Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Can anyone suggest any to make this site better? I'm open to any ideas that could help this site grow, 50 unique viewers a day isn't enough. Well if anyone you have any ideas, head over to the forums(register if possible) and post away. Feel free to post anything else as well cuz the forums are pretty dead. I think I'm gonna link all my posted videos in one single post and add to it as more come so it's easier to find them and I'll make a link to it on the left side of the page as well.

If you've yet to download the new family guy here's a direct link to a real media version. Download it!!!(right click and choose 'save as' for best results)

Play guess-the-google, you have to view a group of googled pics and guess the keyword that brought them up. Try to beat my score(only played once) of 345. Post your scores in the forum or in the comments section.

FREE 3 day trial to SIRIUS Satellite Radio(computer only).

FREE NBA TV... From the website, "And be sure to check out the FREE PREVIEW of NBA TV from April 23 - May 6 so you can catch everything NBA TV has to offer! Call your local cable or satellite provider for more details."

AOL releases beta of Triton, said to replace AIM. It adds tabbed windows and logging but seems rather bulky.

Here's two cool 'hacks' I came across today. The first shows you how to turn a silver dollar(or quarter) into a ring. The second shows how to make a simple FM radio jammer. I dont fully understand the radio jammer instuctions so if anyone can futher explain, please do.

Silly man swallows $650 worth of coins along with necklaces and needles... yikesssss.

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