Sunday, June 25, 2006


So here's a few more links for those interested in modding their Xbox 360 and all that good stuff. I've flashed my Hiatchi 47 with the f/w but have no DL discs :( Someone find some CHEAP Verbatim dual layer discs.

Hitachi 46/47/59 firmare

Security sectors and scene compatibility list

Pioneer 111D Dual Layer burner for 36.99 and free shipping. Best drive you can get for 360s with the Hitachi drive... doesn't get much cheaper either.

Modding 360 forums.

Hitachi 46/47/59 firmare

And for those of you that still have your original Xboxs... here's a new XBMC skin which looks exactly like hte 360s UI.


Anonymous said...

i guess you are finally giving up on your site...

Anonymous said...

damn, it is hard to mod the 360 i give up

Karl said...

hardest part to modding it is opening the darn thing up... if you can get by that.. the rest is cake.

Anonymous said...

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