Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

um... yeah. here's some links

Make money searching Google, Yahoo, MSN...etc at Netbux.Org. You can also refer people and make money everytime they search as well. Try it!!

Funny commercial for Blaupunkt Car Audio.

Hilarious clip of Japanese girls watching the ring.

Doonesbury comic talking about DRM. If you don't know what DRM is... get off the internet.

Six more FREE issues of MacWorld. This is a different link than yesterday, trust me.

FREE $10 in chips at Dave & Buster's.

FREE coupons for just about anything.

Star Wars Episode III:A Star Falls music video.

Everything you wanted to know about Social Engineering... but were afraid to ask.

The GREATEST hacker in the world!

For the first time ever, a planet outside of our solar system has been directly observed.

How to fake your fingerprints.

Playboy has announced that it will offer pictures and videos for the PSP. Here's a start.(Nudity)

The problem fixer will help you out in a pinch.

Funny Tshirt

Another Funny Tshirt

Here's a bike frame made out of bamboo. Nice work!

Smart-car tipping is the new cow-tipping.haha... they took the site down. Hopefully I still have the pic in my cache. If so I'll post it here later.

Artificial cornea lets woman blind of 20 years see.

Some cool photos of tech wonders around the world.

Microsoft replaces its servers with 64-bit Windows.

Funny "error message" I found to be pretty true.

Torrent- BitTorrent file containing the 363 hi-res photos of US soldiers' coffins that were released by the DoD last week, as a result of a FOIA lawsuit.

Torrent- For all you people still using Windows Media Player to burn CDs(or something just as BAD), here's a torrent for the latest version of NERO.

Quiz- How Geeky Are You?

Terrorists don't protect their data on laptops.

Three cool ways to tell what time it is if your watch is broken. One, Two, and Three. Thanks Erika


Anonymous said...

your terriost link is the same as the geek quiz -tiki

Erika said...

when i ordered the tits/ass shirt, i referenced this site when it asked where i saw the shirt (even tho i showed you :-P) hope it helps ya.

Karl said...

thanks to both of you

DCoy54 said...


Karl said...

really?! wow if thats true sorry about it. Changing the link to another file now.

Karl said...

theres 122 seeds on the new one and no ones said anything bad about it.

DCoy54 said...

thx...sorry if i sounded so angry as no actual damage was done...i love this site and it would've been sad to see its reputation damaged by some crappy file

Karl said...

DCoy54, when i go to your blog my anti-virus scanner goes off and auto deletes a trojan... whats that about?? Nice javascript link...

shame nothing can penetrate my anti-virus software :)

DCoy54 said...

seriously?!?!? that's weird

Karl said...

yeah.. theres a javascript link embeded at the top of your source that sends a trojan. i dunno how it got there but i suggest getting rid of it.

DCoy54 said...

ok thx man...i "outsourced" my blogger blog to a free domain name i had...i guess you get what you pay for lol

Karl said...

glad to see its fixed :)

bslitNlk said...

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Anonymous said...

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