Friday, March 03, 2006


Any services I'm currently offering...  please see the contact page if interested.

CD's - Any music CD possible.  $3 for MP3 files... $5 for CD(burned) mailed to you. Free next-day air.

Games - Any console/PC/Mac game.  Flash games, PC games on CD/DVD, Xbox/Xbox 360, Wii/Gamecube, Sega Saturn/Dreamcast, Playstation 1/2 and all older console games(roms).  Prices vary.

Software - Any PC(windows 98-vista)/Mac(OS X 10.0+) software.  Anything you can think of... and more.  Prices vary.

Console Modding - I can softmod any original Xbox for $15.  Softmod + harddrive upgrade = $20.  I also flash Xbox 360's.  360 flash = $20.  Return shipping is FREE next-day air.

Computer Repair - Anything Geek Squad can do, I can do better... and cheaper.  Obviously prices vary.  Return shipping is FREE next-day air.

Sprint Cell Phone services - I sell Sprint cell phones/accessories/games/applications/ringtones/wallpapers.  I'm cheaper than everyone.  New phones do not require a contract renewal/extension.