Monday, May 30, 2005

So Tired

I'm far too tired to give you a decent post. Sorry, but I've had quite a few parties to go to recently and I decided to live for once... yes, I actually leave my house. I'll post a link or two but then I'm passing out. I'll be sure to add some great stuff when I wake up. Be sure to check out the forums for a new FREE PIZZA coupon posted by Balance. Goodnight.

sidenote... the server my thumbnails are on sucks.. so if they dont work, it's that. Find me GOOD free webspace!! I beg you.

The FULL official rip of the new Coldplay CD, X&Y. If you want to wait... I'll be putting this up on my webspace as soon as i d/l the torrent. Tell everyone you know!

This 8 year old tears it up on guitar.

Picture of the Day.

Great list of Linux Live CDs and DVDs. Live CDs are meant to run off the CD itself and never have to be installed... good idea if you ever wanted to just try Linux.

Find free wifi in your area with this search... or hack the protected ones.

How to make chloroform.

Yahoo! has started a new service called "Yahoo! Photos"... it's free and they give you UNLIMITED space. Check check check it out.

Someone added Half Life 2 characters into real life environments. Just check out the photos. I think they're amazing and I don't even like HL2(I'm a console guy...).

Internet Explorer exploit directory.

Athlon XP 2500 Complete System for $349.99. Amazing price for a pretty decent computer. No, it isn't the latest stuff but I'm sure someone you know could use this.

Top 5 Torrents

1. GTA San Andreas Official Guide I know the game isn't new... but I'm sure a ton of you are still playing it.
2. FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World UK 2005 EDiTiON-Adult
3. Hacker Tool Kit 2005
4. Michael Jordan 69 point game DVDRip
5. Deputy Dawg Cartoons


Anonymous said...

where the torrents be? grrr

Lauryn said...

OMG! Karl,you acctually went outside!! That made my day! As much as I love your blog, im so excited to hear that your living a life too! I hope you had fun. And I actually hope that you do it more often, that way when I bug you we will have something elese to talk about(besides PCs)!!

Anonymous said...

Woah Coldplay! Thanks!! Love your blog. Although you don't really need to use the thumbnails. You might want to shorten the number of posts on the main page, the page takes a bit of time to load, but it would work better with less posts. nice job with this blog... keep it up.

Snake in Fall said...

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Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

haha nice spam -tiki

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