Friday, February 17, 2006


My 'story' made it to the Digg homepage yesterday! Thanks to everyone who dugg it.

People are weird

Nice idea for a brelly.

Pure Class

Surprise... Surprise...

Hef's a creep!

Best cell phone uploader in my opinion.

I'm not seeing anything cool today... so until next time.. PEACE


Anonymous said...

that "pure class" article was nothing short of magic.

Anonymous said...

which story?

Anonymous said...

found it nevermind.

Mike said...

LOL,Yeah I knew that among other things,lol where do you find this stuff zarl


Matthew said...

Hey Karl
where can i find some more free mags? Or could you tell me how to find them. Keep up the killer site :)


Karl said...

the free mags have died down the past few months... or the deals go so fast it's pointless to post them. I find most of those deals @ in the free mag forum. goodluck :)

Matthew said...

Thanks Karl!