Monday, April 10, 2006

Wonder Showzen Season 2 Episode 2

wonder showzen

Great show on MTV2. This is NOT the typical mtv junk which is normally on. This is something you'd think would be on Comedy Central or something. I suggest you all start watching this if you have not already.

Shout out to EZTV for supplying this one to everyone!

RapidShare Download Link (94MB WMV)

Torrent Link (174MB AVI)

To use the RapidShare link... scroll all the way down and click 'FREE' then scroll down again and wait for the timer to reach zero(usually 30 seconds). Fill out the verification code and proceed to download.

*Please link to this page and not the download link. If I find people are just spreading the download link, I will remove the file from the download link and nobody wins...*

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