Monday, May 16, 2005

Linux Is Cool

So I hooked my Linux box back up yesterday. It was is pieces for a few months on my floor and I finally had a reason to hook it back up... My goal is to beat the high score of 998,462,000... but I could never beat that on a Windows machine. No, this needs to be running for weeks, maybe even months. Anyway, here's your stupid links.

If anybody gets an AIM message, EVEN FROM A FRIEND, that says "check out my pictures" with "pictures" as a link, DON'T CLICK ON IT. It is a virus, it links to, which will install a virus and send the message out to everybody on their buddy list.

If you get one of these messages, please tell the person that they have a virus and should update their virus definitions and run a full scan on their computer. If they don't have an anti-virus program, you can get Grisoft AVG for free.

Video mock up of the new Nintendo Revolution... even if it's fake, it's still cool.

Torrent- Here's the new Episode(03) of Family Guy from last night. If you missed this, download it now and if you did see it... watch it again!

Torrent- Episode 5 of thisWEEKinTECH is out, here's the torrent.

Ever wonder what the cast and crew of TechTv is up to? Check out this site and find out.

Check out the crazy manga hair in this Garnier Beauty contest.(click 7 manga rul'z)

Here's the new Playstation 3 bus stop posters.

Best Damn Nigga pic yet.

Why are people creeps... poor girl.

What is your Star Wars Horoscope?

Read up on the Piano Man. He was found wondering the streets and doesn't talk... just plays piano.

Great tutorial for adding 110v power jacks in your car.

This guy rents hotel rooms, paints stuff underneath the paintings on the walls, then documents it on his website.

This thing is so old... but for those that haven't seen it and are addicted to bubble wrap... enjoy.

This is anything but the entire script of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith...

Nintendo Revolution concept logos leaked.

Engadget podcast for May 16, 2005.

Cool LED table

5MP camera phone from LG... amazing how far phones have come.

Funny little movie called Dell Tech Force...alligience of PC megacorps.

Webooti, the computer for idiots like you.

This site puts together some great computer stupidities. Here's an example:

Customer: "I've been signed up with your service for over a week, and have not been able to connect even once because of busy signals. If I can't get any better service than that, I'm going to switch to another ISP."

Tech Support: "Hmmm...that shouldn't be happening. We're no where near maxing out our dial up lines. Are you sure you're dialing the right number?"

Customer: "I'm not stupid! I know my own phone number!"


DCoy54 said...

lol totally random but i just realized that if you leave google maps as is when u first loaded the page and then u zoom straight ahead, the absolute center is the university of winnipeg...just thought you'd like to know...i'll shut up now

Karl said...

haha.. well im glad u had time to figure that out :)