Friday, April 08, 2005


and i'm bored, so i'll post a few things i've found(now that my internet finally works again).

FREE social security braclet. Read the link for more details.

FREE end poverty wristband... or something.. what's with all these wristbands lately?

Nintendo will soon open retail stores... starting with NYC. Yay something cool happened outside of Japan!

Beware of Spim, the new way to spam.

Have a current subscription to Maxim? Have another(this is only for current subscribers!!).

ATTENTION windows xp users still using SP1. Starting April 12th, Microsoft will be disabling the turn off automatic update feature forcing you to download SP2... prepare yourselves.

Better than gmail... it's ggg-gmail. word

You can never be too sure if there's a Velociraptor around.

YAY.. it's finger twister!! Never be bored again.

Everyone do the Schiavo. Yes, this is mean but yes... this is making you laugh, get over it.

This guy had to have lost his job after this. It's some guy attempting to be a sports newscaster... watch and cry.

This freebie rules... FREE Haagen-Daz Pint and linux pen. You get the ice cream for the first page form and the linux pen if u finish the short survey on the next page.(check the box on the first part if u want the pen)

Draw a pig and find out your personality.

See... black people really can like white people. duh....

Hmm.. this girl's hot.(naked girl..beware)

Goodbye to the Cookie Monster we all used to love... now he's healthy. thaaaaaaaaaaanks fat kids......

If you didn't know before, now you know... 50 Cent is taking over the world.

Haha... people on Ebay need to stop selling silly things.

GoToMyPC is a program that lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world. I'm gonna try this out.

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