Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Post Systm

For all that didn't catch the Systm 'party', you didn't miss much. Well... besides the craziest IRC channel I've ever seen. Every site that had anything to do with it also went down... pure madness but I enjoyed it. Help me break 10,000 hits this month. Please share my site with everyone you know today and for the rest of the month. Thanks! Now onto the links...

Too poor to go to Disney World? Me too... But now we can play Disney's multiplayer online game : Virtual Magic Kingdom. The site has 'open and closed' hours, so it may not be playable when you go to the site. If anyone wants to start a clan or something... I'm in. *UPDATE* Wow this is fun! It's childish but whatever. Haha... Here's me mackin' it with four girls and here I am getting dissed. Come visit me if you sign up. My room is called "No Coffee Allowed".

FREE 26 issues of ESPN The Magazine. You must enter a validation number using 997xx(xx = 01-99). The link is dead, but I'll leave it here just to show you what you could have had if you visited my site more often... haha.

Today only Dell has $750 off $1499 Inspiron Laptops on this page. Use this coupon code VRSG541NMGQ800 for the discount.

Newly found exploit allows Windows XP piracy. Yay!

Turn your Pocket PC into an iPod.

Paris Hilton crashes the Carl's Jr's site.

This amily covered their house with sheet metal to prevent future health problems such as headaches and lupus. Lupus... is it lupus?

Here's another Star Wars Episode 3 torrent. This is the same version as the last one I linked but it's the reencoded DivX version... so it's 700MB instead of 2.3GB.

Torrent file for the complete 16th season of Simpsons.

Somewhere far overseas, there's a place called Kosovo...

Lookout for the runaway tire!

How to perform strongman stunts... like me.

Nigga stole my bike... true story. Thanks for the link tiki.

Scientists discover how the brain comprehends sarcasm. Apparently you have to be brain dead not to get it... which explains a lot.

iTunes 4.9 is said to support podcasting. Looks like podcasting may be here to stay...

Contest- Win a "War of the Worlds" Aleinware computer! Thanks for the link Tim.

TheDamnBlog.com... I don't think you're ready for it. And even if you are, you're gonna have to wait. :-p


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