Monday, March 12, 2007

Reebok Stuff I Want

Here's some upcoming Reebok accessories I'm really into. First are the new Arcade Pattern fitted hats. First saw them over at Universal Article but I've made this post in hopes of someone locating this style hat for me. I know it's new... but I want one NOW!! So if anyone knows where I could purchase em please let me know in the comments.

Next up is an upcoming shoe from Reebok's DGK line. This entire line is dedicated to skateboarding just like the SB is for Nike. Nothing super fancy here I just like the style of the shoe... the pump adds a nice touch.

So be on the look out for these new items and if you see them for sale LET ME KNOW!


TonyHustle said...

here’s the full list of Underground stores that have them: get em quick.

River Oaks Mall, Calumet City, IL
Macarthur Center, Norfolk, VA
The Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas, NV
Sharpstown Mall, Houston, TX
Hickory Hollow Mall, Nashville, TN
Town East Mall, Mesquite, TX
Dolphin Mall, Miami, FL
Colonial Mall, Mobile, AL
Madison Square, Huntsville, AL
Fox Hills Mall, Culver City, CA
Fairlane Center, Dearborn, MI
Gallery@Market East, Philly, pa
Underground Mall, Atlanta, Ga
Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY
Cross Creek Mall, Fayetteville, NC

Karl said...

sweet. thx for sharin.

Gabriel said...

I've called a bunch of the Underground stores and the have never heard of the hats?? Have they just not been delivered yet? Where can I get these hats??

Anonymous said...

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