Wednesday, March 30, 2005

todays random links

not much going on today.. so i'll just post every random link in one section.

Here's a FREE 1 year subscription to Blender Magazine.

This is a weird one. FREE mannequin hand from Nintendo. It's a promotion for the Nintendo DS. It's free, so why not?

FREE Blistex

FREE Ben & Jerry's cone day, Tuesday, April 19th. Click here to find a location near you.

Translate your name into Japanese characters...

Here's an awesome flash game.. Extreme Penguin. Leave your high scores in the comments section. Mine so far is 818.9 .

This site contains a list of the "top 100" April Fool's Day hoaxes.

Turn your Dreamcast into a guitar amp.

This Japanese Site has video links to fighting robots. Theres other robot links as well. Robots are kinda scary and I think Japan is secretly planning to take over the world with them.(the top video is amazing btw)

You can now look up stock quotes through Google's recently added extra search. Dont forget about the new weather search also.

FREE counterterrorism handbook... just incase.


ok, so it's 5:53am and i found a few funny sites to share with you all before i go to bed.

first up is our good friend terri schiavo's blog. too funny... nothing else to say here.

next we have a guy talking about everything he and his girlfriend argue about. this is classic material and a must read.

and finally... i thought i've seen it all on ebay.. but apparently not. This auction is for a grandson seeking a new grandma/grandpa. The winner gets to send him gifts on holidays.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Random Findings of the Day

ok so here's some random stuff i've found/will be finding today.

first, a site about "when terri schiavo will die". You pick the date and exact time you think it'll happen. Yes, it's messed up but at the same time it's entertaining. Here's my date/time pick.

PearPC needs funds to sue CherryOS. PearPC is an open source Mac OSX emulator. CherryOS has allegedly stolen the code and is selling its product online. Story here.

Cingular tops in customer complaints.

This is probably the funniest thing I've come across this week. It's a site showing you how to tell a child his parents are dead.

Funny coloring book captions. Great music too ;-) Just click the collections on the left.

Here's how to make a money wallet.

If you only saw my eyes light up after seeing this. Why isn't this near me? :*(

Here's a sale on DVD+R discs... 100 pack for $22.99 PLUS free shipping. I dare you to find a better deal.

Sony responds to the dead pixel issue with the new PSPs.

Here's some MP3 players that smell like marijuana, cookie, coffee and casino.... very weird.

Spell with Flickr

Neon Z, SeattleAContact CaseL
WBlue ILLLBlue ILetter AM , the letter

think this is cool?? go here.


here's some links for current freebies...

  1. Free rolling papers... for tobacco of course.
  2. State maps. You never know when you may need them.
  3. Free slice of ice cream cake @ Coldstone Creamery, April 25th.
  4. Free decals for um... stickin' on stuff!
  5. Personalized Seagram's VO & VO Gold stick on labels. I did this with Jim Beam, kinda neat.
  6. Free sample of Mr. Clean for all you dirty people out there.
  7. ANOTHER free year of SYNC Magazine. That's 2 free years in two days... not bad.
  8. For those haven't seen this before, here's a link for two free years of Stuff Magazine.(no, the Maxim link at the bottom won't work)
  9. Free Shark Tale DVD, if you're into that sorta thing...

Monday, March 28, 2005

Random Stuff

I'll start this off with another link(previous blog was on myspace) to Sync Magazine. This will add another year(3 total) to my subscription. If you like gadgets, definitely sign up for this.

If u have a Game Boy Advance and hate paying for games, consider this an alternate option... Super Card is an adaptor which lets you play GBA roms from a CF card. This is a cheaper alternative to regular GBA flash carts and can hold atleast twice as many roms. For a rom compatibility list. click here.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


New movies will be added daily and I'll stick 'em at the top of the page. I think eventually, I'll also set up links for flash games/videos and maybe pics?? I don't know. Give me some suggestions people.

If possible, please refer this site if taking links. The more traffic... the better. thank you

Funny clip of Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Eminem.

This 8 year old tears it up on guitar.

Cocky bike rider makes an ass out of himself. Watch!

Celine Dion as Michael Jackson... this is all wrong.


This AZN man goes around screaming at people to scare them... it's hilarious.

Mike Portnoy is a better drummer than you.

I didn't know Darth Vader was a DJ. I hate Star Wars... but this is pretty cool.

Fight of the century... Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter! My vote is on Street Fighter.

Whack Hitler music video.

Another 'babes of e3' video only some creep shot this one. Take notice of him filming the girl playing DDR.

Funny advertisement for "Vioxx".

The Pump Bike... the dumbest thing I've ever seen!

Funny 'email' cartoon. This will make you laugh.

How to talk smack on Xbox Live.

Fat guy sits on a photocopier. Gee, what happens next...

Watch out for that plane!

This is what happens when you mess with skateboarders.

I don't know what this video is for... but the girls are hot. Beware of the music...

G4TV has put together clips of the booth babes from this years E3. I'd kill to be there right now... not just for the girls either.

E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts II. This game is going to be amazing.

Funny clip from last week's Simpsons.

Star Wars Kid 2.0 just in time for Revenge of the Sith.

Video mock up of the new Nintendo Revolution... even if it's fake, it's still cool.

Teaser Trailer for the new Harry Potter movie, Goblet of Fire.

If you didn't catch the Xbox special on MTV or just love The Killers, here's their performance of Mr. Brightside. Pretty cool effects on the first half of the song.

Some idiot on a motorcycle holds the brakes too long.

This is just some weird blocks moving and joining with each other. Just figured it was fun to look at.

Very old commercial for a NES Game Genie.

Lady seems to be having trouble with a rubberband.

Check out this spinning graduation hat. Here's how he did it.

If you missed this week's(May 11 ,2005) WOW video, here it is.(forum only)

Trailer for the upcoming Playstation 3 game, Dark Sector.

Wow.. if only this Maxim ad were true.(nudity)

This Japanese commercial makes me thirsty just watching it. It's a commercial for Lemon 77.

Another wonderful Japanese commercial selling Bubble Man soda or something. It looks fun so who cares!

This is creepy... another Japanese commercial, this time for a robotic cat. Who would want one?! Well... unless it was Doraemon of course.

Here's a clip from Sunday's Family Guy of Stewie doing the robot. Good ain't he?

This clip is from Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself the favor of watching it. Anyway, here's a clip of Voltron getting served. Gotta love the fake DMX music.. haha.(thanks erika)

This is just a clip from an Australian news show(?) talking about the up and coming world of Podcasts.

Funny(not too funny) Kawasaki commercial, but as always... worth the watch.

Drunk Girl(forum only)

The Chronicles of Narnia trailer.

This downhill race gets a little out of control.

Weird German meat commercial... or something.

Welcome to the Butt Train USA

Star Wars Diet Pepsi commercial. Windows Media Version here.

This is pretty unique. Touch Me is special glass that scans whatever touches it then displays it after. Hard to explain, just watch.

Watch as this man has a fly fishing lure removed from his eye. OUCH

Khronos is an experimental video-playback technology. By touching the screen and moving your hand, you can scrub an area of the video back and forth through time. Atleast skim through this video to see how amazing this is.

This is Season One, Episode Four of Wonder Showzen, a new show playing on MTV2 I believe. The video is a bit small but it's the best I could do to fit it under 10MB.

Video ad for Roofinex... "Because it's only illegal if she remembers."

Super Mario Bros. speed run. I think he beats it in just over 5 minutes.

Great Suzuki commercial which I titled Run Dog Run.

Funny commercial for Blaupunkt Car Audio.

Hilarious clip of Japanese girls watching the ring.

Funny Mario flash video mocking a similar video.

Another random Mario flash video. Randomness is what I do best. ;) This videos pretty cool though.

Video clip about the guy who owns

This guy shoots a filled aluminum tank with an M-1.

Check out the new way to play video games.

Two(1 and 2) Mitch Hedberg clips from when he was on Conan. Mitch was a great comedian who passed away March 30, 2005... he was 37.

Cats being silly.

Watch these mice eat cheese off a mouse trap... will they survive?

This swimmer has no arms and still

Play any arcade game using a penny.

Try laughing yoga, the new way to relieve stress.

This man could kill you before you even knew it... beware!

Older Videos

If you've yet to download the new family guy here's a direct link to a real media version. Download it!!!(right click and choose 'save as' for best results)

German TV ad for Independence Cigars.(nudity 18+)

Here's the 2nd commercial for Independence Cigars.(nudity 18+)

For all those that missed the new Madden Next Gen commercial shown during the NFL Draft, here it is.

Have you ever tried rolling a joint on a moving turntable? ... me either.

Xbox 360 on MTV teaser commercial.

New Internet TV show from . These guys are from tech tv and the one kid was the one who invented bluetooth snarfing. oh yeah.. YOSHI makes an appearance!!

Here's a funny sex blooper.

Watch this guy get sniped.

Here's a new "Hacking with Ramzi video... watch this if you wanna get smart yo.

This little kid is an amazing driver(video game).

Some weird old video of a kid getting caught masterbating by his mother.

Nice card trick...

Babesball... is this on TV? i'd like to watch it.

This kid juggles pins and plays DDR at the same time.

Wonderful musical performance by some guy with long hair.

Sand Animation video... this is really cool, you should watch it.

Check out this freestyle from Corey Gunz... he's 17 and better then you.

Lobster vs. SeahareRound One.

Watch this girl get her ass beat... sux for her :-/

New Castlevania game for the Nintendo DS, looks good.

Aw, what great family fun... nothing can ruin this day.

This looks like something that belongs in the Franklin Institute... or to replace the Breakfast Machine in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. heh heh heh.....

I'm assuming this guy is pretty drunk... correct me if im wrong.

I really loved this video. It's a group of people singing the melodies to a few different nintendo songs... very fun.

Video of that dumb whale in the Delaware River.

Nice shot by Tiger Woods.

This is a neat video by 'Unkle'. Im not too fond of the song, but the video is pretty cool. it's old but i just recently came across it again and thought id share.

This video kills the last one. It's a song made up of Silence of the Lambs clips.

If you can watch this video more than once.. yikes. This guys pulls something nasty out of this girls leg with tweezers... eww

Silly video about guys and not wasting alcohol... i got a chuckle out of it.

What old people do for fun.

This dude sure is cool... look at his awesome bike stunts.

Random made up Charlie Brown video.

Well this video makes me want a job at Google.

This one's called Stealth Disco... I found it pretty amusing.

Why don't people lock their doors? haha

GTA: Lego City

Guys from DCshoeCO shootin some hoops.

Video of animal cruelty.

Shame this will never be true...

I had no clue where this video was going until about halfway through.

OK... this video is semi-funny, but are all the credits needed at the end? Soundtrack?!

Haha.. nice group name.

This is a fun M&M's commercial.

Damn Mac users... this is such them. ;-)

Monday, March 07, 2005

TV Shows

This will be updated as often as possible. Feel free to upload your own shows to Megaupload and submit the links to me.

American Dad

Family Guy