Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tiger 10.4 has leaked...

yes this is older news, but I wanted to make sure i had it and it was 100% legit before I told you fools ;)

Torrent - The new Family Guy Season 4 Episode 1 is out!! Download it from

Video - German TV ad for Independence Cigars. I'll add the second commercial tomorrow.

Video - For all those that missed the new Madden Next Gen commercial shown during the NFL Draft yesterday, here it is.

Deals - Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive for $65 + free shipping, only drawback is the 2MB cache... still good for back up purposes though.

FREE - $3 Gift Card from Starbucks. Yes, it's only $3, but it's better than nothing.

FREE - Linux T-Shirt from Astaro Linux.

FREE - Coldstone Creamery tomorrow, April 25, between 5 and 8PM. Store Locator here.

Quiz - What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Quiz- Which American City Best Fits You?

Quiz - Who's Your Inner European?

Quiz - What Personality Disorder Are You?

Audio Clip - Here's a hilarious call made by an older women. Apparently senior citizens and foreigners don't have computers.

Video - Have you ever tried rolling a joint on a moving turntable? ... me either.

News - Scientists solve riddle of unpopped popcorn. Yes, we can all sleep at night now.

Pics - Naked pics of the girl otherwise know as Candice Michelle.

Pics - New leaked pics of the Xbox 360 here and here.

News - The new 2010 Olympics logo seems to have been drawn by a small child.

Funny - Here's some pictures of random statue molesters caught in the act.

Ebay - Pope on a Rope... when will it stop?!

Ebay - Rare Dead Rat

Ebay - Jay Leno Potato Chip

Ebay - Mystery Bank Account

Ebay - Nuclear Bomb Fragment

Ebay - Official holy cooking pan which made the Virgin Mary grilled Cheese. Currently this is at $6,000... geeeeeez.

Ebay - "Name my Twins"

Ebay - Woman to Shave Head

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