Saturday, May 28, 2005

Exploit the Freebies

So only one person that reads this got free pizza yesterday? That's sad... I didn't go today since I'm lazy but I'll try tomorrow again. Here's teh links...

Awesome Memorial Day weekend sales for tech stuff! I'll TRY and find more and post them in the comments... feel free to do the same. Share!!

Three new videos added today including another 'girls of e3' video only this was shot by a complete creep.

Yahoo! has a new search tool called Mindset. It features a slider bar at the top of the page which can switch between commercial and non-commercial sites. Try it!

Rubik's Cube art. Anytime I see anything dealing with Rubik's Cubes, I have to post it... they're just that cool.

This page has a link to an exploit/glitch in Internet Explorer and Firefox which freezes your computer. Opera can handle it fine... so Opera wins again. Have fun sending this to people.

Scientists have found that we Americans get most of our calories from soda and sweet drinks. Gee, no kidding... I drink like 12 cans of soda a day. Are people going to stop? Nope.

The best article I've read in a long time. Finally someone agrees that research being done by scientists ends up simply stating the obvious.

Drink 7-UP and win a trip to space. Wow...

Two Japanese WWII soldiers found still living in the Philippines. "The men would most likely be members of the Panther division, 80% of whom were killed or went missing during the final months of the war."

I thought this page was pretty tricky. I suck at html so no I couldn't solve the problem. What's funny is that for every little trick I tried, he had a "nice try.." page set up just for that.

Random sounds from space recorded by University of Iowa's special instuments.

The easter eggs of Star Wars Episode III.

Nice collection of iPod Shuffle mods and hacks. My fav is the clear case mod. has been hacked. Hah! Incase they fix it by the time you read this here is a mirror.

Common errors in English usage. This was a very interesting read. I am now better than you.

X-rays are BAD! This site proves it.

How to make a Guinness popcicle. Not that you'd want to... but the option is there.

The thumbnail link provided shows how to search Google for torrents. This isn't always the best way but it is an alternative, so why not learn it. Here's today's top 5.

1. Kevin Mitnick - Art of Deception Ebook which also includes the banned first chapter which was never released.
2. Magic Weed - History of Marijuana(video)
3. Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update x86 5-27-2005 Latest virus definition if your trial is up.
4. Attack of the Show 05.27.05 Kevin Rose's final day at G4.
5. Wonder Showzen Season One If you haven't seen this, you're in for a treat. Trust me on this one...


Anonymous said...

LOL that's some good timing with that IE/Firefox exploit link - some n00bs on one of the forums I frequent were bitching about a post that made their comp crash and here I was viewing it with no problem. I was like WTF?! Now I know, Opera 8 had saved the day.

Karl, this blog is hot. :P

Snoop said...

Anyone else take forever to download the actual torrent files? I go at about 20 KB/s. Is that normal?

Anonymous said...

The hidden message...


that was really easy, no big HTML knowledge needed, just common sense..

use firefox, save the webpage, under the hidden files folder, open the "x.htm" file with notepad, message will be at the bottom

Anonymous said...

for some reason i cant veiw the videos at putfile. Oh and FYI i managed to get 2 medium pizzias at PH because they were out of large! And they didnt even ask twice.. im going back tonight!

Anonymous said...

Snoop, your download speeds will increase if you upload at a higher rate.

Karl said...

hmm.. i dunno why you cant view the videos. what OS? what browser? they should ATLEAST work in IE(if you're running windows). I'm using opera on xp and they run fine.

for the torrent speed issue... yes, increasing your upload can increase your d/l speed but not always. It really depends on the # of seeds and the seed/leecher ratio. I use Bittornado which usually(but not always) gives me a great d/l speed even if my u/l is at 5kb/s. i just set my connection to dial-up/isdn. ;)

Anonymous said...

that exploit doesnt work in firefox/1.0.4
the page loaded fine soo blahh on opera haha-tiki

Anonymous said...

my bad,, i got the blue screen.. heh

Karl said...


Karl said...

and to the guy that thinks he solved the HTML puzzle... no, not even close. nice try tho ;)

Anonymous said...

actually, that guy did get the comment thing right. just check out the DOM inspector and it's clear as day.

Tweaq said...

yeah, i got a free pizza the other day. it helped that i knew the girl though. but still pretty cool. love the site.

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