Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm Alive

I know a lot of you were pissed that I didn't post yesterday and once again I'm sorry. Just incase you didn't notice... I did post, but it wasn't until late in the day so please check that out if you haven't seen it. I'll be adding to this all day so be sure to check back from time to time.

Free magazine section has been updated with links to Golf Week, Stuff, Maxim, and Sync!

Free Verio 'I can do it 25 times' tshirt.

This site links to a bunch of old movies and tv shows all for free. (Dick Van Dyke, Lucy Show, 3 Stooges, cartoons, etc...)

Free movie passes to see The Honeymooners featuring Cedric The Entertainer.

Free minor league baseball tshirt. Click the scoreboard then pick a team then click team trivia. Only 5 winners per team each week. I just won a Stingers shirt. Use Google if you need help... which you will.

Free 1 year subscription to Blender Magazine. All I know is that it's better than Rolling Stone, although that not saying much...

Coupon for a FREE large or extra large pizza from Pizza Hut!! This is real and confirmed working! Call in your order then show up with the printed coupon.good thing I saved this... the pic went down earlier.

Free 3 issues of Nintendo Power. This ones a bit sneaky but it works. You have to sign up(free) and validate your email address then register 3 Nintendo products. If you don't have products to register you can change some of the middle numbers around and it will work after a few tries. The DS code is NU400375623, the Gamecube code is DS101185606, and the GBA SP code is XU501914356. Good luck!

Generate your own Windows error message(as if you don't see enough of these already...).

Check out this real life GPS Tron game. I might get a GPS adaptor for my pocket pc just to play this!

Home laser light show for under $1. Let the acid start to flow!

Romance Novel covers remixed!

Light Saber umbrella. You know you want one.

Create realistic light saber effects with this program. Mac users can download a similar application here.

New article in Scientific American Mind explains why we lie... if you didn't know already.

New episode(Box 3.0) of From the Shadows titled "Owning 2.4Ghz" is out now. This is another downloadable show similar to thebroken and the recent Systm.

Patcrick Norton writes a nice article about upcoming wireless USB.

" offers high quality reproductions of t-shirts from your favorite movies, tv shows, and more." Cool idea... I want the Murdock 'alexander' shirt... A-Team rules!

I'm going to start adding my top 5 torrents of the day each day. These are the torrents I like the best and feel the need to share. Each day I go through about 3500 new torrents so anything you think I've missed I've already seen it and have passed on it... BUT if you think you have one to share, post it in the comments section.
1. Dream Theater - Octavarium My favorite bands new cd(just leaked)
2. Hackers 2: Operation Takedown Movie based on Kevin Mitnick
3. Adobe Photoshop CS2 3 DVD Tutorial This is 8GB! So if you want... you have the option, through your client, to pick the files you want to download first... set it to DVD 1 etc...
4. Chappelle's Show Season 2 DELETED SCENES DVD To go with that season 2 torrent I linked previously.
5. Transformers Generation One Season One DVD


Anonymous said...

thanx for the hackers2 link haha.. and the pizza image is dead -tiki

Karl said...

pizza link is back up!! i saved dat shit yo. word

Anonymous said...

hey karl -- what torrent client do you use?

Anonymous said...

i use bitcomet, and no more free oil karl... -tiki

Karl said...

bittornado. click the mpaa thumbnail for the link.

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