Thursday, March 16, 2006


Me again... back after a week or so. New Andy Milonakis episodes are 2 weeks away! YAY! I just upgraded my Comcast High Speed Internet plan to their 8Mbit service so I'll be able to upload more a lot more stuff... step one is the entire first season of Andy Milonakis. During the first season.. had a max file size of 50MB... this has now been doubled to 100MB... so all new shows uploaded by me will be 100MB which are much better quality. Speaking of Comcast... I think most of us with broadband use Comcast... call up 1800-COMCAST and go thru the menu which takes you to the cancelation department. Tell them yo uwish to cancel your internet and they'll quickly respond offering you a lower monthly bill.. if not other things as well. Get what you can out of them... I just saved you atleast $120/year. You're welcome. :)

So what did everyone think of Desoto Jones? Their CD comes out in May. If you knew what was best, you'd buy it. Now for some links...

Actually one more thing real quick... can anyone get/offer free webspace for this site to host files? I don't mind using RapidShare but 100MB doesn't always cut it and some users can't use it. I'll put up an add to your site or whatever for free... or I dunno.. whatever. Lemme know if you can help out.

The Motorola PEBL gets some color. That phone's a cutey.

Convert Quicktime files to AVI for FREE. I use a program which was NOT free... I'll be switching to this method myself.

Check out for all sorts of cell phone related stuff. Myself and many others post TONS of games for all sorts of phones... also movies/ringers/applications etc etc... If you have a cell phone... GO.

The guy in the backgroud says it best.... creepy.

Fun with a potato gun. Stick 'em up!

Have a new Intel Mac? Now you can run Windows XP on it. Do it up!

The apple bong is clutch.

Pimp your ant farm.

Anybody who's anybody knows that these fashion stocking are cool...

Gummi Bear lights!! Yummy.

Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes. If you're looking to kill someone, lightsabers are def the way to go.

This site has a ton of NEAT STUFF. Coolest site I've seen in awhile.

Check out my new download speed... free of charge. :)


Anonymous said...

your lightsaber link is broken. how did you get that download speed?

samureye said...

You can upload up to 1GB and post them on yout blog for people to download.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why you dont just RAR a higher quality version (say 175 MB) of andy milonakis. its easy as hell and then you can just upload the episode in separate pieces up to 100 mb for rapidshare.