Sunday, April 17, 2005

me again...

been a few days, so there should be plenty of stuff to add...

This isnt a link, but if anyone needs blank dvds... Circuit City has 15 Phillips 4x dvd+r for 3.99 and Best Buy has 50 TDK 8x dvd-r for 19.99. no rebates either.

Watch this girl get her ass beat... sux for her :-/

I think this is real... but i hope not. This couple likes to bite each others fingers off... or somethin.

Fred Faggot claims the next limp faggots cd will pick up where Rage Against the Machine left off... yeah right.

A tribute to If you dont know what goatse is... u need to get with it.

yikes to this... sacfree underwear. Who comes up with this junk...

Here's how some people play with their cat. what?

In depth listing off amusement park accidents. Check this out right before going to six flags next time.

Whate-Dolphin hybrid has baby wholphin... what fun. whats next?

Weeeeeeee!! what fun... you can buy it here.

YESSS!! This shirt rules... now someone buy it for me, i wear a medium.

Collection #5 is up at

Britney Spears shirt... funny.

here's some more redic ebay auctions

This guy is selling his wife's stuff.

This guy was selling his ex's dress.. but looks like she won in the end. Check out the link in the auction pic.

Drinking Squirrel

The Spork Lamp

This is just weird to me.


Samantha said...

I love your blog! I clicked on the link at Slickdeals. I'm glad I checked it out. The absolute best has to be the eBay auction. Ah, revenge for men worldwide!

joanna said...

yo the whole wholphin thing is kinda misleading...i looked it up on and this is what i found out...."the word 'wolphin' is a portmanteau of whale and dolphin, since false killer whales are members of the family Delphinidae, that is, dolphins and not true whales, the wolphin is a kind of dolphin."