Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Free Food is the Best Food

Last night we tried the other free pizza coupon for Domino's... ended up working! Head to the forums for the link. Budget Living added to the Free Magazines section if anyone cares and here's a link to a free $15 amazon gift card. This only worked in Internet Explorer for me and I had to allow popups. Goodluck... have some links.

Make money by searching Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.... This is legit, I'm doing it myself. Sign up today!!

Canada to only offer suicide hotline service during business hours. That means no killing yourself when everyone else is sleeping... and don't even think about the weekends!

Funny clip of Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Eminem.

Frog with an implanted webserver. Huh?!

McDonald's beefs up menu for tech-savvy. I won't buy MP3's from them but I'll still eat the food. Yummmmmmmmm

The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux. This is great if you're switching to Linux and want comparable programs that you used in Windows or vice versa.

Skype is releasing a VoWLAN phone later this year. That means it uses wifi... which equals cheap calls!

60% of Americans believe life exists in outter space... idiots.

Over 30 games for the PS3 have been announced. Check out the list for Spring 2006.

List of marked down video games and guides at Best Buy. Some games are as low as $4.99!

Top 5 Torrents. You know the deal...

1. He-man - Masters of the Universe Movie
2. How to Become Porn Director
3. Drunkin Master with Jackie Chan
4. Pulp Fiction Old but good. If you don't have it, get it.
5. Comedy Central Presents - Dane Cook


Tweaq said...

grrrr, the $15 gift card is over. closed at 9:01am, missed it by an hour :(. but still great site. i think im gonna try the domino's coupon after while.

Anonymous said...

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- Justin

Karl said...

^nice! thanks for the post

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