Saturday, April 30, 2005

I just had blueberry waffles...

I win. Actually I lose... It's 12:30AM (Fri. night/Sat. Morning) and I've yet to go out and probably won't, so I'll get a head start and start posting now.

Funny Mario flash video mocking a similar video.

Another random Mario flash video. Randomness is what I do best. ;) This videos pretty cool though.

This game has you shooting the cue ball before it lands in a pocket. It's entertaining for about 4 minutes.

Video clip about the guy who owns

FREE 1 year subscription to ESPN Magazine(while supplies last) for completing the survey. You also have to lie and say you under 18.

Here's a pretty gay link, but itis fun to customize. Thanks thetikihead

Since you all should have Photoshop CS2 by now(look at yesterday's post)... here's a link for a PS training video.

Run PalmOS Apps on your Pocket PC with Styletap.

The best looking prostitutes Orlando has to offer.

This blog just has pics of people blinking on TV. If they keep updating it, I'm adding it to my links on the left.

This is just your average PI site showing the first million decimals... nothing to see here.

Here's a fun project. They made a boat out of cardboard.

The first(to my knowlege) Ipod table. Be sure to check out the pictures.

Fun pics from the Tokyo Anime Fair.

Check out all these abandoned places in Japan. Can I have one?

This ebay auction is for a black adidas bag that fell out of a car. Bidding for this item is over $1,000.

Torrent- Nine Inch Nails "With Teeth" Japanese bonus songs(3).


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