Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Search Engines Are Wonderful

Anyone else notice how much better these have gotten over the past few years? Google especially has stepped it up, not only improving their actual search but adding so many other tools and features. When I saw Google has started their "Google Print" search I felt I needed to write a small blog showing some of the many uses of Google I use and others that are available. I know most of this isn't new but I think a lot of people just don't know... hope this helps someone.

Before I go on raving about Google, let us not forget about Yahoo! and their new search engine called Mindset. Mindset allows you to search anything as you would normally but after the initial search it gives you the option to filter searches from commercial to non-commercial sites via 'slide bar'.

I'll start off with the Google homepage. I'm sure you all know the links on here but I'll do a quick run thru. Google Image Search is probably the best way to quickly find an image or just about anything. Froogle is a decent search comparing prices on most items but in my opinion, doesn't have the best selection. Pricegrabber and Pricewatch are my personal favorites in that area. Google Groups is an easy way to search Usenet posts... if you don't know what usenet is, maybe you should Google it. ;-) The rest of the links on the main page are self explanatory.

In this section I'll be showing some of the other things you can do with Google. I often find myself using Google to look up local weather forecasts. If you type "weather 'zipcodehere'" Google will display the current weather along with the next few days... example here. Ever need to look up tracking information on a package but don't know what company shipped it... or needed to look up a product by the UPC code? Have a look at the Search by Numbers help page for details on that and other number involved searches. A new favorite of many is the new Google Maps feature already used by tons of websites dealingwith any kind of directions. This surely will improve over time and probably be the best way to get directions within a few months if not already. I could write for days about how great Google is, but I'm not. This is just something to get people aware of whats out there. Check out the rest of the Help Center to see the rest of the features including Calculator, File Type Search, and even movie times.

I'm not going to get into the Google hacks but if you're interested you can check out johnny.ihackstuff.com or just Google it. My favorite one has to be the WebCam Hack.

Haven't tried Google's GMail yet? I'll give anyone who asks a gmail invite... just leave your email address in the comments section.

Free Food is the Best Food

Last night we tried the other free pizza coupon for Domino's... ended up working! Head to the forums for the link. Budget Living added to the Free Magazines section if anyone cares and here's a link to a free $15 amazon gift card. This only worked in Internet Explorer for me and I had to allow popups. Goodluck... have some links.

Make money by searching Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.... This is legit, I'm doing it myself. Sign up today!!

Canada to only offer suicide hotline service during business hours. That means no killing yourself when everyone else is sleeping... and don't even think about the weekends!

Funny clip of Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Eminem.

Frog with an implanted webserver. Huh?!

McDonald's beefs up menu for tech-savvy. I won't buy MP3's from them but I'll still eat the food. Yummmmmmmmm

The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux. This is great if you're switching to Linux and want comparable programs that you used in Windows or vice versa.

Skype is releasing a VoWLAN phone later this year. That means it uses wifi... which equals cheap calls!

60% of Americans believe life exists in outter space... idiots.

Over 30 games for the PS3 have been announced. Check out the list for Spring 2006.

List of marked down video games and guides at Best Buy. Some games are as low as $4.99!

Top 5 Torrents. You know the deal...

1. He-man - Masters of the Universe Movie
2. How to Become Porn Director
3. Drunkin Master with Jackie Chan
4. Pulp Fiction Old but good. If you don't have it, get it.
5. Comedy Central Presents - Dane Cook

Monday, May 30, 2005

Coldplay's X&Y Has Leaked!

For direct download links to all the songs check out the comments section. *If you don't need to download the CD in a hurry... please use torrent 1 or torrent 2.*

http download back up. you can download it here. lets see how long it stays up.

So Tired

I'm far too tired to give you a decent post. Sorry, but I've had quite a few parties to go to recently and I decided to live for once... yes, I actually leave my house. I'll post a link or two but then I'm passing out. I'll be sure to add some great stuff when I wake up. Be sure to check out the forums for a new FREE PIZZA coupon posted by Balance. Goodnight.

sidenote... the server my thumbnails are on sucks.. so if they dont work, it's that. Find me GOOD free webspace!! I beg you.

The FULL official rip of the new Coldplay CD, X&Y. If you want to wait... I'll be putting this up on my webspace as soon as i d/l the torrent. Tell everyone you know!

This 8 year old tears it up on guitar.

Picture of the Day.

Great list of Linux Live CDs and DVDs. Live CDs are meant to run off the CD itself and never have to be installed... good idea if you ever wanted to just try Linux.

Find free wifi in your area with this search... or hack the protected ones.

How to make chloroform.

Yahoo! has started a new service called "Yahoo! Photos"... it's free and they give you UNLIMITED space. Check check check it out.

Someone added Half Life 2 characters into real life environments. Just check out the photos. I think they're amazing and I don't even like HL2(I'm a console guy...).

Internet Explorer exploit directory.

Athlon XP 2500 Complete System for $349.99. Amazing price for a pretty decent computer. No, it isn't the latest stuff but I'm sure someone you know could use this.

Top 5 Torrents

1. GTA San Andreas Official Guide I know the game isn't new... but I'm sure a ton of you are still playing it.
2. FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World UK 2005 EDiTiON-Adult
3. Hacker Tool Kit 2005
4. Michael Jordan 69 point game DVDRip
5. Deputy Dawg Cartoons

Sunday, May 29, 2005


No clue what to write here today... I have nothing to say. Here's some links...

Use Firefox as an alarm clock to wake up to the song of your choice.

Video of people reaching orgasm. Weird yet entertaining...

This site has a search engine for sound effects and samples. It may come in handy some day.

Forget-Me-Not panties have GPS built into them so you can track your wife, daughter, or girlfriend... creepy.

Sock Master's Game Console Controller Family Tree. Take a look at the Game and Watch photo towards the top... DS anyone?

Apparently you're supporting terrorism by buying counterfeit DVDs. That's ok... I already support terrorism by smoking marijuana.

Sing and record 10 clips of you singing for a $5 Amazon Gift Card and a chance to win an iPod Mini. This was so weird that I just had to post it.

Picture of the Day.

Here's a great site for anime torrents if you're into that sort of thing. Todays top 5 torrents are...

1. Seinfeld Season 4 DVDR 17GB torrent of all 4 complete DVDs in the box set. These are meant to be burned to DVD.
2. Ad-Aware SE Plus Edition 1.06 Latest version of the pay version.
3. Slayer Discography Download this or die!
4. Linux For Dummies ebook
5. 100 Greatest Guitar Solos

Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Host

I moved all my thumbnails and some other files to another host today due to the DNS problem some of you were having causing you to not see the thumbnails. No thumbnails make this site UGLY. Can you all see them now?? Feedback please.

To the people that CAN'T see them still... maybe try changing your DNS server ip? Here's a nice little list. If you have a router, you can log into it and manually change the ip. If you don't have a router you can go to Start> control panel> network connections> right click your connection> general tab> highlight Internet Protocol> properties> "use the following DNS servers.... all done. This may improve how other sites work also... since your DNS SUCKS. ;-)

Verizon (Level3) Nameservers

SpeakEasy Nameservers

ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

Sprintlink General DNS


Exploit the Freebies

So only one person that reads this got free pizza yesterday? That's sad... I didn't go today since I'm lazy but I'll try tomorrow again. Here's teh links...

Awesome Memorial Day weekend sales for tech stuff! I'll TRY and find more and post them in the comments... feel free to do the same. Share!!

Three new videos added today including another 'girls of e3' video only this was shot by a complete creep.

Yahoo! has a new search tool called Mindset. It features a slider bar at the top of the page which can switch between commercial and non-commercial sites. Try it!

Rubik's Cube art. Anytime I see anything dealing with Rubik's Cubes, I have to post it... they're just that cool.

This page has a link to an exploit/glitch in Internet Explorer and Firefox which freezes your computer. Opera can handle it fine... so Opera wins again. Have fun sending this to people.

Scientists have found that we Americans get most of our calories from soda and sweet drinks. Gee, no kidding... I drink like 12 cans of soda a day. Are people going to stop? Nope.

The best article I've read in a long time. Finally someone agrees that research being done by scientists ends up simply stating the obvious.

Drink 7-UP and win a trip to space. Wow...

Two Japanese WWII soldiers found still living in the Philippines. "The men would most likely be members of the Panther division, 80% of whom were killed or went missing during the final months of the war."

I thought this page was pretty tricky. I suck at html so no I couldn't solve the problem. What's funny is that for every little trick I tried, he had a "nice try.." page set up just for that.

Random sounds from space recorded by University of Iowa's special instuments.

The easter eggs of Star Wars Episode III.

Nice collection of iPod Shuffle mods and hacks. My fav is the clear case mod.

Snapple.com has been hacked. Hah! Incase they fix it by the time you read this here is a mirror.

Common errors in English usage. This was a very interesting read. I am now better than you.

X-rays are BAD! This site proves it.

How to make a Guinness popcicle. Not that you'd want to... but the option is there.

The thumbnail link provided shows how to search Google for torrents. This isn't always the best way but it is an alternative, so why not learn it. Here's today's top 5.

1. Kevin Mitnick - Art of Deception Ebook which also includes the banned first chapter which was never released.
2. Magic Weed - History of Marijuana(video)
3. Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update x86 5-27-2005 Latest virus definition if your trial is up.
4. Attack of the Show 05.27.05 Kevin Rose's final day at G4.
5. Wonder Showzen Season One If you haven't seen this, you're in for a treat. Trust me on this one...