Sunday, April 30, 2006

No Time

Sorry for the lack of TV show updates(Andy Milonakis/Wonder Showzen). I just don't have the time/boredom to keep up with that right now. New karl has started this week.. I quit smoking, gave up fast food(im gonna miss mcdonalds), exercise daily, less time on the comp. I know you all don't care.. but I'm just updating. I wanna get back into random postings though. I don't wanna have a set for... as in 15 random websites for your entertainment each day.. or this or that. I just wanna post things I wanna share with you guys. I've made a lot of friends through this and I don't wanna just turn my back on everyone. I know you're all out there and want more updates :)

Good news is... Opera 9 Beta has been released. It works a hell of a lot better than 8.5. Much more stable imo. So why is this good news? Opera 9 has no issues with Blogger. Before when I wanted to update... I'd have to open Firefox or IE(YUCK) just for that. I know it's me being lazy.. but tough ;) So anyway... I will now remained signed into my Blogger page so I can update when I want. Prepare for many random posts.

So I guess I won't end this before posting some kinda link... I had this link in my AIM profile.. but I'll post it for those that haven't seen it. By now I'm sure most of you have heard that the Nintendo Revolution has been named Wii(pronounced We). I'm sure most hate this... I in fact like the way they're going with all of this and think everyone will have one by 2007. Regardless, there's been some rumors about what the Wii will actually be able to do... one rumor is 'Augmented Reality'. Check out the video on it here. Nintendo would own the world if they pulled this one off!

I'm off for now... see you all soon.

Got my first Google check from ads on this site. Wii!! ;)


samureye said...

It's cool man, do what you have to. We can't tell you how to run your blog and when you do things the way you want to you end up doing your best.

Hey, know any good place for the latest Rap Singles? Not

Spinal Pat said...

not sure about singles, but has lots of rap.

Karl said...

hmm to buy or download? i personally dont have a clue were to buy neat stuff. as for downloading... usenet, dc++, soulseek would be my suggestions. i havent checked out as mentioned above YET.. thx for sharin that tho.. im sure its cool.