Thursday, May 12, 2005

Big Day For Xbox

Tonight at 9:30PM EST on MTV the Xbox 360 will be unveiled for the first time. I'll be watching this one for sure(I will post videos of the event tomorrow night), I have a feeling Microsoft will get it right this time. Now for some less important links...

oh, and if you havent visited the site since 6pm yesterday.. be sure to check out the rest of yesterdays post.

I guess it's about time I mention this. Wendy's is giving away a FREE Frosty to everyone all weekend(Fri., Sat., Sun.). I didn't want to mention this too early in the week... it's easy to forget.

Video- If you missed this week's(May 11 ,2005) WOW video, here it is.(forum only)

Video- Trailer for the upcoming Playstation 3 game, Dark Sector.

What color eyes would your children have?

Today on Woot!... 3.1MP digital camera for $69.99 +$5 shipping. Not bad if you're cheap and want a decent camera.

Lindsay Lohan is flat according to this recent picture... what happened?

Torrent- Dream Theater's Master of Puppets bootleg.

Torrent- VirtuaGirl 1 and 2 with 5 addons.

Torrent- How to draw magna ebook.

Over on the forums in the Girls section, I'll be adding direct download links from streaming videos. There are over 500 full length videos and I'll be adding one or two new ones each day. Videos can be downloaded with any program that downloads windows media streams... I use WM Recorder.

How-to guide on cracking programs.

AOL will introduce 2GB web mail with AIM and is said to also feature IMAP.

Bitty Browser embeds a tiny web browser inside your own site. Example below.. shows new releases of movies and tv shows


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