Monday, June 12, 2006


So I initially just wanted to post about the new Xbox 360 Hitachi firmware hack... but I'll post a few other links while i'm at it.

The DS Lite came out in the US yesterday. Friend of mine got one.. it's pretty neat. If you have a DS/DS Lite and don't want to pay for all those games... there's a new solution for you. With the Mini SD M3 Adapter and the Passcard(3rd gen) you are able to download and play any GBA/DS game for free. So yeah the cost of those 2 things is about $115 shipped... but that's the price of 3-4 DS games... which you'd buy anyway. This would allow you to play ALL games. Saving you hundreds of $$'s in the end. Your call... I know I'll be using them when I get my DS Lite.

You may or may not have seen this.. either way... its a continuing story on how NOT to steal a Sidekick. It's a few days old by now but everyone should check this link out.

and if anyone has an invite to let me know :)



lolol i just finished reading the sidekick story, now thats funny. Stupid ppl who stole it should have just gotten it back and gotten some reward money, now their so screwed and on top of that HUMILIATED! about the DS Lite, awesome, i cant wait to get one. its just so sexy. of course its gonna look even sexier with my brand new Wii next to it. OMG NINTENDO is doing it BIG, their just gonna destroy everyone. I CANT WAIT!!!

Bank Locater said...

Now the family is suing the guy for harrasment! So they may actually make money off stealing the sidekick.

Karl said...

suing?! wtff

they were only harrased due to ignoring his requests.. they brought it on themselves. i cant wait to see how this all turns out.

Anonymous said...

i got a lite, that thing is the pimpest sexiest thing ever made!

Anonymous said...$&r=1&l=1&ProdID=752

check that out man

Anonymous said...

should i get this max dock thing or the mini sd m3 and passcard if i wanted to play games on my ds for free? also, anyone know how to use either? what site would i go to to download games?

the dude

Anonymous said...

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Josi Bunder said...

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