Saturday, May 07, 2005

Lions and Tigers and Bears....

... will eat you if you try to mess with them. Read this first story. You will laugh.

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight.thanks for the link tiki

Video- Star Wars Diet Pepsi commercial. Windows Media Version here.

Video- This is pretty unique. Touch Me is special glass that scans whatever touches it then displays it after. Hard to explain, just watch.

Video- Watch as this man has a fly fishing lure removed from his eye. OUCH

HOT DEAL- Go to and add any dvd burner to your cart. When you check out there will be an option to add 100 dvd-r's for $12.99. Add the dvd-r's and remove the burner from your cart. Update your cart. Continue checking out and when possible, add the coupon code "4OFF". Now you get 100 dvd-r's for $8.99 with FREE SHIPPING. I just bought some... so it works.

New invisible riot-breaking weapon produces an escalating heating sensation that becomes intolerable in seconds, and forces the subject to flee.

PHLAK v.03 has just been released. PHLAK is a linux Live CD and stand for [P]rofessional [H]acker's [L]inux [A]ssault [K]it.

1GB flash drive built into a swiss army knife.

Can you pick out the real penny?

Use to bypass school filters, office firewalls, and other types of website blockers. Just enter the URL of the website that you want to visit.

Dual screen your Emac, Ibook, or Imac. If you want the dock on both screens check out A-Dock.

Chappelle's Show has been suspended until further notice. This means season 3 will not be shown starting May 31st. Boooooooo!

Bluetooth gamepad for Symbian OS, Microsoft pocket PC 2003 and Microsoft smartphone 2003.

If you haven't seen this site, you should... Just Ask Morris.

Ebay- Introducing this exquisite example of the species Vespa Vulgaris... amazing.

Ebay- Britney Spears' pregnancy test... haha.

Ebay- Tell this man how to get fired.

15 things you can do with RSS feed.

Create your own tin can wifi antenna(cantenna).

Deal- ZipZoomFly has a Western Digital 7200RPM 250GB SATA drive with 8mb cache for $127 with NO REBATES and FREE 2nd DAY SHIPPING.

The other day I reported that the PSP UMD games have been cracked into ISOs. Today a person on is reporting that he was able to run the cracked Wipeout ISO from a memorystick. I'll be buying a PSP just for this soon. :)

Pic- Here's the first real pic of then entire XBOX 360 and the Xbox 360 media center remote.
A close up of the Xbox 360 controller.

Followup to yesterday's story... the boy who was suspended for receiving a call from his mother in Iraq had his punishment reduced.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this before but for those that haven't seen it... every video game playable in your browser. 'Every' includes arcade, nes, gameboy, gamegear, TG-16 and more.

Torrent- Wipeout PSP ISO and Ridge Racer PSP ISO from PARADOX.


Morris said...

Thanks for posting my link. I always help my friends out, got a question? You will be first in the queue for my next update.

Karl said...

heh, thanks for the invite. nothing's coming to mind right now but i'll be sure to think about this.

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