Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Torrent Site Invites

To get my Xbox360 referals going... I've decided to offer a private torrent site invite to anyone who signs up using my referal code. Signing up takes less than 2 minutes and is 100% FREE.

So read the post below and click my referal link.. I have invites to X264, Torrentleech and BitMeTV. Contact me by email or AIM with your cell phone number and I'll instantly send an invite to any given email address.

I also have info on how to EASILY get FREE UNLIMITED newsgroups if your have Comcast highspeed interent. No more 2GB/month limit. I'll trade this info for a completed referal(completed meaning you took 2 minutes to sign up). It's super easy and costs nothing.

**new andy milonakis has been posted below**


Anonymous said...

Is the offer still on? Do you have invites to Oink, Thors Land, X264, Torrentleech and BitMeTV. Get me invites to these sites and I will help u out with a lot of referals. Thanks. By the way the email is crazymonet at yahoo.

avinaash said...

hey I want invites of the above mentioned torrent site . I will do what you said above .my email ID