Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Host

I moved all my thumbnails and some other files to another host today due to the DNS problem some of you were having causing you to not see the thumbnails. No thumbnails make this site UGLY. Can you all see them now?? Feedback please.

To the people that CAN'T see them still... maybe try changing your DNS server ip? Here's a nice little list. If you have a router, you can log into it and manually change the ip. If you don't have a router you can go to Start> control panel> network connections> right click your connection> general tab> highlight Internet Protocol> properties> "use the following DNS servers.... all done. This may improve how other sites work also... since your DNS SUCKS. ;-)

Verizon (Level3) Nameservers

SpeakEasy Nameservers

ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

Sprintlink General DNS



Anonymous said...

i see em just fine

Anonymous said...

yeay i can see said the blind man -tiki

Das said...

finally...thanks man

Drew McDonald said...

i can't see them at all... in FireFox there is a little white square with a gray outline where i can click the link.
In IE it loads for over 5 minutes and then displays the full size square and that annoying red X instead of thumbnails. grrrr to cable internet

Drew McDonald said...

in IE and FireFox
(i might have to try opera)

Rich said...

I can't see them. I'll try the updated DNS servers that you posted (though my current DNS is usually flawless).

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