Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Random Findings of the Day

ok so here's some random stuff i've found/will be finding today.

first, a site about "when terri schiavo will die". You pick the date and exact time you think it'll happen. Yes, it's messed up but at the same time it's entertaining. Here's my date/time pick.

PearPC needs funds to sue CherryOS. PearPC is an open source Mac OSX emulator. CherryOS has allegedly stolen the code and is selling its product online. Story here.

Cingular tops in customer complaints.

This is probably the funniest thing I've come across this week. It's a site showing you how to tell a child his parents are dead.

Funny coloring book captions. Great music too ;-) Just click the collections on the left.

Here's how to make a money wallet.

If you only saw my eyes light up after seeing this. Why isn't this near me? :*(

Here's a sale on DVD+R discs... 100 pack for $22.99 PLUS free shipping. I dare you to find a better deal.

Sony responds to the dead pixel issue with the new PSPs.

Here's some MP3 players that smell like marijuana, cookie, coffee and casino.... very weird.

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