Thursday, February 16, 2006


Free unlimited usenet access until today 6PM EST. Scroll down and you'll see the server/login info.

Here's the usenet client i use... newsleecher.

Cool forums for free cell phone games, applications, ringers and movies.

Here's a search engine for usenet... since super search doesn't fully work in the cracked version of newsleecher.

I've posted this before and I'll post it again... Retro Core. If you like older video games this is for you.

Planettary Gaming is an up and coming site/forum which I'm now a part of. The site is geared to the Xbox/Xbox 360 but also includes all the other systems as well. There's contests and prizes are coming up which should make things interesting and a great was to start up what looks to be a great site... sign up!!

Whoever can get into this gets $20 from me... seriously.

Nes emulator for cell phones. DIGG This!

Check out my friend Dave's new band, The Concubine.

...and my friends Desoto Jones.

Gimm3 a Nintendo DS Lite!


Matthew said...

Hey Karl welcome back...enjoyed the links!

Thanks Always

Anonymous said...

what's the pcslab link for exactly?

Anonymous said...

haha, you only offered me a buck to get into that.

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Anonimous said...

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Anonymous said...

You can check out, too. Newzbox is a usenet binary search tool. You can instantly create NZB files and it has features like auto-searches, e-mail alerts and RSS feeds and it's free.