Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sorry Kinda...

Yeah, I know... I didn't update the site today(until now). Get over it. Between playing that Disney online game and going to the bar last night(and stuff afterwards)... haha just no time. See how busy my life is?

Well I broke the 10,000 hit mark today. I'd like to thank all the sites that linked to me and all the daily viewers. I never thought I'd break 1,000 hits per month let alone 10k. But I'm not going to settle for just that either. I still think this site can improve and draw in more people, atleast twice as many as now if not more. As of right now I have about 10,100 hits... and there's still SIX days left this month. This probably isn't possible but I'd like to try hitting 15k total for the month with these last few days. Help out if you can... post it on your forums, share it with all of your friends, blog it, link it, spam it... whatever(within reason :-p ). But anyway, once again.. thanks.

Free subscription to SYNC Magazine. This is one of my favorite mags out there. It's a combination of Maxim/Stuff and any decent computer mag... so it's the best of both worlds.

Speaking of Maxim and Stuff... here's another link for a free Maxim AND Stuff subscription. If you already receive these mags, this will add another year to that. Weeeee...

Free Periodic Table Chart. I'm a geek... get over it.

Tutorial for developing homebrew Nintendo DS stuff. Interesting if you're into that kinda stuff.

Playstation 3 might be under $370! Yes, still high.. but a lot better than the $500 price tag everyone thought it would have.

Tshirt sale at till June 6th. All shirts are $10.

VLC media player supports Apple's h.264 codec.

Video showing how to crack WEP in 10 minutes.


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