Wednesday, April 20, 2005


few random things for today... i was pretty lazy to hunt for stuff today

Opera 8.0 Final is out!! If you don't know.. opera is a web browser. it isnt free, but i have a work around. Download opera 8.0 here. opera > firefox

haha, this site has NWA's straight outta compton except everything BUT the curse words have been edited out, great stuff.

Start your own cult. According to our old high school principal, me pete and eric are already in one. suicide.....

Breakdancing Transformers

Here's a new "Hacking with Ramzi video... watch this if you wanna get smart yo.

This little kid is an amazing driver(video game).

Some weird old video of a kid getting caught masterbating by his mother.

and heres a few ebay auctions(of course)

Tide table lamp

'smart' sperm

Another haunted doll...

What's inside the mystery quilt??

Alien face in firewood

Alien remains

Advertise on tombstone

18-legged Billboard

It's a secret

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