Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Don't Know..

I have not a clue what to write here. I'm glad you're all here for the links and not my writing... as you've noticed, I suck. So it's 2:50am and I'm listening to Slayer... time for some links.

Also, that lil search bar in the top left corner finally works for searching my blog, try it out.

Incase you also missed them here are the torrents this week's Family Guy(season 4 episode 2), American Dad(season 1 episode 3), and The Simpsons(season 16 episode 19).

Video- Here's a clip from Sunday's Family Guy of Stewie doing the robot. Good ain't he?

This is a neat portable version of Firefox for use on a thumb/USB drive. Anyone that owns one should be using this.

Some leaked Xbox 360 specs showed up on Dynatech today. The one that interests me most is free Xbox Live(silver).

Guide on how to use Skype. Skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones. Oh, and its FREE!

Detect wifi with your PSP

New Itunes 4.8 supports video playback. Video Ipod coming soon¿?

FREE Sun Microsystems T-shirt.

Engadget has a podcast(not sure if this is new news) which can be found here.

Ebay- Here's a follow-up to the dead wasp auction... a dead cockroach.

Ebay- Large meteorite from Mars. Well atleast it's not expensive...

Ebay- Mmmmmmm... moldy pizza.

New interview with Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent.

Torrent- Download EVERY SINGLE rom here. I dare you to find a better list.

The Ipod Shuffle clone, Super Tangent, has gone on sale in Japan. This is better than the Shuffle in my opinion.

I don't know who's into this(I'm guessing no one) but here's a free subscription to Horse Illustrated.

QUIZ- What do your dreams mean?

On April 28, it apparently rained shrimp onto the tennis courts at the Summit residential development in La Jolla, California. More stories of weird rain here.

I just came across about 100 Japanese commercials which I find very entertaining. Not all are great... but I'll be posting them anyway.
Video- This commercial makes me thirsty just watching it. It's a commercial for Lemon 77.


Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 the link 2 the PSP WiFi Article!

Karl said...

hey no problem.. thats what i'm here for