Saturday, May 21, 2005

Burger King is Expensive

I went to BK tonight, only to find out the meal I wanted would cost $7... so I went to McDonald's and ate from the Dollar Menu. Word

Oh, and for you Gmask viewers visiting... the free mags link can be found on the right in the links section. Enjoy your stay.

*new link* Here's a torrent for the complete Seinfeld Season 4 DVD. Weeeeeee

Here it is... the torrent for Star Wars Episode 3. This is the work print version which you may have seen featured on the news only this has been reencoded to avi format. Pictures of this actual release can be seen here.

FREE 'Bag Big Racks' poster. Haha... get it?

"This web site is dedicated to my utter hatred for Dimes. My goal is to eliminate Dimes from society." Heh, and I thought I hated dimes.

Kingda Ka - Tallest, Fastest Roller Coaster on Earth... and it's in New Jersey! I win. has their own E3 booth babes videos. Click here for video #2.

Ah, yes.. a true man's machine. The Foreman Grill meets the PS3.

Libraries are going to start checking fingerprints before allowing computer access.

Torrent for two song off the upcoming Dream Theater album, Octavarium.

Speed up your GBA or GBA SP with the GBAccelerator... or trade in your old GBA for a Micro.

Looks like I may not need to win an Xbox 360 after all... Prices start at $299.

Download game manual scans for all the old consoles at

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