Sunday, May 15, 2005


I think I ate too many free Frosties yesterday but oh well, going back for round 2 today(didn't go on friday(v_v) ). New Family Guy is on tonight.. so I suggest you all watch it. Any non-watchers can leave... jk, please don't go.

FREE- "Costco is giving away 1 pound bags of Purina One dog food as a "sample". I don't think they care how many you take since I saw a woman wandering out the store with 6 of them."

Video- Teaser Trailer for the new Harry Potter movie, Goblet of Fire.

Video- If you didn't catch the Xbox special on MTV or just love The Killers, here's their performance of Mr. Brightside. Pretty cool effects of the first half of the song.

Dave Chappelle is found(!) and speaks to in South Africa. You need a subscription to to read the full article... OR just use this login... "name:16229759670" .... you're welcome.

Want to set up a forum but don't have a server? Forumer takes care of all of that for free. Im looking into this for my own forums, unless someone has a better suggestion??

Staples has 50 packs of DVD+Rs for 12.94-$5 coupon code(thats $7.94 for the idiots). Good price...

How to maintain a "A Faster, Better Behaved Windows XP".

Every file format explained... incase you wanted to know.

Suck at Tetris? Try one dimensional Tetris at

13 things that do not make sense in science.

20 cool features of Tiger you may not have heard about.

Official Nintendo Revlolution information up at

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