Friday, May 06, 2005

Bad Mood...

no update today.... go to slashdot or somethin.

Make money searching Google, Yahoo, MSN...etc at Netbux.Org. You can also refer people and make money everytime they search as well. Try it!!

eh.. eff it... here's some links.

Yahoo's Video Search goes final. This is a neat little tool everyone should check out.

How the Real ID ACT will affect Americans. This is some interesting stuff, if you live here... read it.

Create moss graffiti with this how-to guide.

Apparently Earth has become brighter since 1990... what does this mean?

This guy made a Rubik's Cube out of legos. Aren't Lego's awesome??

How to hack a server.

OK.. this is old but it's the first time I've seen it and thought it was totally rad dude... South Park character generator.

Turn your pictures into ASCII.

First news about Apple's first upgrade to it's new OS, Tiger 10.4.1.

Enjoy Conan O'Brian but can't always catch the show? Check this site out which brags about offering downloadable shows updated weekly.

Student suspended after getting a call from his mom in Iraq.

REALLY funny MP3 titled Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk. This is from the same guy who made "every OS sucks."

Pimp out your teef yo.

Barbie Doll USB drive mod.

Learn your Geography by playing the 'Place the State' game and other State Web Games.

Build your own DVR.

Playboy shoot gets Bai Ling cut from upcoming Star Wars Movie, Revenge of the Sith.

Marijuana now comprises nearly half of all drug arrests. They'll never catch me!!

Linux kernal up and running on the Nintendo DS.

Send a real message in a bottle without every leaving your computer chair.


Anonymous said...

booooo- tiki

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me? RP doesn't take a day off because he's having a bad day -- that's when he posts his best shit! go cry about it.. crybaby.

Karl said...

haha, thats funny. i was simply stating a fact you seem to be doing the complaining. But regardless... I do apologize for not keeping 'business' and personal life separate and it won't happen again. I would never have thought anyone would care if I were alive or dead let alone not post one day.. haha. Thank you for your interest and I hope I haven't discouraged anyone from returning to the site in the future.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh...that's better. i forgive you. you are no longer a crybaby.