Monday, April 25, 2005

New Family Guy Episode was Amazing...

I suggest everyone download it from the link I provided yesterday(or another link if you think you can do better) and watch it asap

Deals - has 256MB PC2700 RAM for $8.47+free shipping AR.

Deals - has Corsair(512x2) PC3200 CAS 2.5 RAM for $83.50. No rebates and free 2nd day shipping, this is a great deal.

Deals - has 100 DVD-r's for $19.99 with free shipping... 200 for $35.99. This is a one day deal so git 'er done!!

Deals - The Fox Store is having a promotion, 50% off anything with promo code:BLOWOUT.

FREE - Mint Tingle Experience Condom from Trojan.

Hack - Add a floppy disk drive to your gameboy.

News - 10 years ago, Congress targeted the end of 2006 to end all analog tv signals which would result in over 70million TV sets using antennas to stop working unless a special box is bought. Looks like 2006 will be here too fast.

News? - "Sadhana TV in India is offering the wisdom of a panel of 40 gurus by SMS text messaging."

News - Microsoft and Samsung team up to produce a Hybrid Hard Drive which uses a flash memory buffer. Microsoft wants this drive to be used when Longhorn comes out... looks interesting.

News - I forgot to post this last week. A professor at Berkeley tried to scare a laptop thief into giving it back. News and audio on that can be found here. It's a really funny clip and if you know anything about computers, you can tell he's lying out of his teeth. An *UPDATE* to this story can be found here. Apparently the thief wasn't fooled by his professors tricks.

News - Playstation 3's Cell Processor finally demoed.

News - Nintendo has finally confirmed that it will unveil the new Revolution at E3 this year.

Podcast - Leo has posted another update to the ROTSS(I don't think they can use 'Screen Savers' anymore) podcast with Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, and Kevin Rose. The file can be downloaded here. If possible, use the bittorrent link to save their bandwidth.

Ebay - Uncle Rico's time machine from Napoleon Dynamite.

Ebay - Mating Animal Crackers. This item went for $12... not bad.

Ebay - This is a followup to yesterday's Mystery Bank Account auction. Today's auction reveals what was in the account.

Ebay - This one's crazy. A pianist will play piano for you until he dies or passes out!!

Funny - More crappy children's artwork on Maddox's site.

Flash - Here's a funny flash animation featuring the plaid ninjas.

Flash - Awesome stick figure fight.

Flash - Play the Saved by the Bell game called 'Saved by the Balls'.

Video - Here's the 2nd commercial for Independence Cigars.

News - The first Nintendo DS flashcart.

Torrent - Still haven't seen Sin City? This file is a single .avi which is what ive been waiting for.


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