Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Yes... more random stuff

well.. i dont see any good freebies today.. so this will most likely just be news, maybe a video here and there.

Someone buy me some Absinthe. Please?

Like Vida Guerra... then you'll love these pics hacked from her computer.

Will the PSP destroy all other consoles? Find out here. (great flash video)

This dude sure is cool... look at his awesome bike stunts.

Random made up Charlie Brown video.

Well this video makes me want a job at Google.

USB-Powered disco dance floor constructed by MIT students.

I just saw this pic and laughed.

What does Bush's ipod playlist say about him?

Automobile Magazine's 100 Coolest Cars.

The joys of swallowing cum. Doesn't seem so hard does it girls? ;)

A computer geek's history of the internet.

Customize the cars from Midnight Club 3:DUB Edition.

For anyone thats ever played Oregon Trail, check out this shirt. And this shirt is funny.

OK..this next section is for the crazy ebay auctions currently going on...

Fairy Bones.

Holy Cheeto! Legs of Jesus

Mammogram Machine

Fertility Tamale


Yogi Bear ORANGE

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Anonymous said...

wow, u mean girls actually don't swallow?