Thursday, April 21, 2005

Netbux.Org is rad...

Netbux.Org pays you to search google or any other search engine of your choice. Just sign up and for each search, you make $.02. You can also refer people and you would make $.02 everytime they search as well. You can search a max of 40times in one day but can have unlimited referals. So 80cents a day X 20referals X 30days = $480/month!! sign up now you bum!

Video - New Internet TV show from . These guys are from tech tv and the one kid was the one who invented bluetooth snarfing. oh yeah.. YOSHI makes an appearance!!

Video - Here's a funny sex blooper.

Video - Watch this guy get sniped.

FREE USB Thumbdrive while supplies last. HURRY!! this is BRAND NEW!!!!!!!

Vida has a calendar out. download the pics here.

The official blog of Fetus Spears.

Giant NES controller that actually works!

This must have been a really bad haircut. The women robbed her hair dresser at gunpoint for $$ to get another haircut.

Daily Funn Shirt

Dell has released a new ROM for the Axim x50.

Itunes phone coming soon.

Opera has surpassed 600,000 downloads... Yay Opera! For those that have yet to try it, it can be downloaded from yesterdays post.

Comcast and Time Warner buy out Adelphia. This is bad news... I smell a monopoly.

Now you can track what you have searched on Google. This is pretty neat but I suggest sticking with Netbux.Org. :)

FREE COUPON... RENT ONE GET ONE FREE coupon at Blockbuster.

FREE 30 Min Phone Card

Don't understand what Bluetooth and other wireless technologies are.. then have a look at this article which explains them pretty well. It's bluetooth baby!!

The days of using a radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets are over.

The San Fransisco Airport apparently has vending machines that sell ipods and digital cameras... kinda neat, in a 'wannabe like japan' kind of way.

DIY Solar Powered Scooter... weeee!!

Check out this keyboard car. The entire car is covered with keyboard keys.. who comes up with this stuff??

Here's a really cool PSP case. Thought it was worth a mention.

hmm.. so this is the new pope eh??


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