Monday, January 16, 2006

Sprint SERO Plan

Anyone wanting to renew their contract with Sprint or sign up for new service, have I got the plan for you! Through my random internet findings I came across a site talking about this SERO plan(employee referal plan) and I'll try make it easier for my readers. This plan works... I have it myself.

The referal program can be viewed online at Now as you can see the page asks you for an email and zip. Enter the zip of where you live(not ALL areas have this plan available.. so you're out of luck unless you want to try listing a zip code nearby). As for the email... just enter and that gets you right in, no referal needed! Most Sprint phones are available through this deal.

Now if you take a look at the plans... they may not seem GREAT but I think they are once you have a closer look. I'll be going over the $30 plan. For $30 you get 500 anytime minutes with free nights(starting at 9pm) and weekends. Free mobile-to-mobile calling, voicemail, call waiting, 3-way calling etc etc... the standard stuff. The part that really makes this deal is the FREE VISION/POWER VISION. That means all web usage is FREE. Web browsing, AIM, Yahoo chat, MSN messenger, picture mail and all data downloaded is FREE! You still have to pay for any games you buy through the sites etc but there are ways for getting free games, applications, wallpapers and ringers but that will be covered in a later post. The only drawback is this plan doesn't include text messaging but 100 SMS texts can be added for $5/month so for $35+tax you have yourself a darn good deal. I just checked my data usage for this week... already I would have spent $183 on data downloads alone... so you can see how much this can save you.

So what do you do if you just bought a new phone through sprint and want this deal instead? If you're still within the 14-day return period you can call Sprint and ask them to connect you to EMPLOYEE ACCOUNTS. You MUST go to employee accounts... anyone else cannot do anything for you. Once you are connected, tell them you would like to switch to the SERO plan... easy as that. If you want a phone not listed on the SERO site sign up for a new sprint plan... buy your phone then call employee accoutns and have them switch the plan. This is what I did and I can vouch that it works. If you have a current plan with Sprint and want to extend your contract to get this deal, use the above method as well. I'm not sure about buying a phone from ebay or something then starting a SERO plan... I'm sure it's possible but I can't confirm any of that. The prices for the phones through Sprint is about as good as you can get anyway. Goodluck :)


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Anonymous said...

I this at all illegal? Or can your service get cut off if they find out?

samureye said...

Blogger spam, you gotta hate it. Hey, can you help me out getting phones to buy without a plan? I don't live in the US and would like to buy some phones and have them shipped to me, when I visited America, all the nicely priced phones only had a nice price because of the mandatory agreement. If you can't help me then, ah well. And blog spam was right, you do have a useful blog, too bad you don't update a little more.

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Anonymous said...

come to think of it, this guy lives miles from me, maybe ill egg his house

Karl said...

it may or may not be 'illegal' but i can tell you no one is finding out. how can they? sprint themselves didnt even ask me about who i knew. they figure if you know about the site then you must know someone. this deal lasts till june so theres plenty of time still.

as for the person asking about cell phones... the best place i can suggest is ebay which i'm sure youve already went to. :-/

samureye said...

No, I haven't gone to eBay, and don't want to, I want a site that will give me cheap phones, and the latest at that. Thanks anyway.

Matthew said...

Welcome Back Karl.

For the guy who wants cheap cell phones...dont say i never done anything for you

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jon said... isnt working
any suggestions?

QuestionQuestion said...

2nd the not working...

Couple of questions:

Does this work with EVDO phones?

You said the plan lists 500 minutes and then unlimited web usage, does that mean you can be on the web for as much as you want, or is it being deducted from the 500 minutes as well?

J Dilla said... Worked for me. I just Googled It! lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

First off: It's not 14 day return it's 30 day return policy.

Secondly: You CANNOT call SERO customer service and order a phone and do this through them, you HAVE to do it online "NO Questions Asked".

This information is relayed through Kansas, Kansas City - Sprint Corp. Office.

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