Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where are the freebies?

It seems like it's been weeks since I've seen a decent freebie, or even a free magazine. Oh well, I'll just port some random news and videos.

Well looky here, I guess I spoke too soon. FREE additional year of Stuff and Maxim Magazine. (only for current subscribers, sorry)

Visit - Check out, an internet radio station promoting local musicians.

News - Nyko has released an Ipod button relocator to make on-the-go ipoding easier. Priced at 29.99, this isn't too bad if you could make use out of it.

News - So far, the Nintendo has shipped more DS units then its rival, the Sony PSP. The DS shipments are double that of the PSP(so far).

News - Will the Xbox 2/360 be backwards compatible? Well, we just don't know for sure. :-/

News - More updates on the next Zelda game for Gamecube.

News - Microsoft VP confirms the Xbox360 controller will be compatible with Longhorn... but why?

News - New WiFi-proof sheets to put on windows are out. This adds to the protection of WiFi blocking paint.

News - Nokia has just released the N91 musicphone which has a 4GB hard drive and a 2MP camera...not bad. Check out the new N-series here.

News? - Generic names for soft drinks broken down into each county.

News - Clay Aiken is now featured on a Mastercard Debit Card... creepy.

Pics - The ladies of Star Trek. Some are kinda hot...

Cool? - Ultimate Beer Pong

Hack - Billy the Bass 'hack'.

Ebay - Gruesome, petrified body of a dark fairy.

Ebay - Mind Reading Machine

Ebay - Virgin Mary under kitchen sink.

Ebay - Suicide Machine

Quiz - Does your English cut the mustard?

Video - Watch these mice eat cheese off a mouse trap... will they survive?

Video - This swimmer has no arms and still

Video - Play any arcade game using a penny.

Video - Try laughing yoga, the new way to relieve stress.

Video - This man could kill you before you even knew it... beware!

Video - Cats being silly.

Links - All-in-one Google search page. 22 Google searches on one page: Images, Groups, News, Froogle, Local, Answers, Maps, Directory, Government, Scholar, Weather, MP3, Clips, Movies, Video, Catalog, Prints, (stock) Quotes, Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD.

News - Bush signs new law which could imprision anyone distributing a prerelease movie. Booo

Links - Top 10 IRC tips and tricks.

Review - Max OS X 10.4 Tiger review plus screenshots.

Torrent - Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9.0(this is not CS, its new)

Torrent - Family Guy - Live in Las Vegas CD

Torrent - Xbox360 Promo Material


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