Thursday, May 05, 2005

Early in the Morning...

No, I'm not singing Sublime, it's way to f**king early to be awake(for me anyway)... I'll update this page so you all have an early start viewing the most current information/entertainment on the web. Enjoy.

Make money searching Google, Yahoo, MSN...etc at Netbux.Org. You can also refer people and make money everytime they search as well. Try it!!

Video- Khronos is an experimental video-playback technology. By touching the screen and moving your hand, you can scrub an area of the video back and forth through time. Atleast skim through this video to see how amazing this is.

Need a temporary e-mail address? Check out SneakeMail. Not only are the addresses temporary, they also redirect the sent mail to the REAL e-mail address of your choice. I use this when signing up for freebies and dont want to receive spam or signing up for something multiple times and having everything go to my main e-mail account.

Now it's time to put that sneakemail account to use. One FREE subsciption to Seventeen, EGM, Computer Gaming World, FreeSkier, SG, Skateboarder, or Snowboarder with each registration to HUB. So pretty much all you have to do is enter a new email address for each magazine. So set up sneakemail and generate a new email for each one. Each one will be sent to your main email account yet the HUB will see them as different addresses. Not bad eh?

FREE 5 quarts of Mobile Clean 5000 oil for the first 5000 people.still works as of 9:22AM EST.

FREE bumper sticker, "Unsafe at Any Dose"(Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor or Prozac).

FREE T-Shirt.

FREE CSIM 19 T-Shirt. Who knows who they are but it's a nice looking shirt AND you can actually pick the size you want.

TODAY ONLY- FREE Take5 Hersheys candy bar to the first 500,000. Site seems to be getting hammered so it may not load at first.

Google has just released a web accelerator to speed up browsing for broadband users. The download is for IE and Firefox users although other browsers can manually enter the html proxy,, to get the speed boost(without the 'time saved' feature).

No longer will we have to watch those annoying ads before movies at the theater. Loews will be changing their movie listings to show the actual time the movie starts, not when the ads/previews start.

PSP UMD format discs have been cracked. Hello free games!!

Just how safe are your passwords?

After just mentioning how unsafe passwords are, here's a great way to create unique passwords for every site you visit.

UNIX 101... you mean everyone doesn't know this?

Fatal1ty to 'own' E3 attendees. From the article... "Auravision, Inc. announces that Fatal1ty, the world's best known PC gamer and current DOOM 3 champ, has moved from last year's 400 square foot E3 space in Kentia Hall to a 2,500 square foot E3 booth."

Hacking: The How and the Why.

Tons of ebook tutorials can be found here.

Japan has gadget winning slot machines. For less than $1, you can gamble to win a PSP, DS or other prizes.Yet another reason I need to move to Japan.

For all of you with MySpace accounts... now you can customize your profiles the easy way with This seems to be the popular one nowadays although I personal like better.

How to hack your Safari Menus. Porn-Mode anyone?

Mac G3 beer server.

Portable Gamecube pics(open and closed) to stare at. One could only dream of this becoming a reality.

Some kid opened up a new box of Golden Puffs to find a 2ft long snake inside. Yikes...

Ebay- The auction of the former VW Golf of Josef Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI just closed on German eBay for the crazy amount of 188,938 Euros (~244,000USD). is selling a Bottle Opener Ring... I really want one of these, who's buying me one?

Having trouble finding wireless drivers for linux... try this.

Make a stove out of a Pepsi can.


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