year of Computer Shopper Magazine... no credit card needed Enjoy.



Me again... back after a week or so. New Andy Milonakis episodes are 2 weeks away! YAY! I just upgraded my Comcast High Speed Internet plan to their 8Mbit service so I'll be able to upload more a lot more stuff... step one is the entire first season of Andy Milonakis. During the first season.. had a max file size of 50MB... this has now been doubled to 100MB... so all new shows uploaded by me will be 100MB which are much better quality. Speaking of Comcast... I think most of us with broadband use Comcast... call up 1800-COMCAST and go thru the menu which takes you to the cancelation department. Tell them yo uwish to cancel your internet and they'll quickly respond offering you a lower monthly bill.. if not other things as well. Get what you can out of them... I just saved you atleast $120/year. You're welcome. :)

So what did everyone think of Desoto Jones? Their CD comes out in May. If you knew what was best, you'd buy it. Now for some links...

Actually one more thing real quick... can anyone get/offer free webspace for this site to host files? I don't mind using RapidShare but 100MB doesn't always cut it and some users can't use it. I'll put up an add to your site or whatever for free... or I dunno.. whatever. Lemme know if you can help out.

The Motorola PEBL gets some color. That phone's a cutey.

Convert Quicktime files to AVI for FREE. I use a program which was NOT free... I'll be switching to this method myself.

Check out for all sorts of cell phone related stuff. Myself and many others post TONS of games for all sorts of phones... also movies/ringers/applications etc etc... If you have a cell phone... GO.

The guy in the backgroud says it best.... creepy.

Fun with a potato gun. Stick 'em up!

Have a new Intel Mac? Now you can run Windows XP on it. Do it up!

The apple bong is clutch.

Pimp your ant farm.

Anybody who's anybody knows that these fashion stocking are cool...

Gummi Bear lights!! Yummy.

Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes. If you're looking to kill someone, lightsabers are def the way to go.

This site has a ton of NEAT STUFF. Coolest site I've seen in awhile.

Check out my new download speed... free of charge. :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Check Out Desoto Jones

I want each and every one of you to check out my good friends, Desoto Jones. You all know I only post what I think is worth sharing and these guys are no exception. They just got back from the studio and have some songs on their MySpace already. I've probably listened to their CD 5 times today... that good. HERE'S the link to their MySpace page. They've added 2 new(unmastered) songs on their page. If you digg their stuff be sure to add them as friend's and add the songs to your profile if possible as well! hasn't been updated with the new album info yet... but be sure to keep checkin back for more info.

If you're into this band please share them with your friends and others! Thx guys...

I've got some more songs too, if anyone's interested.

Desoto Jones

Season 2 of The Andy Milonakis Show: Coming Soon!!

I saw a commercial on MTV last night about The Andy Milonakis Show Season 2. The show has moved to MTV2 and will air March 31. I'll be re-releasing all the episodes from Season 1 which will be MUCH BETTER quality. Weeeeeee

Free Mags Are Back

There's been a free magazine drought but here's the best free mag offer I've seen in awhile so I had to share. Free one year subscription to Electronics Gaming Monthly, Popular Mechanics or Smart Money.

(Click Here to Sign Up)

Friday, March 03, 2006


Any services I'm currently offering...  please see the contact page if interested.

CD's - Any music CD possible.  $3 for MP3 files... $5 for CD(burned) mailed to you. Free next-day air.

Games - Any console/PC/Mac game.  Flash games, PC games on CD/DVD, Xbox/Xbox 360, Wii/Gamecube, Sega Saturn/Dreamcast, Playstation 1/2 and all older console games(roms).  Prices vary.

Software - Any PC(windows 98-vista)/Mac(OS X 10.0+) software.  Anything you can think of... and more.  Prices vary.

Console Modding - I can softmod any original Xbox for $15.  Softmod + harddrive upgrade = $20.  I also flash Xbox 360's.  360 flash = $20.  Return shipping is FREE next-day air.

Computer Repair - Anything Geek Squad can do, I can do better... and cheaper.  Obviously prices vary.  Return shipping is FREE next-day air.

Sprint Cell Phone services - I sell Sprint cell phones/accessories/games/applications/ringtones/wallpapers.  I'm cheaper than everyone.  New phones do not require a contract renewal/extension.

Monday, February 20, 2006


More than just a coincidence? Hmmmmmmm...

I see so many people using sucky image hosts. My personal fav is but if you just wanna throw a quick piture up on the net for someone and not have to worry about bandwidth issues... use


Poor Pacman... *chomp*

BarbJump's a fun lil flash game to occupy your time for 10 seconds... GO!


Morgan Webb is pretty hot but this fansite is kinda creepy. Pics of her from every show... bit too much.

I know this dude.

See... Macs aren't safe at all. :)

The new web browser for the DS was made by Opera!

Hey look... I broke 1000 diggs. Maybe I'll make this weeks Diggnation :)

Windows XP 15 Minute Tune-Up... I thought this was a great site for the avg PC user who finds their computer to be a bit slower than it used to be. Nice easy steps and links to everything. Do it!

NES alarm clock... hotness.

This dog's got mad tricks yo.

Nigga please...

It's official... people are whack.

Friday, February 17, 2006


My 'story' made it to the Digg homepage yesterday! Thanks to everyone who dugg it.

People are weird

Nice idea for a brelly.

Pure Class

Surprise... Surprise...

Hef's a creep!

Best cell phone uploader in my opinion.

I'm not seeing anything cool today... so until next time.. PEACE

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Free unlimited usenet access until today 6PM EST. Scroll down and you'll see the server/login info.

Here's the usenet client i use... newsleecher.

Cool forums for free cell phone games, applications, ringers and movies.

Here's a search engine for usenet... since super search doesn't fully work in the cracked version of newsleecher.

I've posted this before and I'll post it again... Retro Core. If you like older video games this is for you.

Planettary Gaming is an up and coming site/forum which I'm now a part of. The site is geared to the Xbox/Xbox 360 but also includes all the other systems as well. There's contests and prizes are coming up which should make things interesting and a great was to start up what looks to be a great site... sign up!!

Whoever can get into this gets $20 from me... seriously.

Nes emulator for cell phones. DIGG This!

Check out my friend Dave's new band, The Concubine.

...and my friends Desoto Jones.

Gimm3 a Nintendo DS Lite!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So I'm sitting here at 10:30AM bored out of my mind and figured I'd post some stuff.. but while I have your attention... does anyone know anyone that works at PayPal and came make some 'moves' for me... or know a good way to remove your PayPal account from being limited? PayPals been pissing me off for over 3 weeks now :(

I've finally changed the 'game of the week' link. NHLPA '93 is by far the best hockey game... Ice Hockey for NES gets a close 2nd.

Cool shirts in any size. Cheap too!

Apparently this is the new MySpace

I hope you sold your Google stock...

Enable XP Pro features on xp home

Guinea pig Costumes

Creepy Japanese People

I hate snakes.

So cute...

Free subscription to Swish Magazine(NBA)

So rad...

24 Podcast

I have a few more torrentleech invites.. who wants em??

Monday, January 16, 2006

Applications and Games for Samsung a900

So I just got this phone and needed some games to entertain me. I was also curious about seeing which applications could run on this phone and what I could do exactly with a Sprint Power Vision subscription. If you look around on the internet, you won't find much for that phone specifically(games and apps... not the phone itself). I've deceided to compile a list of working games and apps for the a900 and upload the files to megaupload so that anyone can download them. I've also included my wallpaper and ringer collection. If you're interested in helping add to this list please contact me. I want this list to be as big as possible. Keep in mind this is not for games/apps made only for the a900 but for games/apps that work fully or almost fully with it.

This post will be the spot for future updates to this download. We a900 users need one spot for where all this stuff is listed. I'll be adding a side link once this leaves the front page.

Games Pack 1.0 - Download Here

Apps Pack 1.0 - COMING SOON

Anyone with any apps/games/wallpaper/ringers that are confirmed working on the a900 LET ME KNOW!

Sprint SERO Plan

Anyone wanting to renew their contract with Sprint or sign up for new service, have I got the plan for you! Through my random internet findings I came across a site talking about this SERO plan(employee referal plan) and I'll try make it easier for my readers. This plan works... I have it myself.

The referal program can be viewed online at Now as you can see the page asks you for an email and zip. Enter the zip of where you live(not ALL areas have this plan available.. so you're out of luck unless you want to try listing a zip code nearby). As for the email... just enter and that gets you right in, no referal needed! Most Sprint phones are available through this deal.

Now if you take a look at the plans... they may not seem GREAT but I think they are once you have a closer look. I'll be going over the $30 plan. For $30 you get 500 anytime minutes with free nights(starting at 9pm) and weekends. Free mobile-to-mobile calling, voicemail, call waiting, 3-way calling etc etc... the standard stuff. The part that really makes this deal is the FREE VISION/POWER VISION. That means all web usage is FREE. Web browsing, AIM, Yahoo chat, MSN messenger, picture mail and all data downloaded is FREE! You still have to pay for any games you buy through the sites etc but there are ways for getting free games, applications, wallpapers and ringers but that will be covered in a later post. The only drawback is this plan doesn't include text messaging but 100 SMS texts can be added for $5/month so for $35+tax you have yourself a darn good deal. I just checked my data usage for this week... already I would have spent $183 on data downloads alone... so you can see how much this can save you.

So what do you do if you just bought a new phone through sprint and want this deal instead? If you're still within the 14-day return period you can call Sprint and ask them to connect you to EMPLOYEE ACCOUNTS. You MUST go to employee accounts... anyone else cannot do anything for you. Once you are connected, tell them you would like to switch to the SERO plan... easy as that. If you want a phone not listed on the SERO site sign up for a new sprint plan... buy your phone then call employee accoutns and have them switch the plan. This is what I did and I can vouch that it works. If you have a current plan with Sprint and want to extend your contract to get this deal, use the above method as well. I'm not sure about buying a phone from ebay or something then starting a SERO plan... I'm sure it's possible but I can't confirm any of that. The prices for the phones through Sprint is about as good as you can get anyway. Goodluck :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Xbox 1 Mod/Hack.... 360 Soon To Follow

This has been out for about a week now but I'd like to make sure everyone knows this who's interested. Xbox 1 has been chipped and softmodded so who needs a new hack right? Well, If you're a Xbox Live user... you know you can't play Xbox 'backups' on Live... until now. This is a new DVD firmware hack. Flash the Xbox's DVD drive with the hacked firmware... burn a correctly patched Xbox ISO onto dual layer media... play your backed up game on Live. Below are some links to help you get started.

The details...

The firmware...


Onto even better news... this has also been done on the Xbox 360 but has not been released publicly. I personally can't wait for this to be released. Live on the 360 is needed. Here's a video showing it in action.